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Laboratory Exercises:

1. Given below sample to create and configure a client-server LAN

to access a webpage

IPV4 Addresing:
a. Divide the /24 network into 4 equal sized subnets
b. Use the 2nd subnet for the green network
c. Use the 4th subnet for the yellow network
d. The router gets the first usable address in both the subnet
e. The PCs and the server get any of the remaining usable
address from the respective subnets of green and yellow
f. Configure the Web services on the server(make http / https
g. Test the ping connectivity from the any of the PC to the
h. Access the website from all the clients. (Congratulations! You
are Done)

2. Omantel company want to create a small network with two

departments where the sales department can track the orders
which has been uploaded by the marketing department, both the
departments needs to access the files to upload and download
configure the FTP services to upload and download the files
needed for all the users of the network.

3. Bank Muscat wants to create a new branch with a small network

with three sections in it named customer-service section, loanssection and Admin-section. Internally all the sections can able
send and receive E-Mails to each other based upon the request
of the customer for any of the services to process. Create and
Configure the below topology to provide the E-Mail services for
all the users of the network