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Statement for Ashford Allotment Society website

Allotment Review Working Group

During the allotment society committee meeting of 3rd June 2015 a recommendation
to set up a working group to review how allotments in Ashford are managed and
funded was approved. The group consists of officers from Ashford Borough Council,
allotment holders and the National Allotment Society.
The group members are:
Ashford Borough Council
Julie Rogers Head of Environmental and Customer services Chair
Jonathan Longley Environmental Contracts and Operations Manager
Eileen Law Allotments Officer
Ashford Allotment Society
Penny Winston Chair Ashford Allotment Society
Plot Holders
Brian Spencer - Musgrove Allotments
Jonathan Goodwin Westrees Allotments
Andy Symonds William & Jemmett Allotments
Stefan Heathfield Gas House Fields Allotments
Mark Chandler Burton Farm Allotments
Christine Green Henwood Allotment
National Allotment Society
Steve Clements South East Rep - National Allotment Society
The group are currently meeting weekly, with a view to presenting and discussing
their initial findings at an open meeting in July. It is envisaged the group will
continue to meet less frequently following the July meeting and below is an indication
of the areas being considered. This is not a definitive list and can be added to, as
the review progresses:

Whether rent should be payed in advance or arrears.

Whether to change the payment date from March to October.
Consider appropriate pricing.
Deposit schemes for plots / keys
Water saving options
Management options
Cost / overhead reductions.
Funding opportunities.

An open meeting of allotment holders will be held on 20 July 2015 at 6.15 p.m. in the
Council Chamber at the Civic Centre, all allotment holders are invited to attend.
Proposals being discussed at the meeting will be presented to the Cabinet of
Ashford Borough Council in September / October for consideration and approval.

Any member of the group will be more than happy to discuss any aspect of the
review with you and would welcome any suggestions that you may have.
Julie Rogers
Head of Environmental and Customer services
Ashford Borough Council