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MEKASTER MEKASTER, established in 1971, at New Delhi, India is ‘synonymous to Markating and to serving core sectors ofthe Indian Economy. Today toffers much more! |With economic liberalization and globalization ofthe Indian Economy and a deep understanding of customer needs, MEKASTER has emerged as a Market Leader with multifaceted activities including : + Manufacturing + Intemational Trade + Engineering Services The current range of products manufactured by MEKASTER includes: + High tising self erecting Rack and Pinion Lifts / Working Platforms. + ShaftRaising Platforms ‘+ Mechanised Concrete Paving Machines + Heavy Duty Industral Tools, ‘+ FullyAutomatle Concrete Batching Plants + Mobile Batching Piants + Bicycle Rims ‘+ High Pressure Safety Thermal Relief Valves. + Shotcroting Machines and Systems + Grouting Systems. + Heavy Duty industrial Tools MEKASTER also markets products of companies of Intemational repute from Europe, Japan, USA etc. besides Its own manufactured products in the folowing application areas- + Construction + Mining + Power + Fertlizer + Petrochemicals + Aerospace * Research institutions, besides Security and Disaster Management Services. VISION FOR PERFECTION MEKASTER PRESSURE RELIEF Pressure rellef valves are designed to protect a pressure systam against excessive normal or subnormal pressure in the event af positive of negative excursion of the system pressure. They are required to open at a predatermined system pressure, to dischargs or let enter a specified amount of fluid 60 28 to prevent the system pressure from exceeding & specified normal or subnormal pressure limit, and to reciose after the normal system pressure has been restored. Pressure relief valves must also be selfactuated for maximum rellabllity except where permitted by the applicable Code of Practice for apectic applications. Pa PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE - TERMINOLOGY SAFETY VALVE. an automatic pressure relieving device actuated by the static pressure upstream of the valve, and ‘characterized by rapid full opening or pop action. Used for steam, gasor vapor service. RELIEF VALVE an automatic pressure relieving device actuated by the static pressure upstream of the valve, which ‘opensin proportion tothe increase in pressure over the opening pressure. SAFETY RELIEF VALVE an automatic pressure actuated relieving device suitable for use as either a safety or relief valve, depending on the application PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE a pressure relief device designed to re-close and prevent the further flow of fluid after ‘normal conditions have been restored. ‘SET PRESSURE inpounds per square inch gage, the inlet pressure at which the pressure relief valve is adjusted to open ‘under service conditions. In a safety or safety relief valve in gas, vapor or steam service, the set pressure is the inlet pressure at which the valve pops under service conditions. n a relief or safety relief valve in liquid service, the set pressure Isthe Inlotpressure at which the firststeady steam flows from the vaive perpendicular tothe outlet. DIFFERENTIAL SET PRESSURE the pressure differential, in pounds per square inch between the set pressure and the ‘constant superimposed back pressure. Its applicable only when it conventional type safety relief valve is being used in service against a consiant superimposed back pressure. COLD DIFFERENTIAL TEST PRESSURE in pounds per square inch gage is the inlot static pressure at which the pressure relia valve is adjusted to open on the test stand. This pressure includes the corrections for service conditions of back pressure or temperature, orboth. OPERATING PRESSURE the pressure, in pounds per square inch gage 1o which the vessel is usually subjected in service. A vessel is usually designed for a maximum allowable working pressure, in pounds per square inch gage, which will provide & suitable margin above the operating pressure in order to prevent any undesirable operation of the rele device, It is suggested that this margin be as great as possible consistent with economical vessel and other equipment design, system operation and the performance characteristics of the pressure relieving device. MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WORKING PRESSURE the maximum gage preseure permissible in the top of a completed vvesselin its operating position for a designated temperature. This pressure is based on calculations for each element ina vessel using nominal thicknesses, exclusive of allowance for corrosion and thicknesses required for loadings other than pressure. It is the basis for the pressure setting of the pressure relieving devices protecting the vessel. The design pressure may be used in place of maximum allowable working pressure in cases where calculations are not made to determine the value of the letter. OVERPRESSURE a pressure Increase over the set pressure of a pressure relief valve, usually expressed as percentage of the set pressure. ACCUMULATION the prossure increase over the maximum allowable working pressure of the vessol during discharge ‘through the pressure relief valve, expressed as a percentof thatpressure orn pounds per square inch. BLOW DOWN the difference between actual popping pressure of a pressure relief valve and actual reseating pressure, expressed as a percentage of set pressure or in pressure units, LIFT the actual travel ofthe discaway from closed position when a valves relieving. BACK PRESSURE the slatic pressure existing at the outlet of a pressure relief device due to pressure in the discharge system. CONSTANT BACK PRESSURE refertothe discussion on Batan Seal valves on page85. BUILT-UP BACK PRESSURE pressure existing at the outlet of a pressure relief device occasioned by the flow through thatparticular device ino a discharge system. ‘SUPERIMPOSED BACK PRESSURE the static pressure existing atthe oullet ofa pressure relief device atthe time the device is required to operate. Itis the result of pressurejin the discharge system from other sources. 2 PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES Sizing, Selection, and Installation of pressure-relieving devices in refineries, Part | - Sizing and Selection Maximum slowabie (ohne than fre exposure) Maximum atowanie working preseue or as E Maximum expected ‘peratng pressure (foo Notse 8 and 8) Ec 18 115 — Maxinuam alowable set pressure ‘er supplemental valves. (tre exposure) ‘Overpreseur (maximum) Maxum alouable set pease fer aceitonal valves (process) ‘Meximum allowable st Presse or single vate ono a (s00 Note 6) J tosing prssure for =f Senge vave Lei test _ Pressure (ypc) i “The operating pear ray be geo wer tan 60. ene 91 conto wi he requis f Soion Vote ASME Bol and Prsnie Veal Cos for MANS roth 0 ps “The prt conor sown ater rsa rail waves nealadon rea Yous, _Aowasle so poser 9ararese lbo eocrdanca wit te asteab exc. ‘Tha maximum alovabe work ses. locus or reve on he dag preenue fr cinco deo tera. ‘Sete Vl, Din |, op andx Mc 8 ASME Coge enue rere oa Guldanoe on loncown and pees een fr PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES — SERIES 6600 a Service Ste Pressure range Flanges Body Material ~ Design Festures Design Codes Aceaesories. Liquid , Gas & Steam TOT wer 1-414 Ber ‘ANS! 150 to 2500 ‘Carbon Greal, Low Tamp. Carbon Staal, Kied ‘Carton Steet, Chramium Molybedsnu Siva (High Temp. Aly Stee), Austere Stalnieee ‘Sigel, NickeVGopper Alloy, Alloy-20, Mon, noone! & Hestelloy Alga eveliabie In ‘compllanca with NAGE standard High Lit, ful nozzte, Face to Foe dmension scooring te API 626. Adjusting and Reaction rings, Boked Cap. ‘Sorewed Full Nozze. ‘API RP 520 | Il, APIRP 621, API AP 628, API RP 527, ASME See.VIl Diy. Ill, ‘ANSIB 1624, ANSIB 185 PackedsPtain Iiting lever with stoned bonnet Pached/Piala Iitng lever with opan bonnet ‘Steam Tracing dacert Bolows Gag NPCIL, Bax Gouneal, GEIL, BVS Hiysire Teat of Preeeure Paria, ‘Set Presaure, Seat Tightnens, Back Preemires ‘Tost as porrelavent elanderd, DP Test, Halu | “Thin Perty rmpoctors DNV, LRIG, EVIE, RITS, TLV, 8G8, EIL, BR, “Teste Offered Lami Teet, Rackogrephy, PH, Charphy VHolch ‘Tost, Bond Teet & De greasing for igygen eorvice ASME (NB), 160 9001, IBR, CCOE. CF] PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES: —= arvice, Siz Preseure range End Connection Body Mobertal Design Peoturee Dealgn Coden Liquid , Gas & Cryogenic U2" to 114", aries area 0.26 to 9.00 om? 110420 Bar Sorwwed {B3F or NPT), Flanged Corton Steel, Low Temp. Corban Steel, Klled Gerben Sel, Chromium Molybedenum Stool (High Tap. Aloy Steal), Auriertio Staintams ‘Sloel, NickeliGopper Aloy, Alloy-20, Morel, Inez & Hately. Alan avai compliance with NACE. standards High Lit, ful noxzlo, Screwed Cap. ‘Adjjutatta blow down ring. Sorowed Full Nozzle, API RP 520 | & Il, AM RP 627, ANSIB 16.34, ANBIB 18.5 Packed iting lover with closed bonnet ‘Steam Tracing Jacket Gag ‘Third Party Inepoctore DNV, LRIS, BVIS, RITS, TUV, 86S, EIL, IBR, NFCIL, Bax Counsel, CEL, BS. ‘Tent ax per retavant siandard, DP Test, Hadlum | Lock Tost, Radiography, PML Charpity WNoteh “Test, Bond Test & De greasing for coygan service: 180 9001, CCOE PRESBURE RELIEF VALVES SERIES $14/S15 Service Liquid . Vepour (Thermal Expansion) eae 0.4/2" to 16, orion arma 0.80 & 0:38 cart Prowsure range 1 fa 102 Bar End Connection Screwed (BBP or NPT), Flanged Body Micterial Carbon Steel, Low Temp. Carbon Steal, Killed ‘Carbon Spel, Chromlum Molybadenum Stool {High Temp. Alloy Stee), Austantic Stuiriess: ‘Sinai, Nickal/Coppar Alay, Alay-20, Monal, Inconel & Hentoloy. Aloo evolloble in ‘complanco with NACE etandarce Design Fentures High Lit, modified nozzle, Sorewed Cap Design Codes = API RP S201 All, API RP 527, ANSIB 18.34, ANSIB 18.5, Azcenecring Packed IHting leverwith closed bonnet cy ‘Third Pasty inapectors DNV, LRUS, BVIS, RITS, TUV, SGS, EIL, BR, NPGIL, Bex Counsd, CEIL, BVS ‘Toots Offered Hyco Test of Pressure Parta, ‘Set Presaure, Seat Tightn eee, Back Proseuroa ‘Tout ax porretavart standard, DP Teal, Raclogranhy, Bend Test Ds greasing Gertineations 130 8001, COOE VALVE SERVICES ED Maintararcn Re-anginecring Servion ‘Velvevudtio ‘Techinlon! Support Servioae Rae Syetem Design, Shuttown Support Berviaan ‘namuvevarpaiirg tasting dung Anna Tum Around (ATA) fallow Intemational standards for esting of Vaivea La, API B27 for Sapien AAP 50 tr Gets Goon Check aves Calibrating of valves dizing plartaommissloning ‘Annuinirate contract oral kind ofvaiven. Pc Upand Delivery Chuslty Ansuranpa to 160 9001 Tal PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES = SPECIAL FEATURES = Ingomplence wth ASME Sec. Vill Divislon 1 requirement © Sling Caloulation in ecoardance with all Internetional Siandards such #6 API 620) ASME VIII? EN 180 4128 / Indian Boller Regulations / CCOE ote. Seat Tightnees Teat us por APIOZT © Body Design and Thkizeee In accordance wRhASMEB 15.94 = High Lit FullNozzledealgn "ASME Cartiled co-off lent of dlachange (0.949 with 10% aver Preseura) Single Blow doun bring or eaoy Malntonance and control © Maximum interchangeably of parm = Spectel Geometry of Dec’ seal Ip allows to minimise the thermal streesee avokding the ditortone that causses, ‘eakage through the seat. The ks fransterred fram spindle to disc through a bal. This feature together with low [Poaoning of tha oars of rust, helpain fre homogancun dlstzution of tha foroa.an the wealing surtaoe ard minkrisas the ekie ehifing of the dlec fram tha razzie wHls apering & closing at tha valve. These structiral feaiuree together with 2 scrupulous appingof he seat contauts to obtain high wast igrinews and ext preaurs ‘Feproducdibilty, APPLICATIONS ee © Pebochemics| &Ratnery © UG WeterPipeines = Water injection Fertiiner Appiontons{Ammonis & Urea plants) | PowarGenamiion(ASME VIN) 1 Gan Recucing & Metering Systarne * Cryoqando Servioes(Ak fraotlonatian, Onaga ot) © Pharmaosuticats PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES SERIES 6600 Part | Description No. ot ‘BO0Y 0 BONNET 6 or ouR) | Nozae 03m) oIsc 8 ADLRING o ‘ADL.RINGPIN 8 isc HOLDER 8 ‘cue 10) | BALL 11) | SPINDLE 2 ‘suo 1314 NUT 19) | SPRING 8 SPRING WASHER 7 ‘ADJ. SCREW 18 Lock nur 19 sTuD 2 Nut 212223 GASKET a RAN PLUG % cap PLUG 27R) | PLUGGASKET Fo SOREW TEST 2 FORK AXIS “8 FORK “ LEVER, 4 PACKING GLAND 48 PACKING a RIN ro Lock NUT “6 nur 50 ‘SCREW st WASHER Material 8) ‘ABB Ge CFM A351 Ge OFM ‘A951 Ge OFM ASIS16 AISI318 ‘A351 Ge CFM NS1304 AISI304 S134 NiSI306 SIS04 600.88 A088 ‘AIS1304 ASI ‘AIS1304 SI304 AISI304 NiSI304 ‘Ace. toed ‘torp. 88. ss. ‘Ace. tomedm ‘aterp. 8s. 8s. ss. 88. 8s. ss. Ss. 8s. ss. ss. Goneral Nots : A Typical 600 Seis Part Lis. [MOC Bellow as per appeaton and process data Sheet. Typ. Part List Mitral (es) A218 WOR A218 Gr WOR A218. WOR Asi316 ASI316 ‘A381 Ge. CFBM S136 NSI420 NSI304 NSI304 S134 19867 A192 154454611 cs, ASI304 Asi304 cs. cs. ‘ee. to mau atom. cs. cs ‘cs. tomedium atom. cs. cs. cs, cs. cs. ‘SRESTOGFEER cs. cs. cs. cs. cs. rl PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES SERIES 6600 Model De-Codification ay 4 ANSI150 2N-GuAley — 2ANSI300 ‘Mos C2 ‘SCarbon Stoel SANS! 600 Compliance eon) ‘\Austonatlc SS 4ANSI900 ostorcra ‘SAustonac SS SANS! 1500 ‘381 cr Cran chromium BANS! 2500 Melystenum Rar oewes kilos Stoo! poaorice BAustonatc SS Asst ora "fast rou 2 Other Matera! 1 Inconet MMeool Pssso4 assate Tungsten Aioy 2Crrome Vanadlum Soo, ‘Spring Material w ‘C-Carbon Steal 2 ov ze Re = on mo * 0 6-6-3-6-2- C-2-H-3-A-L.P.V.S Spring Loaded sr <—! ‘Special Requirements: igh Li tll Nozze Sito ere Acconsoraa Body Matra Bln vr ‘-eaon Sea toes Flanged End Connection Standard manorbes Pressure Rating oui ANS300 z Orifice Symbol porn Inlet size zr na sec, a ceed peed be A ANSE 16 Wet! FPacked 8 Sotos Deo over ‘Brazie Ln Lover M Novo, JSiean Hydrogen Servien Joke P Below Goa) Xweaiherhood PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES I 4 SERIES 9 ‘Typ. PartList _ SS Pet | Doation td tit » aay oy fetceatG oD Bor ‘ASS Gr, CA Aa some psercra Aztawea ow Asam aznwea WOME ASS WS vee sae asa ‘ROUZLE RING ASS Gr CA ‘ASG OCF NOZZLE RING PN, AI neta sevow ams ase UIDE ABIES NS oe sae asa PRD ARIS ARI PRG “AISI 304, ‘Cater Stead wrens Amat cx at JDSTING SCREW = ABIION AS voces next asim SOREN CET Antomeam — ketbnetan ‘Steno. how. CUeGET Ambra Anbeedn an in a CAP GASKET hoe. to edn (fee Omen kere. surp. BNE CaneT Anis ase ‘Gonoen ates: Tyo @ Bas Pat Lit ‘MD etapa pc nd pone it a, ] PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES: = SERIES 9 Model De-Codification 9-D-A-3 s (_. Special Requireamerts 7 ‘2S Di Sec Acuecorea ‘Oridice Symbol ‘FPeckad Laver ome End ner Body Mate fa) Oneiot Sine ‘ACen al ar Presaure Cisse — ace ‘Spring Matec Passos Catena tied 4 1008 Stated aavewea oo "Sornetve Stn ‘MiAmmenato33 261 | neon GH . ow Kear FPadedLevir MNace. ‘Statorone ‘atone | paren Kctemtegs aca pane |e Wr) Purine Vou ipa More 9163 | rhngme LF nae neko icon ‘oy Sd Riteewes Okmdtind = 28 | 2m . "aaeeoe =e Yremmeate 88 9.400 ‘As were Ve Amerratc 88 ‘Aost ercrs SS |] | PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES = SERIES $14/S15 _tp.Partust SSeS) Pat | Dreiser Meare Bettas Ho. ay ey 1) oY ARIS. AZIGWOD a ow AMIG.CRM — AMBWCE Mme as nase 7 GmERNG ce os noe a6 nae | sm NARA nasM 4 | amarmnascnew | satso8 eas 6 | ADABTNG SREWNUT HORE naa merece ry neacon | TesToKG on oa 2 cePun a8. rd © MOEQWET = feb = Am brmin ew, foam, 4 capcaser Jectonedun | sen tormm Neng. fom 2 eTERGWETS Aetna = Aen ang, ang 5 SPRNOWAER 88, ca. “2 saa Na Bacar 2 PPUGARET «AexbbmminA bromun ea, Sto. (Garura an ; ATypla 94 Pat Lc (MOG & low na per apa ar proces da Shot, el [] PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES =o SERIES $14/815 Model De-Codification $15-A-C-F-NM-01-F.5 twee —— \— pein ser ro peoey went pase ‘peCmrban Stet ow. econo (Spring Material ‘MAENP Tita eat ‘A Caren Stent 1 PRan Smee Wietfards "Acmeree ‘armarwed ae Km mg se Pecnas Lover | Ne Mamet ns 2 PROD Aste HE DEP Forde i a ‘l nro FLranged v69 rare KA Rea éod ms ! 4 Mctrrhan oe Aa ewes ni red oat awe Yemen 88 saticrorm ‘aan ors lea PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES — PRESSURE TEMPERATURE CHART o ory exe 10 0 a5 165 o ono 0 18 5 285 285 0 12 m0 215 40 oe 19 a0 125 25 wxr 20 2 045 28 1300 30 3705 080 2080 Lisxs 2500 200 Co 585 wm E (ay exe 10 19 5 165 0 | 96 0 17 a 8 285 Ee 19 m0 018 40 a0 12 a0 128 825 wexe 0 1045 128 100 0 708 080 2080 sxx 200 20 oo 5135 wo F (9) AK” 10 5 165 0 | 0x7 0 13 5 288 285 0 17 mo 615 40 00 19 a0 125 825 exe 0 0 me 1045 8 1800 30 708 3080 2080 cd 30 00 00 a ¢ am) 1exe 10 190 5 105 © | 0503 0 16 a5 8 8 0 16 oy 818 “0 0 1 a0 128 5 0 20 ce 1045 038 ae 1500 30 75 080 080 290 30 75 3705 3490 4 60) AKT 180 18 285 165 0 oss 30 18) 5 5 85 axe 0 17 0 015 40 = 17 480 1235 5 0 18 za 105 28 1300 300 m8 280 2080 J xy rxe 160 18 85 185 Fy sar m0 16 a5 8 288 sxe 0 16 0 65 40 axe 0 10 an 125 25 0 18 zen 1045 126 1500 0 zo am 2080 = Wl PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES — PRESSURE TEMPERATURE CHART ec a ec Ea Een ee « ty sxe me | meets ® 18 om | mes as = | mas ‘0 i mem | mam was 1 | x ze T a = 2 mos as ro ee) ‘0 en ee a ee) fa 1 | ‘0 " ae Kem) mw ® 2 om mes a mm mts ‘0 om) mmm as sos 1 " a i a ® a er 2 mas ‘0 m= | mas ma ‘on ° wm Kem mw = = a ee = a ‘0 ee er er) om ie ‘om a a a a ® as Pe ee ee fo er ee ee) x = | w= a (my eK mw ® ‘eo Pe ee ee) cw | mmm z= = 2 » = T (Ke www « aa = |e os ® = | mm 0 = | mm = Ei] PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES == SPRING LOADED PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE SPECIFICATION SHEET tiem Number : ‘Tag Number Service, Ling, or Equipment Number Number Required : Fluid arid Staio : Hyerocarbon Vapor Required Capectty per Vetve and Units : ‘Molecular Weight or Specific Gravily : ‘Viecoomy ot Flowing Temperature end Unit: (Oparming Pressure and Units (Bot Pressure und Unis : Blowsiown Standard [—] Other [—] Lalectt Hast of Veportzation and Uris ‘Oparmiing Tamparstuira and Linkin: Ralleving Tompereauro and Unit : Bult-up Back Preemums and Unite = Buperimposed Buck Pressure and nila: (Cold Diflerential Fant Pressure and Uris : ‘Alowabie Overpreasure in Pervert or Units Compresebsiny Facter, 2: Rarfo of Spsoffa Heats : (Bag OF SELECTION & Code :ASME VIll[_] Siem Required : Yea [| No[—] ther[_] Spentty: & Comply with API 628 : Yea] No] 7. Pre[_oner[_]opectty: Contra! Valve Faiure Rapture Dtaic Yea (No [7] 8 i f RRREBRE E i 5 ‘Gap: Sremed [_] Botiad [_] Liting Lever: Pisin(_] Pacions|_] None Test Gag: Bug Screen Other |] Specity : yetel] You ]NoL] BSeReE ‘SIZING AND BELECTION (Cakaulated Orffioa Area (in Sq. in): ‘Selected Effective Onfies Area {in oq. ht): (Crifios Designation (Latine} : Marndacturer = Model Number: ‘Vendor Calaulations Required : PRRSZB ‘Yeu [_] Nol) PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES 1 IE CUSTOMER REFERENCES ‘Some end users, OEM's, EPC Contractors & engineering companies who are regularly using the reliable Mekaster Pressure Safety Valve. = ee ‘+ Indian Ol Corporation Ltd. * Engineers india Ltd + 108 Technimont ‘+ Reliance industries Ltd. * Toyo Engineering + 1BI Chematur ‘+ Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Lt. + Udhe india + Mot Me Donald ‘+ Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd + Lurgi india + Saiper Truine ‘+ Essar Oll Refinery + Jacobs + Linde ‘+ Mangalore Refinery ‘+ Mecon india + Tata Consultancy + Kochi Refinery * L&T Chiyoda + Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd + POW ‘+ Numaligarh Refinery * Akemer Power Gas Ltd. + Haldia Petro Chemicals ‘+ Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) _——_ ‘+ National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. ‘+ Nuclear Power Corporation Li. + LPsc + Hindustan Mittal Energy Ltd. + Gas Authority of India Limited + Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) * Bharat Pumps & Compressors + IFFCCO + British Oxygen Company (BOC) + KRIBHCO * Kitloskar Pneumatics + GSFC * Kitloskar Ebara + GNFC * Indian Compressors + Indo Gulf * Inox india + Shell India * Dresser Rand + Swellore = + Air Liquid + PRAXAIR + Emersson Singapore + Alderley Dubai + Petronash + Motto Overseas + Chemanol Saudi Arabia + Lat = Honey Wall Singapore + Inidan Oi Tanking * Hyundai Heavy Industries Korea * PunjLioyd + Yokogowa Singapore + Techni KT! + Easton Bechtel * Samsung Engineering + Gulf Stabliser Co saudi * Tata Projects * Qatar Gas Qatar ‘+ NIGCO Goporation Lis + National Industrial Gas Co. Qatar * Honey Well (Valves Division) ‘CORPORATE OFFICE : S08, Asal Bhawan, 16, KG Marg, New Oehi-110 001, Tt O1f 25730283, Fax 011 23753170, E-ral aoythet@rekastrasle Websie www okastr com [WORKS : 2607-2508, GIDC Ind. Eeito, Halo 389960, Dist Panchmahal, Gra, Tl 02676 221082029968 Fax: 02876 221028, 220681, E-melvelveseimekaserasia Website: wawmeasierengneerng.com BRANCH OFFICES : BANGALORE : 11, and Maly Chakravarty longar Layout, Kurarapark Wes, Bangalore £60020 Tel: 80 65674606, Fax 08023863047, E-mat bangeere@metasta.csa CHENNAI: 29, Cooperative Colony Near Park Sheraton Hotl, Awarpt Chennal 600018, Te 044 24382760/24336017, Fax: 084 24936017, mall: chennalg@mokasterala, KOLKATA: Ctcular Cou, 8 For, Room No. 82 8 Acharya Jagdish Chandra Boece Road, Kokats 700 O17, Tet: O33 64849680, Fax : 033 40084736, E-mal: kokztngmekaster. oa, MUMBAI: E/104, 1st Floor Reri Biz Cour, Plt No.9, Shah Indust Estate, Of: Vera Desal Road, Ahert ‘West, Mural 400 053, Te: 022 68973734, Fax. 022 66573753, Exnall : munba@mokastorasia, ‘SECUNDERABAD : 10-108, Chandralbt, 11, Sarl Devi Read, Secunderabad 800 003, Te: 040 68327514, “Toleax : 040 85510645, | Emal: hydercbod@okastarasia, VADODARA : 305306, Emrald Bulg. Near Havel Mend, Productivity Road, Aap, Vadocrs 300 O07. To: 0285 7320613, Fax: 0208 2920713, E-mal:vedoderag@mekester asia Tee , < |