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Olivia Alessandra Himawan

Professor Coleman
13 June 2015
Project 1: Video/DVD Analysis
The title of the video that I choose is What Would You Do? - Woman kicked out
of store for being black. It is an American television show. Using a hidden camera, this
show is secretly watching how people will react when they are faced with dilemmas that
need them to take an action nor to ignore it. The African-American woman is the target of
abuses. This video took place in Soho, New York and it is in a womens boutique. When
the African-American woman came in to the store, the store clerk (white people) quickly
judging her with an inappropriate words. The store clerk looked down on the AfricanAmerican and said that it was not the right place for her to shop. The store clerk then said
that she could not afford it because the price is too high for her. The store clerk also has a
negative thoughts towards the African-American woman that she might steal something
from the store. What is on her (the store clerk) mind was that black people are a criminal
before knowing the real truth. Then, the security guard (white people) also did the same
thing like the manager. He quickly checked the African-American woman to make sure
that she is not stealing. This harassment continues until there are several people (the other
shoppers) who can not stand it and feel uncomfortable. Basically, this video is telling us
that racism is still happening nowadays. White people often underestimate black people

and treated them not in a good way. People deserve to be served regardless of the race or
wealth or appearance and should be treated fairly and with respect.
Karl Marx was a German philosopher who believed that there is a relation
between society and economist. He stated that our society that we life is about conflict
over money or material goods. This video shows that material goods and appereance
really matter in todays society. It really explain that there is a conflict between the rich
and poor. The white people (store clerk) judges the shopper (African-American) as if she
is really poor and could not afford it. This video is mainly about inequality and conflict
regardless skin color, wealth, and appereance. In my opinion, if Marx saw this video, he
would believe that this is about conflict in society and it is a conflict paradigm. Inequality
really did happen in this video and our society is ruled by the power of race or wealth or
appereance. In other words, the elite class which was the white people in this video will
do anything in order to maintain their power.
Auguste Comte was a French philosopher and was known as a the originator of
both positivism and sociology. He believed that sociology can connect all sciences and
improve society. Comte also believe that there are three stages in the development of
society, such as theological, metaphysical, and the positive stage. Since he hoped to
improve society and direct human activity, this video shows that white people believed
that blacks are like criminals. They believed in that statements and they have to follow
that thoughts.
Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist who focused on social facts, defined as
the norms, behavior of certain groups, values, and structures of a society. In this video,
the way the white people treat the African-American woman is inappropriate and they

should not do that. Durkheims theory also focused on functionalist paradigm. Based on
the video, the society of white people treated the African-American not in a good way
and they looked down on blacks. White people shared the same thoughts toward blacks
and has an impact on their society as a whole and it shows a different relationship
between different parts of the society. The society agree upon something and work
together to achieve it.
The paradigm that shows in this video is conflict paradigm and functionalist
paradigm. It is mostly about inequality between white people and black people like what
happened in the store. Also, there is a different relationship between different parts of the
society and the treatment will not be the same.