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Advanced Behavioural modelling course with:

Wyatt Woodsmall

In Manchester September 17th to 21st

Hosted by the NLP Centre of Excellence

What is Modelling?
At its best, modelling enables you to elicit what it is that a high performer does in
their approach to a task that differentiates them from a more 'normal' performance.
True modelling encompasses the characteristics, thinking styles, beliefs, identity and
spirituality of the examplar, and it is to this level that we will explore the skills

This will enable you to:

• Develop your own modelling strategies which encompass the benefits of both
high level (identity) modelling and very precise behavioural modelling.
Through this process you will find that your ability to utilise NLP modelling
on a wider basis will increase markedly.
• Model the expertise of our guest exemplars, and explore the underlying
strategies which underpin who they are and how they do what they do. This
means that you will be able to transfer these same qualities and strengths to an
individual, team or entire organisation (as well as yourself) in order to raise
the level of performance beyond what you may have thought possible.
The First Master Trainer
Wyatt Woodsmall is the founder and President of Advanced Behavioral Modeling,.
Inc,. a training and consulting firm committed to dramatically increasing the
performance of organizations and individuals through the use of advanced behavioral
and learning technologies. Wyatt is an expert modeler, business consultant and

He is known for his vast range of interests and for his ability to synthesize complex
ideas into new and more powerful models. Wyatt has been instrumental in pioneering
the concepts and applications of behavioral modeling technology in the public,
business and athletic sectors. He is the co-creator of Advanced Behavioral Modeling
(ABM) ™ which is a technology for capturing and transferring excellence. ABM™ is
a synthesis of the NLP approach to modeling with ideas from artificial intelligence,
cybernetic epistemology, systems science, values research, human typological
analysis, accelerated learning and cognitive psychology.

Wyatt did modeling projects with the US Government in areas includingMorse Code
reception, recruiting techniques, Hovercraft operations,pistol and rifle marksmanship,
computer systems administration,knowledge engineers, and synthesis and creativity.
In the privatesector he has worked with Polaroid, General Motors, MCI, and
AveryDennison. He has been working for twelve years with the US OlympicDiving
Team and coaches. ABM’s work contributed to the 6 U.S. medalswon at the 1994,
1998, 2002 and 2006 Olympics in diving. Other notablemodeling projects include
modeling 50 successful entrepreneurs inYorkshire, United Kingdom and modeling the
most successful salesmen inthe history of his industry in the world with 165 million in
sales inone year. With his wife Marilyne Wyatt modeling Michel Thomas whocould
teach people to speak a language proficiently in five days.

In addition to modeling and consulting on performance enhancement,Wyatt conducts

in-house management, leadership, supervision, values,creativity, sales, negotiations
and entrepreneurial trainings. He alsodoes public trainings in NLP and Advanced
Behavioral Modeling. He hasconducted over 36 NLP Trainer’s Trainings in 12
countries on threecontinents. Wyatt has conducted basic and advanced NLP Trainings
inover 25 countries on all five continents. He is the first person evercertified as a
Master Trainer and as a Master Modeler. He is the pastPresident of IANLP
(International Association for NLP) and an honorarymember of GANLP. He has a Ph.
D. from Columbia University, and M.Div.From Union Theological Seminary and a
B.S. in Physics from theUniversity of Virginia. Wyatt is generally recognized as the
"TrainersTrainer" and as one of the most creative minds in NLP. He is theforemost
modeler in the NLP community. He is the co-author of PeoplePattern Power: The
Nine Keys to Business Success and of Time LineTherapy and the Basis of Personality
and of over 50 published articleson NLP. He is the co-author with his wife Marilyne
of Michel Thomas:The Master Teacher

Jimmy Petruzzi

World Renowned International Performance Coach &

Leading NLP Expert http://fur.ly/fs9/

Jimmy Petruzzi has had the fortune to work in many countries with successful
people including Premiership Football teams, Top Athletes, Politicians, Businesses,
Entrepreneurs, TV Celebrities, Teachers and Schools, helping them to achieve peak
performance in all aspects of their lives using NLP.

In 2006 Jimmy received the highly commended Coaching Award for

International & Domestic work.

Based in the UK and abroad, Jim has implemented and transferred many of his unique
and breakthrough concepts from athletic performance, to business and personal
development with great success.

Jim has appeared and continues to appear on television programs, including Sky TV,
Channel M, BBC, ITV and weekly segments on Radio 2ky Australian radio, and City
Talk FM UK. He is also often asked to provide commentary for BBC Radio and in the