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Andrs Romero Jarrn

Summary Chapter 3
In 1896 Gandhi travelled to India to see his family, although
he did not spend all his time with them because he had to
arrange meetings in Calcutta. Gandhi was always very
interested in preventing disease, and he preferred the work of
a nurse to the work of a lawyer so in Rajkot the city where his
parents lived there was great fear about a serious disease
from Bombay.
Gandhi had some problems in his journey to Durban because
the people of Durban did not want Gandhi to return to the city
so he were kept for twenty three days but finally they were
allowed to leave. For the next few years Gandhi stayed with
his family. He continue to work for the Indians and to help the
poor farm workers and as a nurse in a small hospital.
In 1899 a war started between British and the Afrikaners
because in this year gold was discovered and they hated each
other. Gandhi decided to help British, he believe that British
Empire was a good government.
He was part of a group called "The ambulance corps" it was a
group of more than 1000 Indians to help care for soldiers who
were wounded during the war. In some of newspapers
reported the work of Gandhis ambulance corps.
After the war, he went to Calcutta to meet other Indian
leaders in the Indian National Congress after this congress
Gandhi went back to Rajkot by train to know the difficulties
that poor people lived in the third-class compartments.
Gandhi opened a law office in Rajkot and he was earning
enough money for a comfortable life for his family.