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The name of the group shall be Oganda Youth Group and the above Logo.

The head office of the group shall be in Genga, in Gem-West, Rangwe Sub-county,
Homabay County, Kenya.


The objectives and aims of the group shall be:A.

Promote social, culture, education, good health and economic understanding amongst
members of the group.


To assist in the development of the group by helping to fight poverty and illiteracy
amongst members.


To organize and assist members to receive financial assistance from and within the
group and outside.


To promote interest and welfare of members amongst and through the group with any
other bodies or group in matters affecting the members.


To plant more trees for environmental conservation and promote good use.


a) Any person over the age of eighteen (18) years and is living within Genga community
and is ready to attend weekly meetings shall be eligible for membership,

Pay registration fees of Kshs. 200/= (two hundred only) which is non refundable.


Pay Development fees for Kshs. 100/= (One hundred only) also non refundable.


Complete Membership registration form.


Spouse to complete awareness form.

b) Every members shall pay a weekly subscription fee of Kshs. 50/= or above.
c) Any member who falls into arrears with his/her weekly subscription for more than
one month shall not be assisted in any way whatsoever by the group.
d) Any member whose behavior or conduct shall not conform to the rules of the Group shall
be summoned before the committee and if found guilty and pleads for pardon or
forgiveness and the committee accepts shall pay a fine of Kshs 50/= (Fifty only).

e) Any member guilty as in rule 4 (d) but has either refused to appear before the committee
or to plead guilty shall be summoned before the members and if the member proved him
guilty or asked for pardon. The fine shall be Kshs. 100/= (One Hundred only)

f) Any member found guilty but has refused or failed to comply with rule 4(d) and (e) while
2/3 (two third) of members hold the opinion that he/she is guilty shall be suspended by

not less than 2/3 majority for one month not exceeding and shall pay a fine of Kshs.
200/= (two hundred only) on completion of the suspension period.

Any member returning from suspension shall be on probation for two months before
being allowed to apply for any Loan.

He/she will be required to clear all pending arrears of savings incurred during the

g) Any member on suspension shall not take part in any activity of the group and shall not
be assisted in any way by the group even if rule 4 (c) does not apply to the member.

h) Any member who has failed to conform with rule 4(d), (e) and (f) may be expelled from
the membership if the members recommends the same by a two thirds (2/3) majority of
the members present and or if the members resolved that a member should be expelled on
the account that his/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the

i) Any member desiring to resign from the group shall submit a resignation letter to the
secretary. Once a letter of resignation is received the management committee will be
required to deliberate and arrange for refunds of savings within a period of one month to
two months.

j) Any member who resigns or is expelled from the membership shall be entitled to a refund
of his/her savings in accordance to the savings schedule.

k) All refunds shall be less than contribution made towards any project or any loss incurred
by the group. But shall include any profit interest or earning made by the group that is
declared at the end of each year.

l) The groups dividend shall be divided annually for those who have stayed in the group
for 1 year as 35% for the group, 50% members, and 10% for executive officials while 5%
other officials.

m) The dividends division shall be based on the share of members only.


All members shall participate in funeral arrangement of a member, child, parents &
spouse and in the absence of parents, a guardian to be nominated in advance.


Every member shall pay a weekly subscription of Kshs. 30/= (thirty only) towards
welfare account.


In the event of a member's death, each member unless on suspension shall contribute
Kshs500/= (Five hundred only) except as specified in rule 4 (c) and (g).


The contribution in case a member lost his/her spouse will be Kshs. 300/= (three
hundred only) otherwise the group will only recognize two spouse.


If a parent or child of a member dies, each member other than a member on

suspension shall contribute Kshs. 200/= (two hundred only) for a child, and Kshs
200/= (two hundred only) for a parent respectively except as specified in rule 4 (c)
and (g)
The Welfare Department shall always sit and review all death cases and give direction


for any extra requirement and expenses



The venue of the meeting shall be in a members house as will be communicated.


The meeting shall be on Saturday every week


The meeting shall start at 4.00pm in the evening and any who shall be late shall pay
a fine of Kshs. 20/= (twenty only) on entry.


For permission a member must write a letter to office or verbally and failure to
which that member shall be considered absent without apology and shall pay a fine
of Kshs 50/= (Fifty only)


Any member wishing to speak during the meeting shall raise his/her hand and shall
be given permission by the chairman and speak while standing.


No member shall be allowed to greet or shake hands with other members while the
meeting is on.


All cell phone calls to be answered outside.


Any member with any pressing matter or issue shall present it to the committee
either in writing or verbally and where possible the committee shall offer solution or
suggestion and if not the committee shall bring the same matter to members.









Asst. Secretary




Asst. Treasurer


Organizing Secretary


Chairman welfare


Asst. Chairman Welfare


Loan Chairman



a) Must be literate and

aware of objectives and goal of the group

b) Must be willing to lead and work for the group

c) Must be regular in attendance
d) Must have been a member of the group for at least two years.
e) All must be fully paid up members of the group and shall be elected at the annual general
meeting to be held each year.
f) For one to be elected, he/she must be free from any fraud


a) All office bearers shall hold office from the date of election until the succeeding annual
general meeting subject to the conditions contained in sub-paragraphs (i) and (j) but shall
be eligible for re-election.
b) Any office bearer who ceases to be a member of the group shall automatically cease to be
an office bearer thereof
c) Office bearer may be removed from office in the same way as in laid down for the
expulsion of members in rule 4(h) and vacancies thus created shall be filled by vice or
assistant during suspension, termination of membership, illness until election.
d) An office bearer may cease being an official voluntarily through resignation.


A. Chairman/Person:
The Chairman shall, unless prevented by illness or other sufficient cause(s) preside over all
meetings of the executive committee and all general meetings.
B. Vice Chairman:
He/she shall perform any duties as assigned by the chairman or in his/her absence.
C. Secretary:

He/she shall deal with all correspondence of the group under the general
supervision of

the executive committee.

Shall keep records and minutes of the meeting and preserve them for future

In case of urgent matters where the executive committee cannot be consulted he/she
shall consult the chairman or if the chairman is not available, the Vice-Chairman.
The decision reached shall be subject to ratification in the next meeting.

He/she shall issue a notice convening all executive committee meeting, General
meeting and Annual General meeting.

D. Assistant Secretary:
In the absence of the secretary the assistant shall perform his/her duties other than assisting
him/her in all duties and such other duties that shall be signed by the secretary or the
executive committee whether the secretary is present or not.
E. The Treasurer:
He/she shall be in charge of all finances of the group under the general supervision of the
executive committee.

Shall receive membership fees, weekly subscription, fines and donations on behalf
of the group and issue receipts.

Shall disburse and preserve vouchers for all money paid out.

Shall be responsible to the committee and to the members that proper books of
account of all money received and paid by the group are recorded, preserved and
available for inspection.

He/she shall prepare and submit to the committee financial statement of the group
every Quarter of the year and ensure that dully audited annual statement is
circulated to all members.

F. The Asst. Treasurer:

The assistant treasurer shall assists the treasurer in all his/her duties and shall assume
his/her functions if absent.
G. The Organizing secretary:

He/she shall be responsible for organizing the group functions such as harambees
and parties under the supervision of the executive committee.

He/she shall in liaison with secretary co-ordinate the organization of all General
meeting and the Annual General meetings.

He shall see that peace and order is maintained during meetings.

Shall collect any fines from members

H. The Chairman welfare: He shall preside over all welfare meetings during funerals.

Shall give directions to the members as to who amongst them is bereaved.

Shall inform members of any sickness amongst them.



The committee shall consist of all office bearers of the group and one member elected at
the annual general meeting in each year and hold office until the following annual general

b) Any casual vacancies for members of the committee caused by death or resignation shall
be filled by electing another member during the groups weekly meeting.
c) All committee members must be fully paid up members.


Any committee member who fails to attend committee meeting on two occasions
consecutively without permission will pay a fine of Kshs. 50/= (fifty only).


a) The committee shall be responsible for the management of the group for that reason or
purpose may give directions to the office bearers as to the manner in which, within the law, they
shall perform their duties.
a) All the matters arising from the committee meeting shall be approved or be ratified by
b) The committee during its sitting shall spend Kshs 200/- for refreshment, while it will
spend a maximum of Ksh 400/- (four hundred only) on very special cases
c) All the lateness fees shall be bank in the groups account.
d) The 15/= paid by members weekly shall be divided among the executive officials with
treasurer given extra of 100/= for transport after 150/= has been banked.
e) During withdrawals 450/= shall be given to groups signatories for transport.


A. There shall be two classes of general meeting, namely Annual General Meeting and
Special General meeting.
B. The annual general meeting shall be held on February, the second week of the meeting in
each year. Notice in writing of such annual general meeting accompanied by the
statement of account and the agenda for the meeting shall be sent to all members not less
than 7 days before the date of the meeting.
ii) The agenda of the annual general meeting shall consist of the following:
a) Confirmation of the previous minutes in consideration of the accounts.
b) Election of office bearer and committee members.
c) Election of an Auditor.

d) Such other matters as the committee may decide or as to which notice shall have been
given in writing by a members or members to the secretary at least one (1) week before
the date of the meeting.
e) Any other business with the approval of the chairman.

C. A special general meeting may also be requisitioned for a specific purpose by order
in writing to the secretary of not less than 7 members and each meeting shall be held
within 14 days of the date of requisition and no matter shall be discussed other than that
stated in the requisition.
The quorum for the meeting shall be not less than 1/3 of members

Resolution of the meeting shall be decided by simple voting by a show of hand and in
the case of equality of votes; the Chairman shall have a second of casting vote.

a) SAVINGS: In this account, donations, loans, all income generating activities, sales, profit and
members will remit Kshs 100/= weekly. Its main purpose is to become guarantee to loans
given to members and for group development. Minimum balance- Ksh 10,000/b) WELFARE: This account will cater for Death/ funeral! Expenses, parties and general welfare
of members. A member must subscribe 30/= weekly in this A/C. Minimum Balance Ksh 5
c) EMERGENCY: This account will be used incase of urgent matter. A member is allowed to
withdraw money in this account within a short notice. This account must have a minimum
balance of Kshs.2000/=.
All members are required to remit Ksh 20/= weekly or above and sale of assets.
The account can also be used for any development agreed upon by members.

a) Membership fees, weekly subscription, donations, fines, sale of agricultural products, assets
and harambee. Other sources are interest got from loaning, money paid for Development and
any other income generating activity.
b) All moneys / funds shall be received, paid and deposited by the treasurer in the name of the
group to the correct group bank accounts that is approved by the members.
c) The treasurer shall keep up to a maximum of Ksh 2000/= (two thousand only) in his/ her
possession for petty cash disbursement of which proper account shall be maintained.
Any surplus shall be deposited in the groups bank account.


There shall be four trustees to the groups bank account as follows:


The chairman


The treasurer


The Secretary


A member elected at the annual general meeting every year, (savings Account) while one


official from welfare official in case of welfare account.

a) Under no circumstances shall any money be paid out without authority from the committee
after approval by members.
b) No funds of the group shall be lent out unless approved by members. The Treasurer shall not
pay out any funds unless he/she receives a written authority authorizing such payment duly
signed by all trustees after approval by the members and all cheques on bank account shall be
signed by all trustees of the group.
c) The members during the weekly meeting shall have powers to suspend any office bearer
who has reasonable cause to believe is not properly accounting for any funds or property of
the group and shall have power to appoint another in his/her place.
d) The financial year of the group shall be from 1st January to 31st December each year


a) i) The Auditor shall be appointed for the following year by members. All the group books
of account records and documents shall be open for inspection by the auditor at any time
and shall present his/her report after every (1) month
ii) The Treasurer shall produce an account of his/her receipt of payment and statement of
assets and liabilities made up to date which shall not be less than six weeks and not more
than three months before the date of the annual general meeting.
b) A copy of the auditors report on the accounts and statement of account shall be
furnished to all members at the same time as the notice conveying the annual general
meetings is sent out.
c) No auditor shall be an office bearer or a member of the committee of the group.

The group shall appoint a lawyer who shall also act as legal advisor to the group. All legal
matters affecting the group shall be handed over to the lawyer by the official of the group
after approval by the members.


Amendments to the constitution of the group must be approved by at least a two thirds
majority of the members.
The group shall not form branches.



a) The group shall not be dissolved except by a resolution passed at a general meeting of
members by a vote of two-thirds 2/3 of the registered members.

The quorum of the meeting shall be as shown in full 1(e) and if no quorum is obtained

proposal by the members to dissolve the group shall be submitted to a further

general meeting which shall be held one month later.


Notice of this meeting which shall be given to all members of the group at least 14
days (fourteen days) between the dates of the meeting.

The quorum for this second meeting shall be the number of members present.

b) Provided, however that no dissolution of the group shall be affected without prior

in writing of the relevant authorities (i.e. Ministry of Culture and Social

Services, C.D.A. and the D.D.C obtained upon application to him made in writing and
signed by three of the office bearers.
c) When the dissolution of the group has been approved, no further action shall be taken by

Committee or any office bearers of the group in connection with the aims of the group,
other than to get in and liquidate for cash all the assets of the group. Subject to the payment
of all debts of he group, the balance thereof shall be distributed in such other manner as
may be resolved by the meeting at which the resolution for dissolution is passed.


The books of account and all documents of the group shall be available for inspection at the
registered office of the group on giving a written notice to members of the group of not less
than (7) seven days.


1. The loan scheme is open to all members only.
2. One must be a member of the group for a period of two months to qualify for the loan

A member must have 50% (fifty percent) of the paid up share capital at the time of
application and must maintain the same until the facility is paid in full. This percentage will
be reviewed from time to time.

4. A member shall form small groups of 5 (five) people (Bench/Watano) and each group shall
guarantee their own member.
5. What are the requirements for Oganda Loan?

- Saving must be Kshs. 5000/= (Five Thousand only) for the first loan.
- Passport size photo
- Must complete application form
- Must not have any debt of the group

Each bench shall select a bench leader who shall make sure that all payments are made in
time without fail.

7. The loan increment shall be 50% at any given time and shall not exceed that.
8. The loan amount shall be a minimum of shillings five thousand (Kshs. 5000/=) only and a
Maximum of Kshs. 50,000/= (fifty thousand only).
9. The interest rate shall be 10% (ten percent) flat rate per annum for any loan disbursed.
10. The maximum repayment period shall be 6 months for the first loan, 9 months for the second
loan and 12 months for the third loan- respectively. But period to repay depends on one. The
loan can be rescheduled incase a member has a serious problem.
11. The security offered for the loan must value 3/4 way and not below. Besides the guarantee all
the pledge must be items in good working condition and of reasonable value.
12. There shall be no toping up to share contribution to enable a member to qualify for the loan
13. The loan repayment shall be on a weekly basis.
14. The applicant must demonstrate and convince his/her bench the ability to repay the loan in
time and without fail.
15. Failure to remit any single payment in time the member of the group shall make the
Repayment as follows:a) Affected bench to pay Kshs. 150/= each
b) The rest of the money will be divided equally among members.
c) A members who has defaulted will be fined Kshs. 200/= only
d) All the money paid for a defaulter must be refunded in the next meeting plus fine without
fail. However should the member fail to pay fine the same shall be recovered from
e) Any members who fails to send defaulters fee will be considered defaulters & Fined Kshs
16. Any member who fails to repay his/her loan installment for three weeks consecutively shall:
Have the entire balance outstanding together with interest and any other charge recalled back
or demanded within fourteen (14) days from the date of the demand notice and failure to

which may result to either of the following action taken against him/her without any further
a) Have his/her share contributions plus any other money held by the group transferred
to loan account.
b) Have the security pledge repossessed and sold
c) Be liable for prosecution as will be aided by area clan elder then to chief.
17. Loan application fee (LAF) will be '/2 % of the amount you require. It is non-refundable.
18. In the event of a members death, loan account shall stop accruing interest and balance
outstanding "net of interest" shall be recovered from the members terminal dues.
19. There shall be a loan board committee of five members comprising of:a) The Loan chairman
b) The Asst. Loan chairman
c) The Secretary
d) The treasurer
e) One member elected by the members of the group.
20. all of whom must have not less than 50% (fifty per cent) of the paid up shares.
21. All applicants shall appear before the board for interview and then prepared to be visited by
the board at their houses/business premises at their cost.