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July 6, 2015
New York State Congressional Delegation
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20004

Dear Congressional Delegation:

We, the undersigned New York State Assembly Members, write to you in advance of a deal
being announced regarding Irans nuclear capabilities in the hopes that you will consider our
thoughts as you formulate your position on the matter.
We know that you share our belief that the benefits of any deal must outweigh the difficult
concessions we will be asked to make. In additon, we hope that you will continue to bear in
mind the very real concerns of the State of Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East.
To that end, we strongly believe that any deal must include:
1) A continuation of sanctions until benchmarks have been met and verified.
2) The ability for international inspectors to ensure compliance, anytime and
anywhere, without obstruction.
3) Measures of enforcement should Iran fail to comply or adequately meet
benchmarks. These include snapback provisions and, further, increased
sanctions beyond what is presently in place.
4) A full understanding and acknowledgment by Iran of the deals provisions.
Any deal that presents an opportunity for Iran to develop nuclear weapons either within the
agreement or by skirting the agreement is ill-conceived and dangerous to Israel and
United States interests in the Middle East.
As Members of Congress, you will be able to review the forthcoming agreement. As such,
we trust that you will ensure the strongest possible deal that both protects our ally and offers
stability to the region.
Thank you for your consideration as well as your representation of our great state.

Assembly Members:
Michael Benedetto
Rodneyse Bichotte
Ken Blankenbush
Edward Braunstein
David Buchwald
Vivian Cook
Brian Curran
Michael Cusick
Steven Cymbrowitz
Erik Dilan
Michael Fitzpatrick
Christopher S. Friend
Mark Gjonaj
Al Graf
Aileen Gunther
Ellen Jaffee
Todd Kaminsky
Michael P. Kearns
Charles Lavine
Peter Lawrence
Joseph Lentol
Chad A. Lupinacci
David McDonough
Steven F. McLaughlin
Walter Mosley
Bill Nojay
Felix Ortiz
Edward Ra
Andrew Raia
Robert Rodriguez
Linda B. Rosenthal
Nily Rozic
Sean Ryan
Michelle Schimel
Sheldon Silver
Michael Simanowitz
James Skoufis
Michaelle Solages
Fred Thiele
David Weprin
Kenneth Zebrowski