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What we do

2nd Quarter Highlights

Great leaders tend to be great communicators. Our customized, highly interactive

training programs offer the direct feedback
needed to improve communication skills.
This quarter, WPNT worked with several
C-suite executives on investor communications, specifically in communicating with
sell-side financial analysts. These critical
audiences know how to ask penetrating
questions and they do not put up with simple bridging and evasive answers.

Our programs
Pantone 716

Pantone 322

Sandy Kaye, Ray Thompson and videographers Paul Dalmau and Ron Dorre

Randy Sumner continues to work wit

several corporate communications and
public relations managers for an
e-commerce client. One participant
described his Advanced Media Training as:


Financial and Investor Communications Philanthropy

Few venues put the communication skills of a companys senior leaders more on display than
the annual investor day presentation. WPNT Communications has the privilege of coaching a
number of C-suite teams in advance of their annual meetings with sell-side analysts, investors,
and shareholders. Tricia Majors and Ray Thompson recently worked with the top executives
of a Fortune 100 company to help choreograph and prepare for their annual meeting in New
York. Additionally, Randy Sumner and Analyst Corps members, Susan Reeves and Greg Clock,
coached the Chief Operating Officer of a Fortune 500 company for his quarterly earnings call
in April. Even gifted communicators know they can improve.

International travel
Two clients requested our services in Angola
in April. Dimitri Schildmeijer, along with
Press Corps members Johan Ral and Geoff
Paddock, led potential spokespersons through
tailored Executive Media Training, Stakeholder
Engagement Training and Crisis Communications Training. One participant summarized her experience in three words: Excited,
Important, Challenging. In a four-day period,
WPNT coached more than 25 individuals in
Dimitri Schildemeijer in Shanghai, China
three separate programs.
Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhuhai were stops along WPNTs Asian Training Tour for a global company. Neil Chapman, Dimitri Schildmeijer and Shanghai-based Yingdan Liu provided Crisis
Communications Training, Executive Media Training, Executive Presentation Skills Training
and Executive Communications Coaching over a period of five days. Our 10 different training
programs reached more than 80 internal and external communications professionals, general
managers and directors and generated excellent reviews.

In early May, WPNT volunteers including

Jenn Broadwell, Sharon Clark and Jenna
Thompson helped staff the Volcano Rock
Wall Booth at the annual Boys and Girls
Country Spring Festival outside Houston,
Texas. The event attracted 4,000 visitors,
and to our volunteers it seemed like every
one of them climbed our rock wall! As a
privately funded organization, Boys and
Girls Country relies on the generosity of
the community to provide a nurturing
environment to 102 young people in need.

Top: Jenn Broadwell and Jenna Thompson

Bottom: Sharon Clark and Ray Thompson

WPNTs New Clients

WPNT Communications welcomes a multinational engineering and electronics
conglomerate to our growing roster of clients. With more than 350,000 employees, this
industry leader cares deeply about its reputation with customers across a wide spectrum of
industries. During a one-day Executive Media Training program in Orlando, Florida,
Ray Thompson and Melannie OConnor coached several senior directors through simulated interviews in print, television and digital media formats. One participant commented
this was an extremely helpful course on strategic communication and strategy focused on Net

Stephen Claney in Melbourne, Australia

Our programs
WPNT trainers Sandy Kaye and Stephen
Claney were retained by an environmental
services company to conduct Stakeholder
Engagement Training with 28 of their
project managers in Melbourne, Australia.
The intensive training program focused on
providing project managers with the communication skills needed to conduct outreach to
neighborhood groups, landowners, regulators
and policymakers. One participant recommends to future participants, Bring your A
game and be prepared to accept it can be better.
Randy Sumner and Lorna Donovan teamed up
to provide Crisis Communications Training
to a client in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The program featured a customized crisis scenario and
provided participants the opportunity to work
in teams to craft a communication strategy
and practice delivering messages in a variety of
formats. One participant highly recommends
the program, telling others:

You need to go
through this!

In April, a pipeline company reached out to

WPNT for Stakeholder Engagement Training
in New England for six of their executives
and mid-level managers. After the training,
a senior financial advisor said the training
really taught participants
how to Disarm your enemy listen, care and find common

An industrial mining and explosives manufacturing company sought out WPNT to train
17 executives in how to effectively communicate during crisis situations. WPNT visited
two manufacturing sites and reviewed and critiqued the companys new global crisis plan.
During the Crisis Communications Training program, Neil Chapman and Ray Thompson
oriented leaders of the companys growing North American operations to the new crisis
plan and utilized an unfolding crisis situation to coach participants on crisis communications. One executive noted, excellent energy, experience, and credibility and took the time to
understand our business going in when asked to rate the instruction he received.

WPNT trainers Neil Chapman and Dimitri

Schildmeijer recently traveled to Madrid,
Spain, to conduct Crisis Communications
Training and Executive Media Training for a
multinational corporation. Geoff Paddock
supported the effort remotely by providing
social media injects via a digital platform. One
participant shared that it is important to practice and prepare materials for an eventual crisis.
A leading exploration and
production company requested WPNTs
Executive Presentations Skills Training for
over 20 individuals ranging from engineers to
communications specialists. One participant
commented that our trainers Suzanne Buck,
Dimitri Schildmeijer and Neil Chapman were
Fantastic! So knowledgeable and very comforting in an uncomfortable setting. Highlights of
the day were the one-on-one feedback, video
recordings and small group size.
WPNTs highly-skilled professionals are often
sought out by C-suite executives for
communications coaching. This quarter,
Melannie OConnor and Ray Thompson
worked with the president of an international
corporation. The Executive Communications
Coaching program, conducted in Houston,
Texas prepped the senior leader for his upcoming global webcast to employees. Finding
ways to connect with geographically dispersed
employees can be a challenge, particularly
when they are facing uncertainty and change.

A Houston-based management consulting

firm continues to offer WPNTs Executive
Communications Coaching program to its
newly hired financial and business analysts.
These analysts will be interacting with key
clients, and our tailored curriculum helps
them learn skills to build trust and credibility
when presenting to clients who are often more
senior in age, experience and tenure.
What he said, she said

What women say versus what men hear

Ray Thompson
WPNT Communications -- Houston
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Special Events

In June, Ray Thompson was asked by a

Fortune 100 company to address gender
differences in communication styles in the
workplace. Speaking to the companys
Womens Employee Network, his presentation,
entitled What he said, she said what women
say versus what men hear, used research and
video clips from prominent female leaders to
gently explore how men and women approach
communication differently. Its a provocative
subject that stirred interest and feedback
among the 200-plus attendees participating
in-person or via a live webcast.

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