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EDUC 480 - Mini-Lesson Plan

By: Mathew Cugnet & Ashneet Dhaliwal

Date: June 16, 2015

Target Student Group: Grade 5 Core French (near mid/end of year)
Title of Lesson: Fruit and Vegetables unit: with a focus on asking and answering questions in a supermarket
Do You Have ___? Yes, I Have ___! No, I Do Not Have ___!
PLOs: Communicating; Acquiring Information
Lesson Objectives/Student Understandings:
Students will be able to...
ask and respond to simple questions
communicate wants and needs
express acquired information in oral form
recognize cognates

As students are interacting and communicating with one
another, the teacher will be observing and taking notes on
students ability to:
listen actively to other classmates during activities
choose appropriate response (Qui, jai _____; Non, je nai
pas de/d_____)
appropriate French pronunciation
participate willingly

Introduce activity: Bonjour tout le monde, aujourd'hui, nous allons apprendre si on a
des fruits et des lgumes au supermarch (Hello class, today we are going to learn
how to ask for fruits and vegetables in a supermarket)
Activate prior knowledge by asking students what words they recognize in the
statement (fruits and lgumes). Do they know what we are going to be learning about?
Hand out vocabulary sheets with different fruits and vegetables. Try to find 5 fruits and
vegetables that you recognize. Share with your tablemates.
Explain next part of activity. Students will pull a cue card out of a hat. Half of the cue
cards will have the question: Vous avez? and the other half will have the
response: Jai. Each card will also have a fruit or vegetable.
Students are to wander throughout classroom. Students with the question card need to
ask other classmates if they have that particular fruit or vegetable. Other students will
either respond: Oui, jai or Non, je nai pas de/d
Once students find their partner , they will go back to their vocabulary sheets (should
be folded in half, revealing French words only) and the role of questioner and
responder will change. For the next activity the partner (not asking the question) will
choose a mystery fruit or vegetable from the vocabulary list. The other partner has to
ask the question, Vous avez? until they guess what fruit or vegetable the partner
was thinking about. The other partner is responding with the Oui or Non
If time in the end, then debrief with class about what they will take away/what they
learned from todays lesson

vocab list of fruits
and vegetables
cue cards with

The mystery fruit/vegetable guessing game can be played several times where partners are switching roles
each time

For students who are more comfortable with saying fruits and vegetables in French, can later think of two
fruits and/or vegetables during the mystery item guessing game.
For some students we may need to write out the phonetic spelling of the fruits and vegetables on the cue
cards so it is easier for them to read/ pronounce the words.

Fruit and Vegetables Vocabulary List

Resource: https://www.laits.utexas.edu/fi/html/voc/05.html#043