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Attn: The Director/ CEO

Good-Day Sir/Madam,
I am H.I.B Zulu, Deputy Minister of Public Works under the appointment of our
new President, Jacob Zuma since 11th of May 2009, life as we all know have
different winds, the wind that take you towards a joyous moment and that which
retrogresses. At this moment I have found myself between this wind of life, due to
my inability as a widow and mother of (3) three children to cushion the effect. I
am also visually impaired since the death of my beloved husband as a result of
Gunshot injury by the rebels in Angola.
In this regard, I am contact you to solicit a private relationship; I want you to
stand as the beneficiary of my family funds of US$ 65,000,000.00(Sixty Five
Million United States Dollars) left behind by my Husband in an offshore account
with a Security Finance Company in South Africa
This funds emanated as a result of an over invoice contract done by him during his
active days, more information will be divulged to you after securing your consent
to stand in for us as the beneficiary of the funds and promise never to betray me,
as I am afraid that South African Government might review those contracts
awarded few years back, they might confiscate this funds, if it's found in my
I am willing to offer you a reasonable compression of the total funds for your
cooperation and assistance once the funds have been completed transfer to your
bank account.
I will also love to invest the funds with you, if you have any business plans and
investment options.
For more details information regarding my profiles, you can log on:
Please, do not write or contact me on the information on the web site, for security
reasons, we are been frequently monitored, Do keep this information and
transaction strictly confidential.
Mrs. Hendrietta Zulu
South Africa