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Under the guidance of DR. Tarek Kandil
Name: Othaiba Al Mazrouei
ID# 20122184
Section: 01
Course name: Strategic MANAGEMENT
Course code: MNGT 425
Semester: summer 1 2015

SWOT analysis for ADIB.



1. The first UAE bank to bring innovative

Banking, a new mobile banking service
that allows customers to perform almost
all banking transactions

1. Weak management increases business

risks and reduces profits for Economy in
ADIB, because they are responsible for
the health of the business

2. It was named the number one bank in

the UAE in customer service and the
most improved bank in customer service

2. Competition weighed on profit margins

3. Upgraded womens banking service,

Dana, offers a new suite of products,
services and special life style benefits

3. Regulators' decision to encourage

banks to make large provisions for loan
losses in the third quarter as a
precaution affecting the operating

4. In addition to 65+ branches in UAE,

ADIB already operates a large branch
network in Egypt and UK
5. Sustained growth in profits;
consistently one of the most liquid banks
in UAE


1. UAE Banking sector is the largest by

assets in the GCC; the UAE banking sector
accounts for majority of the GCC total
2. Future expansions in Middle East could
provide the growth
3. Focus on continuing growth to benefit
from the government's spending drive

1. Mature markets are competitive. In

order for ADIB to grow in a mature
market, it has to increase market share,
which is difficult and expensive
2. The lending environment in Saudi
Arabia intensely competitive between a
small number of local banks, and means
that while banks will be able to book new
assets, margins will be tight

4. Potential growth from profitable

segments, including Islamic banking and
mortgage financing

3. Global demand for goods produced by

emerging market manufacturers
continued to weaken
4. A bad economy can hurt Economy in
Abu Dhabis business by decreasing the

number of potential customers