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Yolanda Martinez

July 11, 2015

Spanish 1

Grade Level:
8th grade

TEK (s): 114.13 Implementation of Texas Essential

Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than
English, Middle School, Adopted 2014
114.39 Level 1, Novice Mid to Novice High
Proficiency (one credit), adopted 2014.
(C) Knowledge Skills
(1) Interpersonal communication: speaking and
writing. The student negotiates meaning through
the spoken and written exchange of information
in rehearsed and unrehearsed situations I a
variety of contexts. The student uses a mixture of
words and phrases and some simple sentences
with appropriate and applicable grammar
structures and processes at the specified
proficiency levels. The student is expected to :
(2) (A) ask and respond to questions about everyday
life in spoken and written conversation.

Flash cards, short video, vocabulary journal, paper,
pencils, note cards, white board, and cut out sample
Technology (incorporated in lesson):
YouTube video on the computer. (Colors in spanishCalico)

Objective (Student Friendly):

We will be able to recognize, sound out, and spell 5
color names. We will also learn how to write one
sentence with a color name in it.
1. Big Understanding (Real World):
I will explain to them that knowing your basic Spanish words is very important because there is Spanish
speaking people every where we go. For example, if they get lost, they can ask a Spanish speaking person
for help, like my mother was wearing a red shirt, but in Spanish.
2. Catch/Hook/Engage
I will ask the students in Spanish, what is the color of the shirt they are wearing in Spanish, I will talk about
students and the color shirt they are wearing to show them that it is important to understand the colors that
way they know if someone is saying something about them or referring to them for whatever reason.
I will explain to the students that we are going to be learning the colors in Spanish, and writing at least one
sentence with a color name in it. Then we will watch a short video about colors and they are to take notes.
I will be asking them if they know any colors at all before starting on the video.

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3. Instructional Strategies / Student Activities

** Be sure to include any/all Grouping Patterns**
Students will write their vocabulary words in there vocabulary journal, and then they are to practice
saying them with the students in their group. After watching the video, students are to have taken
notes, because I will be asking them questions about the video individually. We will practice writing
sentences with color names in them as a class, and then we will read them to each other as a class.
They will have a small 6 question quiz to see if they understood what was taught.
Teacher Input/Modeling:
I will first go over all the colors pronunciations and spelling, and then they can practice them while I
am going over them. I want them writing and repeating after me as we go over the lesson. I will either be
writing, pronouncing, or showing them pictures of whatever it is we are talking about. (Red apple)
Guided Practice: WE DO:
I will be handing out note cards to let them write out all of the color names on them and then they can
work with a partner to go over them as practice.

CFU (Checking for understanding):

I will have the students write out a sentence or two for practice and and then I will go around and
check for understanding. I will correct the ones that are wrong or way off, the rest I will just explain what
they did wrong. I will keep calling on random students to check their knowledge and I will also be asking
them questions about the short video we watched.
Independent Practice: YOU DO (Individual students):
I will be calling on individual students to say or spell the color names for me. It will be random to
make sure they are all learning something. I will give them a strip of paper for each student to write me a
sentence and turn it in at the end of the class period, so I can put them up in the room to show their work.

Higher Level Questions to Incorporate

Have you ever encountered a situation where you had to speak some spanish? Or where not able to
help because you knew no Spanish? Give me some personal experiences.
Do you feel that it is important to learn Spanish? Do you actually feel that knowing your colors is
something that you will need one day?
How many of you have Spanish speaking friends? Have you learned anything from them?

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Ending, Summary / Reflection:

Class, Spanish is something that is all around us, everywhere you go there will be a Spanish speaking individual in
that same place you are. Some people are bilingual, but a lot of them are not, how will you communicate with
somebody if you need help, are hurt, or just need to go to the bathroom? Or if you get lost and can't find your
parents or your way back to the location you started? You might not be the one needing help in situations like these,
but think about how good you would feel if you could actually help a person in need with problems like the ones I
just stated? That would be awesome, wouldn't it?


Summative Assessment Evidence (remember you plan from this-backwards design):

Students will be able to recognize and say the colors in Spanish. They will be able to answer 6 questions
regarding colors and write at least one sentence using a color name. I will be giving them a quick pop-quiz
to check on their understanding and knowledge over what we just went over.

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