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Course Outline
Class: BBA VII Semester: Spring 2009
Course Code: Course Name: Entrepreneurship
Instructor Name: Nizar Noorali Session: Saturday
Class Timings: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Consultation: 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Contact Email: nizar.noorali@gmail.com Contact No: 0345-2003646

Course Objective:

This course aims to provide a hands-on introduction to the scaleable venture

creation process for students with a strong interest in technology
entrepreneurship. The course is designed for a variety of student interests. It
directly addresses the concerns of students wanting to become entrepreneurs
in the near or more distant future. It is also useful to anyone who expects to be
interacting with entrepreneurs in their business careers. Finally, this course is
useful for anybody with a curious mind and a willingness to combine serious
analysis with creative thinking.


• Develop a personal mission statement and personal action plan.

• Identify entrepreneurship as a career and lifestyle option.
• Identify and assess the overall and target markets.
• Identify and assess the financing options for a new venture.
• Understand exit strategies.

Grading Plan:

Marks Distribution Percentage

Hourlies (n-1) 30
Assignments and Case Studies 10
Class Participation 05
Report Presentation 15
Final Examination 40
Course Outline:

Session Topics
1. Introduction; Overview; Basic Definitions & Concepts of
2. Entrepreneurial Insights
Role in Economic Development
3. Starting a New Venture
New Ideas
Opportunity Recognition
Problem Solving
Product Planning & Development
e-Commerce & Business Start-up
4. 1st Hourly Examination
5. Business Plan Development
6. Marketing Plan
Industry Analysis & Market Research
The Marketing Mix
Preparation of the Marketing Plan
Technology & Marketing
7. Organizational and Financial Plan
Types of Ownerships
Analysis and Financial Statements
Financial Ratios
8. 2nd Hourly Examination
9. Financing the Venture
Sources of Capital
10. Resource optimization, Profiling Entrepreneurs, Idea Generation
11. Expanding the Venture
Goal Setting – Vision
Five Forces Model
12. 3rd Hourly Examination
13. Ending a Venture – Exit Strategies, Venture Liquidation, Bankruptcy,
Listing Ventures, Going Public
14. Project Presentations
15. Project Presentations
16. Final Examination
Recommended Text:

1. Entrepreneurship 6th Edition; Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P Peters, Dean A

2. Case Studies.

Reference Reading:

1. Entrepreneurship Strategies and Resources 3rd Edition; Marc J. Dollinger –

Pearson Education.
2. New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century 5th Edition;
Jeffrey A. Timmons – McGraw Hill.

Report Format and Guidelines:

The report will be based on creation of an innovative business idea. Students

should come up with a business idea and develop a feasibility report of the new
venture including the business, marketing, organizational, operational and
financial plan. There is no restriction in choosing the nature of venture except
that it shouldn’t be an already running venture. The marking would be done on
a relative scale. The report will be a group report with a maximum of 3
students in a group.


• Names of groups should be submitted at the end of the 3rd session.

• Name & Nature of Business should be submitted at the end of the 5th
• Presentations will be done in the 14th and 15th sessions.