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Parental encouragement is obviously a crucial factor in a childs progress,

physcologists, educators and sociologists all agree that the family has the most
significant influence on the development of the child. Now parents are well aware of
this situation and so want their children to achieve high in academic to rise high in
their lives. The childs achievement and success informal education system depends
upon the encouragement level that comes from parents side. Parents should be
aware of the childs progress in the school through their reports and often
contacting with teachers while children are aware that their parents are taking
interest in their education, it is quite possible that they would also be more
concerened for their education. Some recent studies have shown that an
encouragement is positively related to the educational plans of the students and is
considered a critical factor in the child development.
Children are expected to achieve in the school not at the level of their parents, but
an ideal level or one at which the parents wishes are fulfilled. Such pressure can
cause children to be over anxious regarding their school achievement. They can
also cause them to set unrealistic goals for themselves, in terms of intellectual
ability, aptitude and social economic circumstances. This invites frustration anxiety
and inevitable discontent.
Sometimes parents may pressurize their children to achieve in school beyond their
capacity but these pressures are quite subtle, father gives the general impression
that his achievement in school was much higher than it actually was mother is
delighted by good grades and positive in acceptant of average grades. The rewards
for success are great, and the disappointment of failure is extreme.
Bron Frenbrener found children from achievement oriented homes excel in
planning and performance but they are also more sense domineering aggressive
and cruel
Urban and rural areas also affects the parental encouragement of child. Urban
children get high parental encouragement because they have basic facilities for
their proper development. Rural children get low parental encouragement because
of lack of facilities but in some cases it may be high because today farmer families
also want to give education to their children and provide facilities for the