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Unpublished Dissertation and Theses

Ahmad . Aftab.

Govemmen Jahanzeb College: History and Achievements MA

theSIS, Department of Pakistan Studies, Government Post Graduate
C ollege Mansehra. Session 1992-94
Al'1md. Mahmood_ Socio-Economic Conditions of the People of a Rural
Vill ge away-Kalay m Drs/net Swat. MA thesis, Department of Soc1ology,
Un1verstly of Karachi, 1979
ASi _ Muhammad_ The Rulers of Amb State. MA thesis. Department of
Pakis tan Studies, Government Post Graduate College, Mansehra. Session

199 2-94

Begum, Haial. The Akhund of Swat Abdul Ghafoor (A Biographical Sketch)

MA thesiS, Pak1stan Study Centre, University of Peshawar. 1992
Q1rvi, Abdul Halim. The life and Achievements of Ghazi Umra Khan. MA
thes is. Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar, 1989.
Hassan. Noor. Dir-Swat Relations. MA th esis, Pakistan Study Centre
University nf Peshawar. 1991.
Hussain, Hazrat. Tourism in District Swat. MA thesis. Pakistan Study Centre,
University of Peshawar, Session 1993-95
Hussain. Naheed. Swat Stale Through the Ages. MA thesis, Pakistan
Study Centre, University of Peshawar, Session 2000-2002.
Islam. Fakhrul. Swat under Jehanzeb MA thesis, Pakistan Study Centre,
U nive rsity of Peshawar, n.d
Klian. Abdul Wahid. Adminrstralive System of Swat State. MA thesis.
Department of Political Science,

Government College Lahore. 1959:

retyped by Abdul Wahab Khan, 1986

Khan, Buner. Growth of Modem Education in Swat Sta e. M.Ed thesis,

Institute of Education


Research, University of the Punjab, 1963

Khan, Shakeel Ahmad. Swat Nama of Khushal Khan Khattak (Edited


Translated into English). M.Ph1\. Thesis, Area Study Centre (Central Asia).

University of Peshawar, 1981.

Mabood, Abdul. (The) Causes of Migration of Swat Residents to Karachi.


thesis, Department of Sociology, University of Karachi, 1981.

Naz Muhammad Saleem. Education in Ex State of Swat. M.Ed. thesis,

F aculty of Education,

University of Peshawar, 1996

Rehmat, Robina. Tahrik Nifaz-i-Shariati-Muhammadi (TNSM). MA thesis.

Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar, Session 1994-1996

of Swat

Shahabuddm_ Miangul Abdul Wadood (Badshah Sahib): The Founder

State MA thesis. Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar,
Shah. Ferae: Al/llude of the People of Rural Area towards Female
a Vilfage of Swat. MA thesis, Department of Sociology, University

Karachi, 1978
Swat). MA
Shah, Rahat. EducatiOn in Private Sector(A Case Study of Dis/net
thesis, Pakistan Study Centre. University of Peshawar, Session
Swat1, Muhammad Farooq. Gandhara Arlm the Swat Valley, Pakistan:
Study Based on Peshawar Umversity Collection. Vol. 1 , (Text). Ph.D.
Dissertation. Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge, 1996
Yousafzai, Rafiullah. Journalism in Swat. MA theSIS, Department of

Journalism. Umversity of Peshawar, Session 2002-2003

Zada. Rahim. The Bartle of Ambela {1863] Against the British in NWFP. MA
thesis. Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar. 1 995
Zuba1r, Muhammad. Causes-Effects of Migration and the Problems of
Ruralities Selllemenl in Urban Area:(A case S/udy of Mingora Swat). MA
thesis, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, University of Peshawar,
1 996

Unpublished Papers
Personal Collection of Abdul Wahab Khan, Ronryal, Swat
Personal Collection of the author (SullaniRome). Hazara, Swat

Confidential Reports of the British Indian Government
Administration Reports of the North-West Frontier Province
Pun;ab Frontier AdministrBtion Reports.
Reports on the Administration of the Border of the North-West Frontier
Reports on the Admimstration of the Punjab and its Dependencies.
Summary of Events in North-West Frontier Tribal Territory, 1 January 1930 to
31 December 1930. Simla, 1 931.

Confidential Gazetteers and Who's who

(C onfidenti al), Central Asia_ Part I. A Contribution towards the Better

Knowledge of the Topogmp y, Ethnography, Statistics, & History of the

North-West Front1eruf Bnbsh fndia. Vol. 3. Compiled for Military and
PoiJtic l Reference by C.M. MacGregor. Calcutta: Office of the
S penntendent of Government Printing, 1873

ConfJdentJal. Gazetteer of the North-West Fron/i r: From aa1aur and the Indus

Koh!slan on /he North to the Man H!lls on the South. Vo\s. 1

& 4. Compiled
for Political and Military Reference 1n the Intelligence Branch of the Quarter
Master General's Department in India Completed and edited by A L'e
Holmes_ S1mla. Pnnted at the Government Central Branch Press 1867

Confidential,_ Who's Who of the Dir, Swat and Chi/ral Agency Corre/ed up to 1
July 1950. Peshawar. 1950

Census Reports

L 10-Appendix. Trans-Border Areas: Report and

Census of India, 1941. Vo

Tables. By l . D . Scott. Delhi: Manager of Publications, 1942

cens us of Pakistan, 1951.VoL 4 North-West Frontier Province. Reports &
Tables. Karachi: Manager of Publications, Government of Pakistan. n d
Population Census of Pakistan 1961: Census Report of Tribal Agencies. Part 1
& 3. General Oescnplions, Population Tables and Village Statistics

Karachi: Manager of Publications, Government of Pakistan, n d

' t Census Report Swat Karachi
Pap ulation Census of Pakistan 1972: Oistnc

Manager of Publications, Government of Pakistan, 1975.

Other Official and Semi Official Works

Hay, W_R. Notes by Captain


Hay, I.A., Assistant Commissioner, Mard.

on his visit to Mahaban, Nagrai and Cham/a in September 1929. n.p., n.G
__ Monograph on Swat State.

Simla: Governmental India Press, 1934

Monograph on Utman-Khel. Simla: Government of India Press, n.d

Keen, W_J_ The North-West Frontier Provmce and the War. Peshawar, 1928.
Khan, Gul WaiL Manual of Land Reforms. Peshawar: NWFP Land
Commission, 1 979
Khan, Khan Malik Allah Yar. Report on the Swat Valley Kohistan Forests
Peshawar North-West Frontier Province Govt. Printing and Stationary
Office, 1 9 26
McMahan, A.H., and A.D.G. Ramsay. Report on the Tribes of the Ma/akand
Political Agency (Exlusive of Chitral). Revised by R.


Kennion. Peshawar:

Government Press, North-West Frontier Province, 1916.

Mohammad Nazir and ShamsuJ Wahab under the guidance of Beat Stucki, Ali

Akbar K an, and Christoph Duerr. Working Plan for Ka/am Forests of
Upper Swat Forest Divrsion (1987-88 to 2001-02). Peshawar: NWFP Forest

Department; NWFP Forestry Pre-l<tvestment Centre; and Pak-Swiss Kalam

Integrated Development Project, n.d.
Plowden, T.J.C. Report on the Leading Persons and State of Factions 1n Swat
Simla_ Government of India Press, 1 932
Stein Aurel. An Archaeological/our in Upper Swat and Adjacent Hill Tracts

C lcutta: Government of India, Central Publication Branch, 1930.

Constitution of rhe Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Being a Commentary on the

Constitu/ion of PaKrst:Jn, 1973_ 2 vats. B y Justice Muhammed Munir. ed. by
Mlan Bashir Ahmad Lahore: P L.D. Publishers, 1 9 6.
Extract from Civil and Mity Gaz dated 6 March 1 898, The Rising in Swat
State [src].' Civrl & Mrli/ary Gazette. 1 898
Frontier and Overseas Expedrlions from lnd1a. Vol. 1 . Tnbes North of the
Kabul Rwer. 1910, reprint, Quetta: Nisa Traders. 1 979
Gaze/leer of/he Peshawar District 1897-98. Repnnt, Lahore: Sang-e-Meel



lndia. Provincial Series, North-West Frontier Province.

Reprint Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 1 991

List of Members of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. n.p., n.d

List of Members of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan (Showing Permanent
Addresses). n.p., 8 December, 1 955

Malakand 1958-68 A Decade of Progress. Foreword by Muhammad

Humayun Khan, Political Agent Malakand. n.p., n.d
Memorandum on Federated States of Pakrstan. By Abdul Hamid, Joint
Secretary, Constituent Ass embly of Pakistan. Karachi Printe by the
Manager. Govt. of Pakistan Press, n_d.

Military Report and Gazetteer on Buner and Adjacent Independent Temtory

General Staff India, 1 926. 2nd edn. Delhi: Government of-India Press,
Military Report and Gazetteer on Dir, Swat and Bajaur. Part II, Military Report

General Staff India, 1 928. 2nd edn. Calcutta: Government of India Press,
Military Report and Gazetteer of Indus Kohislan, Black Mountain and Adjacent

Territories. 1940, General Staff India_ 2nd edn_ S i

Press, 1941
Mutiny Reports from Punjab

& NWFP. Vol. 2.

mla : Government of India

1 9 1 1 ; reprint, Lahore: AI-Birun1,

Pakistan Information 1956-57_ Reference Series No. 2 . Karachi: Press

Information Department. Government of Pakistan, n.d.

Report of Dir-Swat Land Dispvtes Enquiry Commission. Part II. Swat. Vol. 2

Peshawar: Government of North-West Frontier Province, Home, Tribal

Affairs and Local Government Department, 1 973
Riwaj Nama-e-Swat. Compiled by Ghulam Habib Khan, Superintendent,

Deputy Commissioner Office. Swat. n .p., n.d.

(i)Supplementay Instrument of Accession. (ii) Agreement with the Wali of S.Na/
Regarding the Privy Purse, Private Property and Rights and Privileges. (iii)

Government of Swat (Interim Conslrlulion) Act, 1954. n.p., n_d

Supplementary Report of Dir-Swat Land Disputes Enquiry Commission.
(Swat). Vol. 3. Peshawar: Government of North-West Frontier

Home, Tribal Affairs and Local Government Department n.d.

Part II.


The All Pakistan Legal Decisions (PLD)

The lnd1an Independence Act, 1947 and Orders
lsssued thereunder. n.p., n . d .

'(ear Book of the North-West Frontier Provmce 1954.

Government, NWFP, Information Department. n d

Peshawar Secretary to


oa /sqat Murawija MutBiiq Fatwa. 11

June 1965 (The Fatwa bears names and

signatures of six Ulama from the Darul Ulum tslam1a, Sa1du Shan!, and of
tour Qazis of the Mehkama Qaza, Sa1du Sharif, and has been counter
s1gned by Huk.amran Riyasat-e-Swat)
Oa Qurbanai Masa1/, 30 May 1968 (S1gned by five Qazis of Mehkama Qaza
Sa1du Sharif and seven Ulama of Daru\ U\um lslamia, Sa1du Shan!. and
counter signed by His Highness Hukamran Swat)
Muls1m League, Central Board Po:icy and Programme n.p n d
& Rules of the Pakistan Muslim League Karachi: Qazi
Mohammad \sa, Honorary General Secretary, Pakistan Muslim League,
Con stitution & Rules of the Pakistan Muslim League Karachi: Mohammad
Yusuf Khaltak, General Secretary, Pakistan Muslim League, n.d
Manshoor. Swat Employees Association. District Swat.1974

Ali in dia

Con stitUtion

Resolutrons of the AI/ India Muslim League: From December 1938 to March

(Nawabzada) Uaqat Ali Khan, Honorary Secretary: All India Muslim

League. n.d
Nawabzada Liaqat
Ali Khan, Honorary Secretary, At\ India Muslim League, n_d

The Constitution and Rules of the All India Muslim League.

The Conslllulion and Rules of the All lndra Muslim League (as amended upto
the end of 1919).

Syed Zahur Ahmad. Honorary Secretary. 1920

The Constitution and Rules of the All-India Muslim League: Passed at the
session at Lucknow on the 18 October 1937
amended upto
The ConstitutJOn and Rules of the All-India Muslim League (as

n.p , n.d


n_p., n.d

(Provmcial Muslrm
The Constitution and Rules of the Frontier Muslim League
League NWFP)_

Muhammad Ismail Khan Ghaznavi: Honorary Secretary,

Books in English

Adamec, Ludwig w. Afghanistan, 1900-1923: A Diplomatic H1story. Berkeley

Umversity of California Press, 1967

Adamson. Hrlary, and !sobel Shaw. A Traveler's Gwde to Pakistan. Islamabad
The Asran Sludy Group, 1981
Afzal. M Rafrque, collector & ed. Speeches and Statements of Ouaid-i-MIIIat
1 67
Lfaqat Ali Khan {1941-51] Lahore Research Socrety of Pakrstan,
Ahmi!d, Khwajah Nrzamuddin. The Tabaqa/-1-Akban: (A History of lnd1a from

the Earty Musalman lnvas10ns to the Thlfty-E1ghth Year of the Rergn of

Akbar) Vol. 2. Translated and Annotated by Brajendranalh De : and

Revised, Edrted, and Completed with Preface and Index by Ba1nr Prashad
1st edn. 1936; Reproduced, Delhi: Low Price Publications, 1992.
Ahmad. Makhdum Tasadduq. Social Orgamzation of Yusufzai Swat: A Study
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Oe'lelopment in a Tnba! Society_ London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1 9 80


__. Religion and Politics in

Muslim Society: Order and Conflict in

Pakistan. Cambridge The Press Syndicate of the Uni ve rs ity of Cambridge,

1983; 1st Pakistani edn. Karachi Royal Book Company, 1987
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Prmled by New Fine Pnnters, n.d
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Study of the Selected Farms in Kurram, North Waziristan, Malakand, Kalam
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ise of CIVIlization in India and Pakistan

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liS Results or

Thirly-Five Years

tern Frontier [of India} London
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