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BC Ferries Medical Assured Loading Program- Referral

The following person is a patient of BC Cancer Agency and needs to travel to

Vancouver Island or Vancouver (CIRCLE ONE) for their cancer treatment:

Vehicle description:

Mailing address:


Phone #:

License plate #:

Terminal(s) of departure:
Stateroom requested:

Yes / No
Submitted by:

Expiry date:
(Maximum 1 year)

Patients who require assured loading will not receive priority boarding unless accompanied by a medical assured loading letter
and the provincial Travel Assistance Program paperwork (the pink form).

The letter is signed by BCF Manager of Customer Relations and the original letter is mailed to the familys address via Canada

The family must be at the terminal at least 30 minutes before sailing time to receive this loading privilege. The letters should be
presented at the ticket booth/or vessel Mate at time of travel and if applicable to the onboard chief steward if a stateroom has
been requested. The family retains the letter. The requestor is named in the letter and the letter will contain the listed
information above.

Social Workers, clinics or physicians offices will determine when these letters are required, and the letters can be for varying
durations, varying from one day, up to several months or a year (renewable). The Unit Social Worker, clinics or physicians
offices will advise when an extension past the original ending date is required, in order to generate a new letter.

Requests to be emailed, faxed or phoned in to:

Kim Cameron, BCF Customer Relations
Email: kim.cameron@bcferries.com
Fax: 250-381-5452
Telephone: 250-978-1108 or 1-888-223-3779, press 0 to speak with an agent and then ask for Kim
in Key Accounts (Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4pm).