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By Sophia Williams, GCU 114 Summer 2015



The current president of

Colombia is Juan Manuel

Colombia is a democracy. For over a century, the country has experienced

quiet, peaceful changes of government every four years as citizens are given
the freedom to elect government representatives. Colombia supports full
freedom of the press. On July 20, 1810, Colombia declared independence of
the Spanish government. In 1821 and 1830, uniformed constitutions were
created with the support of Simon Bolivar, the President of Colombia at the

Three Branches
There are 3 Branches to Colombias Democratic Government

He was elected
president on May 25,

Colombia celebrates their

Independence Day on
July 20.

Executive Branch
Consists of solely the President. He is elected to a renewable, four-year term.
He is both the chief of state and head of government, and is elected on a
national ticket with a Vice President.
Legislative Branch
There is a dual legislature consisting of a 102-member Senate and a 165member House of Representatives. Both chambers are directly elected to
four-year terms, just like the President.
Judiciary Branch
Colombias judicial system is made up of of the following organizations:
Supreme Court, Prosecutor General Office, Superior Council of the Judiciary,
Constitutional Court and Council for Administrative Law Jurisdiction. Unlike
the president, members of the Supreme Court are not elected every four years
and some may reside there until their death.

Democracy is like three oxen pulling a

plough. The oxen are the independent
powers, but you have to walk in the
same direction; otherwise, you cannot
plough and that is what was happening
in Colombia. One ox was walking in one
direction, the other in another direction,
so the democracy was not working. Juan Manuel Santos

The major polictical parties of Colombia are as listed below:

Alternative Democratic Pole or PDA

Conservative Party or PC
Green Party
Liberal Party or PL
National Integration Party or PIN
Radical Change or CR
Social National Unity Party or U Party


Age required to vote: 18

Age required to drink alchohal: 18
Age of consent: 14

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