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Responses to Questions (every two months):

I. Of what use is occult meditation and esoteric knowledge to you in the world
What will it enable you to do in the furthering of right human relations?
It helps me achieve Spiritual Liberation and feel the inflow of energy of the
Hierarchy and in terms of right human relations it will help me tolerate and develop
patience to stand the ones that are ignorant of what the real purpose of life is It
helps you feel possessed (?) by the occult Hierarchy or other positive, moderate
Spiritual Beings and become a channel of those Beings

II. What do you understand by the words: Spirit, Soul and Body? Or, as the occultist
calls them, the Monad, the Ego, and the Personality.
What is their relation to each other? Try to answer in your own words, according to
your present understanding (which will, of course, continue to expand). Please avoid
quoting excessively from the Tibetan's writings.
Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Christianity, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva in Hinduism
and the Unknowable God, the Demiurge Creator and Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the
World according to esoteric spirituality. They are three different divinities but One in

III. In treading the path of discipleship spiritual intention is linked with service.
Esoteric teachings stress this point - why?
Because if you work for God and the Hierarchy and become of service to Them then
you will be rewarded according to your deeds by Them and according to your
karma. Always do the will of God and you will be happy and prosperous in life