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As a Tenant what do I expect from the Council?

Expect a plot which is easily accessible

Clear charges and set dates for payments
Surround trees/hedges/fences/communal areas are well maintained
Site security e.g. gates padlocked, fences in good order
Access to water
Pest control
Clear line of communication site reps/council officers, how to contact
Somewhere to load/unload vehicles
Response and addressing of non-cultivated sites in a timely manner
Consistency when dealing with non-cultivated sites
Response to maintenance / vandalism in a timely manor
New water tanks placed nearer plots that are a long walk from them.
More water taps on larger allotments.
Water concern. We are full time working plot holders, the restriction on water
usage suggested will really impact on us as we wont be able to maintain our plot
around work hours.
Refusal to accept a plot, limit those who decline an offer to 2 refusals. Then they
forfeit their position on the waiting list.
Eviction for flagrant abuse of rules
Security. Have a look at the driveway of 22 William Road , gate has no lock and is
2 ft high
We always take our rubbish to the tip, we never have waste taken by council.
Collecting due payments from people who give notice, and no returning of key
deposit if rent is not up to date.
We have to cut our own hedges back, big problem on boundary with footpath.

Westrees, absolutely shocking, believe trees are on school land are supposed on
planning application to be trimmed to 6ft hedge.
Christchurch No access except on foot.
Henwood and William Road have foxes on site which dig everything up.
Joint Tenancy. Concession & non-concession nominated lead proposal supported.
Review annually.
Plot sizes Perch/m/yds ??
Mulching free at Westrees. Why not on all sites?
Can deliveries of wood chips/manure go to small sites as well sometimes? I have
no car so cannot collect chips from Westrees.
Will plots get measured so charges are accurate?
Need regular hedge/tree trimming at Orion Way.
Chipped bark at Westrees Not suitable for mulching only good for paths.

Could the working group look at ways of engaging children with allotments &
growing produce?

As a new tenant what do I expect from the Council?

All of the above and: Welcome Pack (please retain for future information)
Slightly different pack for tenants who have never had an allotment
Individual site guidance (all unique)
Water retention policies
Waste removal policies
Communication information Council contacts/Site representative
details/Allotment Society contacts
Clear guidance on use of the plot and procedures for invoking when in
breach, including things like bonfires
Frequently asked questions and answers

As a Council what do I expect from tenants?

Good attendance and cultivation of the plot
Notification if tenant in difficulty we may be able to provide help/support
Payment on time
Expect the tenant to cultivate a plot
Use water sensibly (water policy) e.g. hose pipes only used to fill
Adhere to allotment rules
Keep an eye on the notice boards for information
Requirement to read the welcome pack
Provide the Council with up to date contact details (for communication
purposes) e.g. phone number, address and email address
Report issues to the Council e.g. vandalism, issues on site
Tenant to adhere to terms and conditions of agreement
Observe the notice boards for information
Honesty in relation to who is paying / using the site and appropriate
Up-to-date contact information name/address/tele no/ email address

How can we save Water to achieve a 25% reduction in water

No hose pipes/sprinklers except to fill water containers on plots
Rain water harvesting (e.g. shed roofs)
Water butt/storage containers on plots
Grow less water needy plants
Water the plant not the weeds
Mulching (free at Westrees)
Better information on water usage
Good practice in the welcome pack with image illustrations
Get rid of taps and use ball valves it would be fair to all
Large industrial water containers which take a long time to fill up. They should
not be allowed.
Water the soil around the plant not the soil between. A good drink for the first
week then let nature do it.
What about people using hoses from their neighbours houses.
Consider rain water collection to feed commercial water dip tanks and encourage
rain water collection on plots.
Does anyone have a good way of collecting water off a Polytunnel?
Soil improvement, especially water retaining gel crystals which improve soil
Water concern. We are full time working plot holders, the restriction on water
usage suggested will really impact on us as we wont be able to maintain our plot
around work hours.
Kent has an average of 27 28 rain a year. What to the WG recommend? Prickly