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Application Email


Frederick Haggins

To: Vytautas Malesh

From: Frederick Haggins
Subject: Applying to ENG 3050
Dear Vytautas Malesh,

My name is Frederick Haggins Im a junior here at Wayne State University studying Computer
Science. After doing some research of my own and seeking counsel with IT professionals. I
have come to the conclusion that to have a successful career in the IT industry not only do I
need strong problem solving, reading comprehension and researching skills but I also need to
know how to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas in a manner where the message
I m conveying is not failing to reach its intended audience.
To ensure that does not occur I would greatly like to be accepted into your English 3050 course
this spring/summer. I find myself to be an individual that strives to give forth the best effort
possible. If I was to be accept into your course you will see that my aforementioned words ring
true. My goal is to improve the areas of weakness which are fragmented sentences and clear
concise communicating through writing. I would like to further excel my strengths in descriptive
To conclude, I ask that you please consider accepting me as one of your spring/summer ENG
3050 students. Im eager to learn and benefit from this course as it pertains to my career goals.
Best Regards,
Frederick Haggins