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Vytautas Malesh

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June 28, 2015

Progress Report
English 3050


Vytautas Malesh
Frederick Haggins
Progress Report on Research Paper

For my research project I have laid out interview questions to ask my fellow colleagues. I have
structure an email that is designed to go out to the engineering bulk mail account.
I have so far research three paper that are similar to my topic of research.
Results so far
I have had a sit down interview with two students so far in which I have receive some good
For my future plans I need to interview more students, hopefully I can have a interview with a
faculty member and someone who is a counselor.
Honestly, I feel I should be bringing a little more to table as far as my primary research. That is
why I want to talk to more students and faculty members to seek counsel for input and suggestions. I currently thinking about queuing some of my colleagues at work for additional feedback
as well.