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Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

Mrs. Plain Syllabus 2015-2016

My name is Mrs. Plain and I am your 7th grade science instructor. Below
you will be able to view my course outline, syllabus and expectations.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need to speak with
me for any reason. I am here to make sure you are successful in science
and my goal is to do what I can to accomplish this. I look forward to a
wonderful school year!

Mrs. Plain

Contact information
Email: plaina@colbert.k12.ok.us
Phone: 580-296-2590
Website: www.agscience.weebly.com

Course Description
The major topics that we will cover for 7th grade science include the following:

Measurement, classifications and experimental design including the use and

collection and communication of data
Scientific thinking and reasoning
Properties and physical changes in matter
Structure and function in living systems
Reproduction and heredity
Living organisms and their survival and behavior
Earth structures
Earth and Solar System

*If time permits, we may cover concepts concerning weather, climate, and the
*Topics and schedule of coursework is subject to change time permitting

The Learning Environment

My key focus in this class is to help you learn. You cannot learn when the
environment is not suitable to learning. I strive to maintain an environment
in the classroom that fosters learning. Anything that interrupts the learning
environment is not tolerated.

Grading/ Evaluation of Performance

Your grade for science will be determined by how well you do in each of the
following categories listed below. Tests will be worth at least two times
greater than quizzes, homework, and other classroom activities.

Exams, Quizzes, and Performance Assessments

These scores will be based off of specific material that we cover in class.

Notebook (Notes), Warm-ups, Daily Assignments, and Participation

Your science notebook(or binder) may be used for daily warm-ups, notes,
in class activities, worksheets, etc. Some daily work/ homework will be
collected as it is completed. You will be notified of the collection of this
work either verbally and/or in writing. When appropriate, you need to be a
participating member of the classroom. This will be reflected in your grade.
*you will need a binder or notebook and a folder for science in order to
keep your notes and homework organized

Each grading period you will complete activities, labs, and projects. Labs
will be collected and graded just like daily assignments. A project may
include a task such as writing a research paper, investigating a topic,
creating a model/simulation, or present a skit or demonstration. Project
guidelines will be given out before they are due. Most projects will also
include a rubric so you will know how you will be scored on your final

Classroom Policies/ Expectations

Late Work
Documents turned in late will be accepted for partial credit. Documents are
only current up to the quarter and will only be accepted before grades must
be submitted.
*This policy is subject to change and in the event that it does change you
will be notified

If you are tardy to my class more than once, the consequences start to add
up. Once the bell rings, I close the door to my room. If you are not in the
classroom, you will be counted tardy in the system. Also if you get to class
before the bell and ask to use the restroom or get a drink and do not return
back to class before the bell, I will count you tardy. Please make it to class
and take care of other duties before the bell.

Makeup Work/ Absences

If you are absent, YOU are responsible for completing work missed. Your
missing assignments will be in your hanging file with your name on it. I
have a website (www.agscience.weebly.com) where you can get notes and
assignments from the website-I post these daily. You will have as many
days as you are absent to make up work. Tests are announced well in
advance so you will have lots of time to study. If you miss a review day
before a test, you will still be expected to take the test on schedule. If you
are absent on test day, the test must be made up within a few days of your
absence. It is your responsibility to give me notice of absence and
schedule a time to make up the exam. Remember the absent policy is 5
days per semester.

Academic Dishonesty
I take integrity very seriously so I expect that all work students hand into
me is their own. There will be times when you will be allowed to work with
partners or groups on assignments or labs but I expect that you will turn in
work that is a reflection of your learning. If I see you copying answers or
using another students work as your own, I have the right to refuse to take
it and no credit will be awarded. Plain and simple, dont cheat.

You will be expected to bring a science notebook or binder and folder to
class. You will need to take notes some days and use paper for warm-ups
and other assignments daily. There may be days that I expect you to bring
other materials and this will be specified in advance. You will always need
your notebook or binder, something to write with, and paper to write on for
science at the very minimum each day. Depending on whether you need
your textbook or not will be mentioned beforehand. If you would like to
keep your notebook/binder in my room make sure to grab it and take it to
your assigned seat before the bell rings.

Assigned Seats
I do assign seats and change them quarterly or as needed. If you disrupt
the learning environment your seat is subject to change. When the bell
rings, you need to be in your assigned seat and working on the warm-up or
whatever the board asks you to do.

I expect you to come to class ready and prepared to learn. This means
that I expect you to bring all necessary items and that you have read the
warm-up or instructions on the board. You will always have something that
you need to do as soon as you step foot in my classroom. Your job is to
read the action that you must take (this will either be on the whiteboard or
the smartboard). When the bell rings, everyone should be working on their
assigned task at their assigned seat. As soon as you come to class,
make sure to read the board! I should not need to ask you to be quiet
when I give instructions. Coming prepared means having what you need
without going back to your locker or outside the classroom. When the bell
rings, I will not let you get something you forgot. You will have to problem
solve or take a tardy. Be sure to have what you need for class before the
bell rings.
*I do not allow backpacks in my room so be sure to have what you need
from your backpack before the bell rings or you might be counted tardy

Tutoring will only be offered before school. I am here by 7:30 every
morning and I am happy to help you. If you need me to meet earlier,
please come speak with me and I will make arrangements. I will only tutor
after school on an individual basis. If you need me to stay after school,
please come speak with me so we can arrange a time that works. I coach
academics and will frequently have games after school and may need to
leave so please keep that in mind.

I expect that each student will treat me, themselves, and others with
respect in my classroom. There is no tolerance for disrespect of any kind.
In addition, no hurtful comments should be spoken/written/communicated.
If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all. If disrespect
does happen, disciplinary actions will result. This includes lunch detention
or isd-depending on the severity of the situation. I will first give you a
warning. The second time I will issue a lunch detention and the third time
will be a detention or other disciplinary action.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devices of any kind should not be used in my classroom unless I
specifically say so. If I see you using an electronic device during a time
that is not specified for its use, I will ask for the item and take it to the office
where it can be picked up at the end of the day. Unless it is before school
or after lunch outside, your phone should be in your locker.

Additional Policies
You should sharpen pencils, staple papers and other class duties
before or after class at the student center. This can be distracting to
other students and take away from class time.
Use the bathroom/drink before class begins. I expect you to take
care of your bathroom needs before class so you dont miss any
important classroom instructions.
Make sure you are an active listener and participant when
appropriate. This will be reflected in your grade.
Learn to problem solve. Instead of interrupting class because you
have a non-urgent situation, try to solve the problem without
disrupting the learning environment.
When you ask permission to do something say May I or Can I
instead of I am. This is a respectful way to address this.
I have no tolerance for put downs or derogatory comments. I dont
want to hear inappropriate language of any kind or disciplinary
consequences will be made.
Take pride in your work. Please do not throw tests or quizzes away
as soon as they are handed back to you. Keep those in your
science/math folder or binder so you can use them to study or review.
My space should not be used for any reason. If the phone rings,
please do not answer it unless I ask you to.
After class, make sure to clean up any mess you have left.
Use your in class time effectively.

Students keep your syllabus in your folder or binder (or your file) and keep
it with you to reference for the school year (please do not throw away)

Parents/ Guardians: If you have read the syllabus entirely with your student
please sign below and date. This signifies you have read and understand
classroom policies/procedures.

Student name (printed) ______________________

Student signature______________________
Parent/Guardian name (printed) ______________________
Parent/Guardian signature_______________________

Please return this section by Monday August 17 th for credit. If it is turned in

early, students can receive extra credit.