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' Division

i his manual is intended as an informational guide in

servicing Crosman products. It is not instructional material
and we therefore assume no responsibility for those who use
same without proper factory training.

980 Turk Hill Road,
Fairport, New York
7E8 SM-760HD
General operating instructions for this model It is not always necessary to disassemble the
are contained in the Owner's Manual and should entire gun in repair work it is hoped that this sec-
be read thoroughly. The detailed drawings, repair tion will assist you in diagnosing the repair pro-
instructions and Disassembly/Assembly pro- blem and will speed up repair time.
cedures must be studied carefully before any
repair work is started. This will insure quicker and
more precise repair of gun.



1. Seal on Valve Stem 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y

Assembly 1322-011 is Procedures — Valve and Tube
distorted allowing too
PROBLEM I — Gun Will Not Fire little air pressure into
Group (X).
2. Check Seal on Valve Stem
Exhaust Hole. Assembly 1322-011 and replace
entire Assembly if necessary.
POSSIBLE CAUSES REPAIR PROCEDURES 2. Valve Leaks 1. See Problem I — Leaks — Trou-
ble Shooting Section.
1. Interlock 760-087 da- 1. See Disassembly/Assembly 3. Compressed or defec- 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
maged or not working Procedures Receiver Group (VI). tive Pump Cup 766-035. Procedures — Lever and Pump
properly. 2. Inspect Interlock 760-087 for Group (III).
wear or damage. 2. Inspect and replace Pump Cup
3. If necessary to replace, pry off 766-035 if necessary.
Interlock Retainer 760A090 and 4. Defective or missing 1. See Disassembly/Assembly
remove Interlock Spring 760A088 Gasket 130-036. Procedures — Valve and Tube
Interlock 760-087 and Interlock Group (X).
Bushing 760-089. 2. Replace Breech Gasket 130-036
2. Bolt Lever 760-091 is 1. If Bolt Lever 760-091 is open or if necessary.
open or not completely not completely closed it will inter- 5. C o n n e c t i n g Rod 1. One way to check for this
in closed position. fere with Interlock 760A087 and Assembly 1322-019 is cause is to pump gun two times
prevent gun from firing. too short and will not and fire. If gun does not expel
compress air in Valve pellet, then connecting Rod
Assembly. Assembly 1322-019 may need to
be replaced.
2. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
Procedures — Lever and Pump
Group (III).

PROBLEM II — Leaks PROBLEM IV — Gun Fails To

1. Defective Valve Stem 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y POSSIBLE CAUSES REPAIR PROCEDURES
Assembly 1322-011. Procedures — Valve and Tube
Group (X) 1. Gun has been over 1. If gun pumps very hard,
2. Valve Stem Assembly 1322-011, pumped. compression build-up will indicate
must be replaced if damaged or gun has been over-pumped, not
defective. allowing Hammer to exhaust any
2. D e f e c t i v e Check 1. If Lever kicks back when pump- air.
Valve 1400A029. ing gun, it will indicate that the 2. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
Check Valve 1400A029 is defec- Procedures — Valve and Tube
tive. Group (X).
2. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y NOTE: Place Valve Assembly
Procedures — Valve and Tube 760A101 on bench with Valve
Group (X). Stem Assembly 1322-011 facing
3. Replace Check Valve up and exhaust hole away from
1400A029. you. Then hit V a l v e Stem
Assembly 1322-011, thereby ex-
pelling the air.
2. D i s t o r t e d S e a l or 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
C o m p r e s s e d r i n g on Procedures — Valve and Tube PROBLEM VIII - BBs Fail To
Valve Stem Assembly Group (X).
1322-011. 2. Inspect Seal on Valve Stem
Drop Into Chambers
Assembly 1322-011 and replace if
NOTE: B e f o r e t u r n i n g V a l v e
1. M a g n e t on Bolt 1. See Bolt Lever Bolt Assem-
Assembly 769A101 apart follow
A s s e m b l y 760-098 is bly and Hammer Group (IX).
instructions as given in Repair
too long or loose. 2. Inspect Bolt Assembly 760-098
Procedures of Problem IV, -1.
and replace if necessary.
2. Foreign material or 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
Pellets in BB Cham- Procedures — Receiver Group
PROBLEM V — Lever Does Not ber or Magazine. (VI).
2. I n s p e c t Chamber and
Stay In Locked Position Magazine and clear areas.

1. Worn Detent Plug 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y

PROBLEM IX - BBs Roll Out Of
760-063. Procedures — Lever and Pump Magazine When Bolt Is Pulled Back;
Group (III).
2. Inspect Detent Plug 760-063
BBs Roll Back Into Reservoir
and replace if necessary.
3. To replace Detent Plug 760-063,
punch it out of Lever/Link 1. Magnet on B o l t 1. See Disassembly/Assembly
Assembly 760A043. A s s e m b l y 760-098 is Procedures — Bolt Assembly and
4. If new Detent Plug 760-063 is missing. Hammer Group (IX).
not available, compress 2 . R e p l a c e Bolt A s s e m b l y
Lever/Link Assembly 760A043 760-098 if magnet is missing.
opening with pliers so that inside 2. BB Retainer 760A021 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
of Lever/Link Assembly 760A043 is broken or worn. Procedures — BB Retainer Group
will be tightened against Detent (VII).
Plug 760-063. 2. Remove Right Hand Receiver
760-095 replace BB Retainer
Shoot Pellets or BBs PROBLEM X - BBs Roll Out Of
1. Barrel 760-093 is jam- 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y POSSIBLE CAUSES REPAIR PROCEDURES
med with BBs or Pellets. Procedures — Barrel Group (IV).
2. Inspect inside of Barrel 1. M a g n e t on B o l t 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
760-093 to make sure that outer A s s e m b l y 760-098 is Procedures — Bolt Lever, Bolt
shells of Pellet is not in Barrel and weak or missing. Assembly and Hammer Group (IX).
that no other obstructions are 2. Replace Bolt Assembly 760-098
visible. if magnet is weak or missing.
3. Inspect for jammed BBs. Over-
sized or reused BBs may be the
cause of jamming. PROBLEM X! — Pellets Move Info
NOTE: Customer should be advis-
ed that Crosman Super BBs
Barrel Chamber With Difficulty
should be the only ammunition us-
ed and that reused BBs may jam
gun. 1. D e f e c t i v e Barrel 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
Chamber. Procedures — Barrel Group (IV).
2. Inspect Chamber of Barrel
PROBLEM VII — Gun Fails To Cock 760-093 for burrs, deformities and
foreign matter.
1. Worn or d e f e c t i v e 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y 2. Burrs on Exhaust hole 1. See D i s a s s e m b l y / A s s e m b l y
Sear 760-084. Procedures — Trigger and Sear on B a r r e l S u p p o r t Procedures — Barrel Group (IV).
Group (VIII). 760-074. 2. Inspect Barrel Support 760-074
2. Inspect Sear 760-084 and and replace if necessary.
replace if necessary.
Disconnected or impro- 1. See Disassembly/Assembly
perly installed Trigger Procedures — Trigger and Sear
Spring 761A005. Group (VIII).
2. Inspect Trigger Spring 761A005
and r e p l a c e A s s e m b l y if
PROBLEM XII - - Gun Fails to Build B. ASSEMBLY
Up Compression 1. Close Lever Assembly 760A043 and slide
Forearm 760A010 over Lever Assembly
1. Pump Cup 766-035 is 1. Open Pump Lever and place NOTE: The two holes in Forearm 760A010
defective or needs lubri- a few drops of Pellgunoil on are not centered. The hole that measures
cation. Pump Cup 766-035 and Felt oil 1 5/8” from the end of forearm 760A010
retainer on Connecting Rod should go against Receiver. If Forearm
Assembly 1322-019. Test by
760A010 is put on the wrong way, it will hit
2. If the above does not work, it
Front Barrel Guide 760B008 when opened
will be necessary to replace to pump.
Pump Cup. 2. Place a 1/8” long nose punch in one hole
3. See Disassembly/Assembly and drive one Forearm Pin 760-106 into
Procedures - - Lever and Pump opposite hole.
Group (III). 3. Remove Punch and put Forearm Pin 760-
2. Pump Tube 760-094 is 1. See Disassembly/Assembly 106 into that hole.
scored. Procedures - - Lever and Pump
Group (X).
2. Inspect Pump Tube 760-094 III LEVER AND PUMP GROUP
by washing it out and holding it A. DISASSEMBLY
up to the light. Check inside of 1. Remove front Set Screw 760A027 from Barrel
Pump Tube for thin lines or 760-093 with a 3/32” Allen wrench.
score marks. 2. Open Lever/Link Assembly 760A043.
3. If lines and scores are located 3. Clamp Pump Tube 760-094 in vise so that about
in area of Pump piston, Pump 1½” of Pump Tube 760-094 is protruding from
Tube 760-094 must be replaced. vise.
4. Remove Pivot Pin Retainer 760-072 and punch
5. Slide forward the Front Barrel Guide 760B008.
Study the drawing carefully as you read disassembly and 6. Slide from Pump Tube 760-094 the Pump
assembly procedures and prior to disassembly of your first Assembly (includes Connecting Rod Assembly
gun. Assembly is in reverse of disassembly, but special 1322-019, Pump Cup 766-035. Plunger Guide
notations have been made throughout this section to assist Pin 101-033 and Lever/Link Assembly
in the assembly procedures. 760A043).
7. Remove Pump Guide Pin 101-033.
General Information 8. Pump Cup 766-035 is removed from Connecting
1. Instructions are defined in Assembly Groups such as the Rod Assembly 1322-019 by pulling it out.
Stock Assembly Group, Receiver Group, etc. NOTE: All parts should be inspected and
2. All air should be exhausted from gun before replaced if necessary. It is recommended that a
new Pump Cup 766-035 be used when
disassembling. reassembling.
3. Remove all Pellets and BBs from Barrel before 9. If Lever and Link Assembly 760A043 is broken,
disassembling. Refer to Owner’s Manual “To Unload a BB bent or badly worn the complete Lever and Link
or Pellet from the Barrel”. Assembly 760A043 will have to be replaced.
4. All lubrication should be with Crosman Pellgunoil, as NOTE: Special procedure for 760 models
regular gun oils containing detergents are harmful to seals. manufactured with Pivot Pin 130-030, Pin
Retainer 760-047 inside Pivot Pin 130-030 and
I STOCK GROUP Retainer Cap 760-048.
A. DISASSEMBLY a. Remove Retainer Cap 760-048, which are
1. Remove Stock Screw 760-070, Lock Washer peened to each end of Pivot Pin 130-030,
by pulling off with end nippers or by
760-054 Stock 760B049. grinding.
b. Put gun in Vise per instructions of #3 of this
II FOREARM GROUP Disassembly Section.
A. DISASSEMBLY c. Punch out Pivot Pin 130-030 by using 3/16”
NOTE: Only remove Forearm 760A010 if it is flat nose punch.
broken or damaged. d. When assembling this 760 model, replace
1. With 1/8” long nose punch, drive out the old Pivot Pin 760-071 and Pin Retainer
two(2) Forearm Pins 760-106 from Lever 760-072.
Assembly 760A043. B. ASSEMBLY
NOTE: Pins must be driven out left side of NOTE: Before assembly, inspect inside of Pump
Tube 760-094 for Burrs, especially around Pivot
Forearm 760A010. Pin Hole.
2. Remove Forearm 760A010.
1. Put together Connecting Rod Assembly tion and l i f t off Right Hand Receiver
1322-019 and Pump Cup 766-035. Assembly 760A102.
2. Place Pump Guide Pin 101-033 through 4. Inspect parts inside Right Hand Receiver
Connecting Rod Assembly 1322-019 and Assembly 760A102. If necessary pry off
Lever/Link Assembly 760A043. Interlock Retainer 760A090; and remove
3. With Pump Assembly parts together, slide Interlock Spring 760A088, Interlock
the unit into Pump Tube 760-094. 760-087 and Interlock Bushing 760-089.
4. Test for compression before continuing Replace worn parts.
assembly. Place 3/,6" punch through hole B. ASSEMBLY
in Pump Tube 760-094 and Pivot Pin 1. Replace Interlock Assembly into Right
760-071 hole on Lever. Remove Unit from Hand Receiver 760-095 in reverse order of
vise, pump gun and fire to check for disassembly.
proper operation. If operation is correct 2. NOTE: Before replacing Right Hand
continue to next step. Otherwise recheck Receiver Assembly 760A102, make sure
steps 1-3. that all parts located in Left Hand Recei-
5. With Lever open about 2", place Pump ver 760-096 are in proper position. Pull
Tube 760-094 back in vise. back Bolt Lever 760-091 and Bolt Assem-
6. Slide front Barrel Guide 760B008 back bly 760-098 so that Sear 760-084 latches
onto Pump Tube 760-094. on last click in cocked position. This will
7. Carefully drive Pivot Pin 760-071 through move Bolt Assembly 760-098 away from
Pump Tube 760-094 and Lever/Link Interlock 760-087.
Assembly 760A043 and replace Pivot Pin 3. Replace Right Hand Receiver Assembly
Retainer 760-072. 760A102.
8. Remove from Vise and replace Front Set NOTE: If difficulty is encountered in
Screw 760A027. assembling Right Hand Receiver 760A102,
check to see if Barrel Support 760-074 is
lined up with hole in Right Hand Receiver
760A102. It is helpful to put Lever Assem-
IV BARREL GROUP bly in open position and to make sure that
A. DISASSEMBLY Bolt Assembly is back completely.
NOTE: Barrel 760-093 can be removed with-
out disassembling Group I, II, and III. VII BB RETAINER GROUP
1. Remove two (2) Rear Sight Screws A. DISASSEMBLY
160-029, Rear Sight 160-020 and Elevator 1. NOTE: To repair this group, it is necessary
160-021. to remove Receiver Group VI.
2. Remove rear and front Set Screws Remove BB Retainer 760A021 (see
760A027. Receiver Group (VI).
3. Slide out Barrel 760-093 and unjam or NOTE: If BB Retainer 760A021 moves
replace if necessary. back and forth too freely, this will indicate
B. ASSEMBLY that detent button on BB Retainer
1. Replace Barrel 760-093. 760A021 is broken or worn and part must
NOTE: When replacing Barrel 760-093, be replaced.
be sure that detent spot in Barrel 760-093
is located properly over Set Screw holes
for proper alignment. VIII TRIGGER AND SEAR GROUP
2. Replace rear and front Set Screws A. DISASSEMBLY
760A027. NOTE: To repair this part of gun it is only
3. Replace Rear Sight 160-020, Elevator necessary to remove Receiver Group (VI) and
160-021 and Rear Sight Screws 160-029. BB Retainer Group VII.
NOTE: Rear Sight Assembly must be 1. Pry Trigger Spring 761A005 forward and
replaced before test firing. remove Safety 760-017 from Left Hand
Receiver 760-096.
V BB PORT COVER GROUP 2. Lift Trigger Spring 761A005 from Trigger
A. DISASSEMBLY Assembly 760A100 and unhook from Sear
1. Turn BB Port Cover 760-082 counterclock- 760-084.
wise and pry it out. 3. Pull out Trigger Pivot Pin 760-016 from
B. ASSEMBLY Sear 760-084 and remove Sear 760-084.
1. Place BB Port Cover 760-082 over hole and 4. Lift out Trigger Pivot Pin 760-016 from Left
press into place. Hand Receiver 760-096 and remove
Trigger Assembly 760A100.
VI RECEIVER GROUP 5. Remove Trigger Return Spring 760-104.
1. Remove Bolt Knob 760-050. 1. Replace Trigger Return Spring 760-104
2. Remove two (2) Receiver Screws 760-025 over rear Trigger boss with hooked end
and one (1) Receiver Screw 110-049. down and to rear of casting as shown in
3. Place Bolt Lever 760-091 in upright posi- E.V.P.
2. Place Trigger Pivot Pin 760-016 in rear 7. Assembly Trigger and Sear Group (VIII)
boss. and Receiver Group (VI) per Assembly
3. Slide Trigger Assembly 760A100 over Trig- instructions in those sections.
ger Pivot Pin 760-016 and hook Trigger
Return Spring 760-104 on top rear of Trig- VALVE AND TUBE GROUP
ger Assembly 760A100. A. DISASSEMBLY
NOTE: Test Trigger Assembly 760A100 NOTE: Groups III, VI, VIII and IX must be re-
for spring tension. moved to work on this unit.
4. Place Trigger Pivot Pin 760-016 in hole for- 1. Remove Breech Gasket 130-036 from ex-
ward of Trigger Assembly 760A100. haust hole in Pump Tube 760-094.
5. Place Sear 760-084 over Pivot Pin 760-016 2. With Vz" rod or dowel, gently push out
and make sure hole in Sear 760-084 is from rear of the pump Tube 760-094, Valve
located over Pivot Pin 760-016 on Trigger Assembly 760A101.
Assembly 760A100. 3. Disassemble Valve Assembly 760A101 as
6. Hook Trigger Spring 760A005 in small follows:
hole in Sear 760-084 and at same time CAUTION: Be sure all air is exhausted
slide Trigger Spring 761A005 over Pivot from Valve Assembly 760A101. Tap Valve
Pin 760-016. Allow Trigger Spring 761A005 Stem on bench to make sure all air is
to rest against casting and over Safety exhausted.
hole. a. Grip Valve Body 760-075 with a pair of
7. Slide Safety 760-017 in from left side of vise grips.
Left Hand Receiver 760-096, moving Trig- b. Apply a small amount of heat at center
ger Spring 761A005 forward so that it will of Valve Assembly 760A101 to loosen
hold the Safety 760-017 in place. Locktite.
c. With a pair of pliers loosen two parts,
760-075 and 130B005, of the Valve
Assembly 760A101 and separate.
d. R e m o v e V a l v e Stem A s s e m b l y
!X BOLT LEVER AND BOLT ASSEMBLY 1322-011, check Valve Spring 760-103,
AND HAMMER GROUP Valve Spacer 760-086 and Check
A. DISASSEMBLY Valve 1400A029.
NOTE: It is only necessary to remove e. Remove O Rings 130-034 and 130-035
Groups VI and VII to work on this group. from Check Valve Body 130B055.
1. Lift Barrel 760-093, Pump Tube 760-094, B. ASSEMBLY
Lever/Link Assembly 76A043, Bolt Assem- NOTE: Before reassembly, inspect all parts
bly 760-098 and Bolt Lever 760-091 as one for wear or damage. It is recommended that
unit from Left Hand Receiver 760-096. O Ring 130-034 and 130-035, Check Valve
2. Remove Bolt Assembly 760-098 and Bolt 1400A029 and Valve Stem Assembly
Lever 760-091 from Pump Tube 760-094. 1322-011 be replaced with new parts.
3. Slide from rear of Pump Tube 760-094, the 1. Place O Rings 130-034 and 130-035 on
Tube Plug 760-081, Hammer Spring Check Valve Body 130B005.
760-080 and Hammer Assembly 760B099. 2. Reassemble Valve Stem Assembly
4. NOTE: All parts should be inspected for 1322-011, Check Valve Spring 760-103,
damage, wear or any other defect and re- Valve Spacer 760-086 and Check
place if necessary. Valve 1400A029 into Valve Assembly
B. ASSEMBLY 760A101 as shown on E.V.P.
1. Slide Hammer Assembly 760B099, Ham- 3. Apply a small amount of Locktite to
mer Spring 760-080 and Tube Plug 760-081 thread on Check Valve Body 130B005 and
into rear of Pump Tube 760-094. turn two valve parts together and tighten
2. Properly line up Tube Plug 760-081 with with pliers.
Hole in Pump Tube 760-094. 4. Slide Valve Assembly 760A101 into Pump
3. Place Bolt Lever 760-091 in slot on top of Tube 760-094.
Bolt Assembly 760-098. NOTE: Be sure to line up exhaust hole in
4. Place Bolt Assembly 760-098 on top of Valve Assembly 760A101 with exhaust
Pump Tube 760-094 and over Hammer hole in Pump Tube 760-094.
cocking pin on Hammer Assembly 5. Replace Breech Gasket 130-036 in ex-
760B099. Cocking pin must be in slot of hause of Pump Tube 760-094.
Bolt Assembly 760-098 so that Hammer 6. Then put pump tube in vise upside down
Assembly 760B099 can cock properly. with about one inch of front end of the
5. As one unit, place Pump Tube 760-094 and tube protruding from vise jaws. Slide
Bolt Assembly 760-098 into Left Hand pump piston and lever assembly as one
Receiver 760-096 making sure locating unit into pump tube. Then place front bar-
hole in Pump Tube 760-094 is over boss on rel guide 760B008 in end of tube and
Left Hand Receiver 760-096. properly line up all holes and replace pivot
6. Pull Bolt Assembly 760-098 back slightly pin through tube, barrel guide and lever
to check for tension and proper location. pivot hole.
7. Slide Barrel 760-093 through Barrel Guide
8. Place Barrel Support 760-074 as shown on
E.V.P. on Barrel 760-093, making sure it is
properly located over detent spot on
Barrel. Replace Set Screw 760A027 and
9. Place Barrel Support 760-074 in exhaust
hole on top of Tube on Breech Gasket
130-036. Line up detent spot properly over
hole in Front Barrel Guide 760B008, replace
Set Screw 760A027 and tighten.
10. Assemble as instructed in Bolt Lever and
Bolt Assembly Group IX -B and then com-
plete the reassembly of all the above
Date of Manufacture 7*68102

Make sure to first check serial number

Dec. 1988 -4
Serial II Starts D8100000
on gun. this will be helpful in ordering
the correct parts.






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