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Hayward 1

Sebastian Hayward
ENC 1101
August 8, 2015


This may be a result of stress, or when youre feeling vindictive

Before you start, I must warn you, its addictive.
Its a great solution if youre feeling rather feeble
Its calming to the mind, some would call it peaceful.
This takes place in a large room full of voices
It takes a lot of concentration to shut out the noises.
Everyone has their niche, but this is where I roam
I live in a dorm, but this is what I call home.
I love it so much; I passed it on to my brother
The feeling it gives you is like no other.
It isnt for everyone, but I think I fit the part
It takes passion, hard work, and heart.
The sport is only half of it; the rest is whats on your plate
Lifting weights didnt become a hobby on accident; it was fate.

Hayward 2

The road narrows, as I get closer

My spirit exonerates willpower
My mind exemplifies concentration
And my stamina is thoroughly challenged.
I close my eyes
And shut out any outside clutter from my thoughts.
The only thing Im thinking about
Is moving faster,
Lasting longer,
And beating my last record.
I notice the scenery around me
Twister vineyards and wild animals
Blue skies assist me on my journey
Its freeing,
Its therapeutic,
And it keeps me sane.
Whether I have a bad day at school,
Get a lecture from my parents,
Or just want to relieve stress,
I can always count on running.

Hayward 3

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

I stand shoulder to shoulder
Next to my fellow classmates
As we wait for our name to be called.
Kickball is a favorite activity
To participate in during recess.
As children, our young minds are
Unable to process the reality of
Certain underlying principles.
I walk away from the chained fence
As I heard a team captain call my name.
As I walk to my assigned team,
I turn around and face the rest of my peers.
I remember feeling immense puzzlement.
The remainder of the standing classmates
Are predominantly dark-skinned.
I can remember this incident clearly to this day.
Is it fear?
Do my friends feel scared because
They fear difference?

Hayward 4

I am awed and intrigued

By the artwork of Krista Franklin.
How elegant and meaningful.
The artist exemplifies the seriousness
Of the agonizing
Pain and suffering that
People cover up.
They wear a mask
To shield true feeling and emotions
That they cover up because the
Truth is painful.
The mask lies
And it smiles.
It hides the true misery
And suffering.
It represents a specific group
In society.
The artwork hits hard
And it speaks
Pure honesty using dishonesty.

Hayward 5

I thoroughly enjoyed writing these poems because I dont normally use this kind of
writing. It was explorative, intriguing, and enjoyable. I enjoy rhyming and writing lines of rap
music so it was interesting how I could use that to write some of the poems. The process I
approached was very simple but it took a lot of revising to decide what I wanted to write about or
how I wanted to address what I wanted to write about. I can say that throughout the entire
process, there wasnt a dull moment. Each poem allowed me to evaluate certain aspects of my
life or certain memories in an artistic, yet informative manner. It took me on a journey of
introspection, which left me with pondering thoughts and ideas that havent crossed my mind
The first two poems allowed me to freestyle in my writing. I chose topics that Im
passionate about and take very seriously. Ive found that when you write about something youre
interested in, it kind of just flows. I couldnt stop typing, even when I was revising my lines, new
ideas popped in my head and I was able to formulate my thoughts using better word choice.
There was never a moment where I experienced writers block or couldnt think of something
new to discuss. It was free flowing and constant. For example, in my second poem I wrote about
the exhilarating feeling of running and personal fitness. Its something I take very seriously. I run
religiously so its not difficult to talk about it because Im an avid runner. I shut out outside
clutter and just imagined myself jogging. I wrote about what I consider to be a typical run and
the feelings and emotions that come with it. In my first poem, I talked about lifting weights and
working out. Just like my second poem, Im able to write without pause. Writing about activities
you enjoy or topics youre passionate about is nothing short of satisfying.

Hayward 6
In the other two poems, it was a little more self-analyzing. It pulled ideas from my head
that was a little more challenging than the first two. It required a lot of critical thinking and
reasoning. These were pleasing because I was able to create new ideas and expose myself to
different sides of myself. Studying the artwork of Krista Franklin opened my ideas to new
concepts and new methods of evaluation.
If I had to pick a paper that I enjoyed the most, itd have to be this one. The style of
writing was new and refreshing and offered a positive result. Im now motivated to use poetry in
future works of writing now that Im a little more accustomed to it.