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3 PSEco

1) The Greek physician __________ , insisted that mental disorders have natural
causes & required treatment like other diseases.
a. Hippocrates

b. Aristotle

c. Plato

2) During Middle Ages ____________ a condition in which people believed themselves

to be possessed in Europe.
a. calligraphy

b. Lycanthropy

c. philanthropy

3) The first mental hospital was established in ____________

a. India

b. China

c. Baghdad

4) The humanitarian treatment of patients began with the work of _____________

a. Wilhelm Wundt

b. Adolf Hitler

c Philippe Pinel.

5) _____________ an American physician used moral management to treat the

mentally disturbed.
a. Benjamin Franklin

b. Benjamin Rush

c. Benazir Bhutto

6) __________________ focused on physical well being of the hospitalized mental

a. Dorothea Dixs Mental Hygiene movement
apartheid movement

b. movement of 1794


7) _______________ (18561926) was a German psychiatrist who developed an early

synthesis and classification system of the hundreds of mental disorders.
a. Koehler

b. b f skinner

c. Emil Kraepelin

8) The first major step towards understanding psychological factors in mental

disorders was taken by _____________________ (1856-1939).
a. Ivan Pavlov

b. William duke

c. Sigmund Freud

9) Franz Anton Mesmer (17341815), an ____________ physician developed the ideas

about the influence of the planets on the human body.

a. American

b. German

c. Austrian

10) ________________ established the first psychological laboratory at the University

of Leipzig.
a. Wilhelm Wundt

b. sir mark cubbon

c. hector Munroe.

11) The origins of the behavioral view of abnormal behavior & its treatments are
tied to experimental works on the form of learning known as _______________
developed by Ivan Pavlov & Operant conditioning by Skinner.
a. operant conditioning

b. classical conditioning

c. stroop effect