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Creative Writing 2

Mrs. Jessica Skoglund

Olathe Northwest High School

__________ (Edmodo Student Code)
(913) 780-7150
Room 1311

I am excited to work with you throughout the year! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions,
comments, or concerns. Go Ravens!

Course Overview
Welcome to Creative Writing 2! This advanced course offers student writers the opportunity to create written
ideas in a number of different areas. Types of work created throughout the semester vary from poetry to short
stories and more. The most important skills you will learn in this course include the following:
Produce writing in the narrative genre using effective writing and creative techniques.
Read closely and analytically to analyze examples of narrative writing from both model and peer
Employ effective speaking and listening skills to give feedback on model and peer writings.
Engage in research/inquiry to investigate writing topics and to analyze, integrate, and present
information related to such topics.
Come to class with an open mind and a willingness to get creative with writing!

Be Responsible: Come to class prepared with your required materials and homework.
Be Respectful: Treat all people, things, and ideas with respect, even if you do not agree with them.
Be Reflective: Be an advocate for your own learning! Set goals, ask questions, participate in class, and
be proactive about your education. This will help me to serve you better as your teacher.

Having materials is an expectation for this course so that each class period progresses efficiently and
productively. Not having materials is not an excuse for lack of participation in class. The following materials are
needed on a daily basis:
Notebook paper
Binder (organized accordingly)
Other materials may be requested if needed.
In Creative Writing 2, the final assessment is a writing portfolio which showcases the students writings and
skills for the course of the semester. Thus, students must keep every piece of writing completed throughout
the semester. Failing to keep original writings (often with peer and teacher comments) may affect the end
assessment result.

Consistent attendance is a requirement of this course due to the importance of in-class activities. Because we
will be taking on challenging material, it is imperative that students be present for class. According to the Olathe
Northwest Handbook, students who are absent from 16 class periods due to unrelated school business (i.e.
excused or unexcused) may not receive credit for the course. Occasional absences due school-related activities
and/or sickness (excused absences) may occur. Please follow the following guidelines when absent:
It is your responsibility to get your assignments when you miss school.
Be sure to check Edmodo when you have been absent because most homework assignments will be
listed there. Alternatively, you may check the crates labeled Absentee Papers for any missed
worksheets. You should get your missed work before or immediately upon your return to class.
Finally, see me for additional instructions during seminar or before/after school.
If you are absent on the day something is due, it is due the first day you are back in class. Note that if
you are present on campus at all during the school day, your assignment is due even if you miss
Creative Writing 2. If you know you are going to be gone the day an assignment is due, particularly for
a school-related trip, you need to turn that assignment in before you leave or it will be considered late.
For assignments given on the day you were absent, the work will be due two school (not class) days
after you return. You have two school (not class) days to make up work for every excused absence
from this class.

Late Work
Work submitted when due is an expectation for this class. Much of the work for this course is due at the
beginning of a class period, and some work is due on www.turnitin.com. This course has been designed to build
upon itself, so it is important to the learning process that students complete work on time and in order. In the
event that an assignment is late, the following procedures will apply:
Every late assignment submitted for a grade (whether make-up work or a late assignment) MUST
include an Absent/Late Work Form, available on Edmodo or in the Absentee Papers crate.
Your assignment will be graded based on its quality, just like those not submitted late. However, for
those late assignments not due to absences/make-up work, there will be a task created in the gradebook
that will note the assignment was submitted late. These late assignments will factor in to the students
participation grades.
There will be some non-negotiable deadlines where late work will no longer be accepted (e.g. the end of
the quarter, larger projects / presentations where logistics are an issue, etc.). Mrs. Skoglund will
communicate these deadlines ahead of time.
Once per quarter, each student will receive a Thats Life! pass. This single pass can be used for any missing
assignment and will grant the student one additional class period to turn the assignment in for full credit. The
Thats Life! pass will not work for long term assignments, tests, or quizzes.

As students enter the twenty-first century, I truly believe and am committed to promoting the use of technology
within my classroom when possible. The following are technology-related procedures and expectations in
Creative Writing 2.
Technological Issues: In our high-tech environment, theres bound to be some problems with technology at
some point. Here are your responsibilities for these future troubles:
Communicate technology problems with Mrs. Skoglund ASAP.
Anticipate technology problems by planning enough time to troubleshoot/problem solve. Technology
issues are not an excuse for not having work completed or turned in.

Technological Communication: Online communication (email, discussion boards, etc.) should adhere to the
same expectations as written or verbal communication in the classroom.
BYOD: I am excited to implement the Olathe School Districts Bring Your Own Device policy for this school
year. With this policy, students may use personal electronic devices at my discretion. Students will only be
allowed to access appropriate content to maximize learning and to minimize distractions. Furthermore, per the
Olathe School District policy, students are responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to their devices while
in the classroom. The implementation of BYOD does not require any student to purchase or to obtain a device,
and an alternative way to complete a lesson without using a device will always be provided.
Internet-Based Technology: Students will be expected to routinely use the internet-based technology listed
Email (http://students.olatheschools.com or other personal email)
Edmodo (http://www.edmodo.com )
Turnitin.com (http://www.turnitin.com)
Backing Up Files: In addition, students should utilize multiple methods of backing up files and accessing them
in multiple locations:
Google Drive (associated with student email and other Google email accounts)
Flash/USB drive
CD/DVD storage

Academic Dishonesty
Plagiarism, the taking of anothers ideas or words and using them as your own, will not be tolerated in any
format. There are many forms of plagiarism ranging from cutting and pasting sources from a book/the Internet
to copying a classmate's work. Please note the difference between working collaboratively (resulting in
interaction and thinking) and copying (which replaces interaction and thinking). In this class, if a student
engages in academic dishonesty, the following consequences will go into effect:
The student will conference with Mrs. Skoglund.
Guardians will be contacted, either by the student during the conference or by Mrs. Skoglund.
In cases where it is apparent a student has copied all or part of an assignment from another student, from
a printed source, or from electronic media, the student will receive a severe academic consequence such
as a grade of zero and administration will be notified.
In cases of plagiarism multiple times, the student will receive a zero as well as be subject to
administrative disciplinary consequences.
Students involved in plagiarism may be removed from or disqualified for candidacy to National Honor
Society and/or other organizations.
If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism, please do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Skoglund.

Grading Scale
A+ 98-100
A 93-97
A- 89.5-92

B+ 87-89.49 C+77-79.49
B 83-86
C 73-76
B- 79.5-82 C- 69.5-72

D+ 67-69.49 F 59.49 or below

D 63-66
D- 59.5-62

Grading Method
Semester grades are the only grades included on students official transcripts. Semester grades are calculated
cumulatively, using three weighted categories:
1. Practice & Participation (30%)

Students must show that they are engaged learners through practice and participation in class. The expectations
for this category include academic behaviors such as:
contributing to class discussions, asking questions, and demonstrating engagement
completing all assignments to the best of ability
turning in work on time
At each grading period (mid-term, quarter, semester), the teacher will reflect on the students participation and
examine practice activities for an eventual score on a rubric. Students will be given an opportunity to reflect on
their participation score as well.
2. Performance (60%)
Performance scores will be assigned to individual standards on summative writing assessments.
3. Semester Final (10%)
The final will be a portfolio and presentation compiling the students works throughout the semester.

Coursework (subject to change)

Introductory/Review Activities
Genre Writing: Mystery
Genre Writing: Science Fiction
Genre Writing: Fantasy
Genre Writing: Romance
Advanced Poetry
Historical Fiction Research & Piece
Revisions for final portfolio

Major Assignments: (subject to change)

Short Story
Mystery Piece
Science Fiction Piece
Fantasy Piece
Romance Piece
Poem Collection
Historical Fiction Piece

Teacher Communication and Availability

Having proactive communication between the teacher, students, and guardians is a tenet of any strong
classroom. I will do my best to clearly communicate course and assignment expectations and directions, and I
expect communication from students in return.
I will respond to any form of communication within twenty-four hours. E-mail is the easiest way to get ahold of
me since ONW does not have direct phone lines to classrooms and since this is the venue I will check during
after-school hours or weekends. For extensive conferences or issues, a face-to-face appointment is typically
preferred and will result in better feedback. Below is a table of my general availability in my classroom (1311):

7:00-8:00 am




3:00-4:00 pm

3:00-4:00 pm

Not available
due to PLC
3:00-4:00 pm

7:00-8:00 am
3:00-4:00 pm



Creative Writing 2 Information Sheet

Please print neatly!
Student Name:
Guardian(s) First and Last Name(s):
Guardian E-mail Address:

Guardian Phone Number:

Please mark whether you would like an Edmodo parent code to view your students upcoming
due dates / assignments throughout the school year.
______ I would like an Edmodo parent code.
*Mrs. Skoglund will e-mail you a code within the next week.

______ I am not interested in an Edmodo parent code at this time.

*Feel free to contact Mrs. Skoglund in future if you would like this!

Acknowledgement of Creative Writing 2 Procedures & Expectations

We have read the above information and understand the procedures and expectations for this course.
Student Signature

Guardian Signature