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Independent Reading

Weekly Reading Logs

Students are required to read a minimum of one hour each week in
the 1st quarter, one and a half hours each week in the 2nd quarter and
two hours for the second semester. Students will have a log to keep
track of their minutes. There will be some built in time during the
school week for independent reading, but students might need to read
outside of school to complete these hours. Each amount of time needs
to have an adult signature teacher, parent, grandparent, etc. Reading
logs are due every Friday and are worth 10 points each. These add up
very quickly, so its important to turn them in complete and on time.



5 min
10 min
20 min
20 min
5 min


Total= 60 Minutes (1 Hours)

Independent Reading Points
We utilize the Accelerated Reading program in 6th grade. Accelerated
Reader allows students to take comprehension quizzes over books that
they have read. Each book is assigned a point value. Students take
quizzes to earn points towards their goal. Students must score above a
70% on these quizzes for them to accumulate points. While most books
do have a quiz, there are some that do not. We have alternative
assessments available for these situations.
Accelerated Reader is a part of the students grades each quarter. It is
the equivalent of one test grade or 100 points each quarter. Students
will take a diagnostic test each semester to determine what their point
goal should be. We have deadlines set at mid-quarter and at the end of
the quarter for students to achieve their goals so they do not
procrastinate and wait until the last week of the quarter.
Example: Susies 1st quarter goal: 20 points
Mid-quarter 1 deadline Friday, September 12
Susie needs half her goal or 10 points.

Grade in the grade book: 50/50 points.

End of 1st quarter deadline Friday, October 17
Susie needs an additional 10 points to make a total of 20.
Grade in the grade book: 50/50 points
*In the event Susie does not meet her mid-quarter or end of quarter
goal, her grade will be adjusted based on the number of points she
did earn.
Deadlines will be posted at school & online, recorded in planners, and are on
the back of this sheet so everyone is aware of them well in advance.
Part of the philosophy of this reading program is that students have the
possibility of earning incentives at the end of each quarter. The PTO does a
wonderful job of facilitating this.

Independent Reading Points Goal Dates:

Quarter 1 Mid Qtr Points Due

Thurs, Sept 17

1st Quarter - All Points Due

Friday, Oct 16

Quarter 2 Mid Qtr Points Due

Friday, Nov 13

2nd Quarter All Points Due

Thurs, Dec 17

Quarter 3 Mid Qtr Points Due

Friday, Feb 5

3rd Quarter All Points Due

Friday, Mar 11

Quarter 4 Mid Qtr Points Due

Friday, April 11

4th Quarter All Points Due

Friday, May 13

We have found the independent reading program to be a great success and

very beneficial in helping students to be better readers. If you should have
any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school by
phone at 402-238-3044 or by email at aford@bennps.org.
Thank you,
Ashley Ford

6th Grade Reading