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Financial Reporting Center Seat | *| = [Pracie Fusion Subjedger| Subledgers Account Monitor & Account Inspector * Account Monitor = Monitors key account balances — Used to proactively monitor your critical accounts * Account Inspector — Queries the same analytic cube with preaggregated balances at every level — Perform ad hoc balance queries and multi-dimensional analysis — Drag and drop page level and page row dimensions to further pivot to obtain different views Smart View Oracle Hyperion Smart View + Performs multi-dimensional pivot analysis + Integrates Oracle Fusion General Ledger with Microsoft Excel * Accommodates data from multiple data sources into the same worksheet + Performs live queries and the results can be refreshed without having to run a batch process * Provides pivots and drill down to the originating transaction directly from the spreadsheet Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence Oracle Fusion Transactional BI * Perform ad hoc analysis online and build custom reports and dashboards. = Ad hoc, real-time, self-service reporting = Predefined reports covering major Oracle Fusion applications Oracle Business Intelligence Overview = Oracle Business Intelligence is set of tools used across Oracle Fusion Applications = These tools provide a means for = Ad hoc reporting — OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) — Dashboards and scorecards — Proactive Intelligence and alerts — Integrations with other Oracle reporting and analytical tools Oracle Essbase Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications + Provides an environment for deploying prepackaged applications or developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications ~ For developing forward looking applications such as forecasting, scenario modeling, and “what-if type analysis ~ Interaction with an Oracle Essbase application enabled through tools such as Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office and Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition [== Plus, Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting, Oracle ze (ele Hyperion Web Analysis and Oracle Hyperion Financial [ Som Reporting — Oracle Fusion Transactional BI Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications + Accesses data directly from the transactional tables and therefore displays the changes in real-time ~ Can be displayed as charts, tables, fields, labels, icons, and inserted rows or columns + Oracle Fusion Transaction BI reports = Analysis ~ Dashboard Financial Reporting Workspace Oracle Enterprise Performance Mgt Workspace * Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Workspace, Fusion Edition is the Web user interface that is. jaa) used to access all Oracle Hyperion Fama content, including ~ Financial Reporting = Allocation Manager = Oracle BI Catalog