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Student Technology Contract

The use of computer and IPod technology at Depoali Middle School is a privilege with responsibility. Failure to
abide by the following guidelines may result in revoking the computer privilege, or further consequences.
Do not attempt to modify the appearance or operation of any computer or IPod, this includes but is not
limited to commands, copying or installing software, setting pass code locks or copying files of any type.
Every computer and IPod should remain in its original or teacher set configuration.
Tampering with or vandalizing hardware, software, or data will not be tolerated. It is each students
responsibility to check the computer or IPod before and after use and to report problems to the teacher
Students will return all equipment to its designated slot and connected to chargers.
Students may use personal headphones or use school headphones, when instructor of current class
approves use. Students will wipe school headphones with alcohol wipe prior to returning.
Students will only use applications, software and programs required to complete assignments/project and
only those that have been approved by the teacher of the current class. Failure to stay on task may result
in loss of technology privileges and/or further discipline actions.
Games that are not related to course curriculum are not allowed.
No food or drink is allowed near a computer or IPod.
A student will save files in his/her directory on the file server and a Flash drive.
A student may use only his/her own server directory and should never be in another
students directory or files. All student directories on servers will be erased at the end of the school year.
The student is responsible for his/her own password and should log in using only his/her own User ID
and password, which must be kept confidential at all times.
Students will follow proper login and shut down procedures.
Students must have their student ID card to checkout an IPod.
Students may not access their private E-mail accounts from any school computer or IPod with out
permission from the teacher of current class.
Students may not send messages over the network without permission from the teacher of current class
and only to a specified site.
Students may use the Internet only when authorized, and they must abide by the conditions of the WCSD
Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
A student using the Internet may visit only teacher-approved sites. Using cracks or hacks to get to
disallowed sites is a severe violation, and results in severe consequences.
No web sites, software, apps or media should be printed, shared, E-mailed or downloaded without teacher
approval. The Internet at Depaoli MS is for educational use only!
I understand that if I violate any of the rules stated above or perform any other disruptive technologyrelated actions I will be subject to loss of computer, IPod and/or Internet use, will receive a written
referral (minor or major) and maybe subject to further Administrative discipline actions.
I also understand that I will be financially responsible for the repair or replacement of stolen or abused
hardware, software, or materials.
Print Full Name Legibly_________________________________________ Date______________________
Signature_______________________________________________ Student ID#_____________________
Parent (print) ___________________________________________

Strength Tolerance Responsibility Integrity Knowledge Empathy

Depoali Middle School
Technology and Media Notice
Team Two 2015-2016
Dear Parent/Guardian:
The teachers on Team 2 are very excited to share that our core classes will make extensive use
of available technology in lessons, activities, and projects in their classes. We feel it is important
to expose your student to 21st century skills such as; collaboration, communication, problems
solving and critical thinking. All activities will be closely supervised by the assigning teacher. As
such, we would like to inform you that your child may be a participant in the following activities:
Use of Internet for research, sharing of ideas, projects, and writing assignments. This may
Include blogging or participation in online forums.
Online typed or video discussions with students.
Use of school-provided Google Apps email accounts linked to Google Documents and Google
Sites, student accounts for educational sites such as Edmodo, Glogster, One Drive and Weebly.
Inclusion of photographs or video images in class projects and/or on educational sites for
demonstration of technology integration in the classroom.
Posting of writing or projects for other students and educators (beyond Depoali MS) to see and
appreciate. These may include photographs of students.
Other reasonable sharing of information through technology for educational purposes.
Please note that class policy will dictate that no last names will be shared, nor any personal
Information such as phone numbers or addresses. Your child will be educated and coached
in responsible and safe use of technology. If you understand and agree to your childs
participation in such technology and internet-based activities, please check below. If you do not
agree to your childs participation, or wish to limit his/her participation, please sign below and
ask your son or daughter to return the form to his/her advisory teacher or Mrs. Weinhold.
If you have any concerns regarding this use of technology and/or your child's participation in
these activities, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Team 2
Contact person Leanne Weinhold
_____ My child may participate in this use of technology.
_____ I do NOT want my child to participate in this use of technology, or
______I want to limit his/her Participation. Please contact me for details.

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Student Name Printed Contact me via (phone or email)

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