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Chisti’s Aqeedah

Now let us find the real truth about KHWAJA and his AQEEDA.He had Aqidah of Wahdatul
Wujood. This will be proven by his sayings in his book ISRARE HAQEEQI. To make my search
more authentic to the rest of the World, I have also given the Scanned Pages of his
controversial writing which proves that his AQEEDA WAS NOT CORRECT.
However it should also be noted that the above writings in English Language has been
translated from the original Urdu Text so that many Muslims Brothers & Sisters who does not
have full command over the Urdu Language may also read it. I ask forgiveness if there has
been any mistake done in translating the Urdu Writing into English. MAY ALLAH GIVE


Pg 10
"man arafallahu la yakulullaahu wa mayy yakulullaahu ma arafallahu "

The person who gets the marifat(gains nearness) of allah he doesn't say “ allah allah” through his tongue.
Whoever says “allah allah” through his tongue has not yet reached the stage of marifah of Allah.


Pg 10-11

Hadrat Umar ra asks the Prophet saw what kind of strange Marifat is this O prophet
of allah saw that the worshipper doesnt take the name of his Lord
and doesnt even remember his lord?

the prophet saw then replies:

That Allah has said:

hua ma akum aynama Kuntum

wherever you are I am also there.

then the prophet says :” O umar ra
the person who remains with you always
why is the need for his rememberance?”

Pg 11
To this hadhrat umar ra again asks Then O Prophet
Of allah saw then where is Allah tala with us?

to this the prophet saw answered

O umar (ra) he is in our Hearts.

To this hadhrat umar again asks

O Prophet of Allah Where is the heart?

the prophet saw replied that its in kalbe insaani.

then comes the description of hearts:

Hearts are of TWo Types:

1.Dil-e - haqeeqi(the real heart)



Pg 12
The prophet saw says O umar (ra) that this Real heart
is not on the right nor on the left nor upwards nor downwards.
Neither Near nor far away.But the realisation of this Real Heart
is not a easy task.this realisation only comes to the chosen few
people of Allah and this heart is a part of the people who are always engrossed
in huzure ilahi.Since the Complete Momin in reality is the Arsh.

the Prophet saw has said :

Kalbal Momin min arshal allahu taala

Momin's heart is the Arsh (Throne) Of Allah .

Pg 14

“Laisal Mominoona yahjamatioona fil masajidi wa yakuloona La ilaha illallah”

Momin is not the one who assemble in mosques and say La ilaha illallah.
the Reciter of kalima like this is far way from the reality and is ignorant about the reality.

these people are not momins but munafiqs since they dont understand the real meaning
of La ilaha illallah.These people dont have an iota of understanding of what's the real
purpose of this kalima they say la ilaha illah but they don’t know what is Niyah(intention)
and whats ‘Hast’ .Saying kalima with this doubt is Shirk, :and Shirk and doubt are in reality- Kufr.

The reciters of kalima like this are in kufr since they don't understand what's being negated
in the kalima and whose acceptance is understood.

To this umar ra asks then what's real purpose of this kalima?

Then the prophet saw replied that the real purpose of this kalima
is the realisation that nothing other than Allah exists and Muhammad Saw
is a Reflection of Allah.So it becomes obligatory upon the seeker of Allah
that the thought of ghairullah doesnt come in his heart and He belives that
Allah is present everywhere.

Allah has said that:

Fa aynama tawallau afa samma wajhullahi


Pg 15
Wherever you see Allahs presence iis everywhere.
the prophet saw then says O Umar when a salik
takes all his virtues as nothing and understands that nothing else than Allah is present
then the Salik reaches the stage of Kamaal(excellence).
In this stage the state of the Salik is like as the prophet saw
describes " Man arafa rabbahu fakad kalla lisaanahu wa kutiar rajuluhu"
Meaning whoever recognises his Lord becomes Dumb and lame.
Meaning to say that the after the state of excelllence is reached
The person is in a state of dumbness.

Pg 17
Reality of Salah:

There is one type of salah of the fuqaha and zahids which is dry
and is only Limited to actions , recitations and through this salah
Allah's wisaal cant be had and thats why this salahs reach is limited upto
the malkoot nafsaani.
the Second salah is of the anbiya and awliya and khulafa's
Which is offered by the Heart


Pg 18
This salah's aim is allahs wasl(union with Allah) and its reach is Jazwate rahmani.

O umar (ra) namaz in reality, is this rahmani namaz and not the one
which the common folk offer without the involvement of the heart.
This namaz is nafsaani not rahmaani.

namaz zahidaa sajdah sujud ast

namaz ashiqaa tarqe wajood ast

the namaz of zahids is sajdah and sujood

but the namaz of aashiqs is that to destroy his being.
Meaning that he understands that other allah no one exists.
And the existence of ghairullah is to be thrown out from the heart.


Pg 22
O umar ra the beginning of roza is with the meeting with allah
and ending is also meeting with allah.
The rozedaar has two happiness one is when he breaks
his fast and the other is when he sees his lord.


Pg 23
O umar the fasting of the people is started with fast
and ends with iftaar, but in haqeeqi(real) fast ,first you have iftaar
then u have the fast.


Pg 28
O umar ra do belive that the khana kaaba is in reality heart of the human.
That's why the prophet has said :
kalbul insaani baitur rahman

The Heart of human is Allah's House.

then again the prophet saw said:

kalbul momineena arshal allahu taalaa

Momin's heart is the arsh of allah taala.

thus hajj should be done of the kaaba of the heart

Tawaf kaba dil kun agar dile daari

dile ast kaaba azam to gal che pandaari

if you keep a heart you perform tawaf of the heart .

Heart is the bigger kaaba why do you need a kaaba made of Clay.


Pg 29
Human heart is born with the Noore Wahdat
not by any mother or father


Pg 30
Therefore heart is greater than the kaabaa.

doing dildaari is like doing hajje akbar.

One heart is better than a 100 thousand Kaabaa's.

To this Umar ra asked O Prophet of Allah Saw

How do we perform the hajj of the heart?

The prophet saw replied that the human heart is like

a four cornered wall.

If you remove doubt from this heart of the ghairullah

then the view of allah can had from this heart.
And this is the purpose of Hajje kaaba

The heart is a very big kaaba you empty the idols.

this heart is sacred dont make it impure.


By becoming an Ashiq of the mahboobe haqeeqi(real beloved)

And whosoever becomes and Ashiq of Allah
then he becomes fana fillah and whoever becomes fana fillah
he becomes a reflection of Allah.

“Wa fi anfusiqum afala tubseeroon”

I am within you then why Cant you see me?

O Umar the place of living is called House


Pg 31

since allah is in the heart therefore the heart is Allah's House

and is Allah's Arsh /(throne)

then umar ra asked o prophet saw then who is the speaker and listner , knower and watcher
in this puppet of clay and How is he ?

the prophet replied:

He is the speaker , he is the listener and he is the Watcher.

umar ra asked the prophet saw tell me about your special


the prophet replied :

ana ahmadun bila meemun
I am Ahmad without the meem(M).

To this umar ra asked then who performs the hajj of the heart?

The prophet replied that allah himself.

Meaning that when worship removes the curtain .
there is no obstruction between allah and the worshipper
then the worshipper gets acquires with the virtues(sifaat) of
allah and allah becomes manifest in the worshipper.
and this manifestation is the hajj of heart by Allah.

To this umar ra asked again if everything is Allah

then who is the guide and who is being guided?


The prophet replied :

Allah himself is the guide and he is being guided.


Naudubillahi Min Zalik.

We Seek Refuge in Allah from such filth and utter nonsense.

This work is brought to the readers so that the shirkya belief of Khwaja
Moinuddin Chisti is exposed and brought into light.This was a character
who was Auliya of Shaitaan.He didn’t bring Islam to India.All he brought
was Kufr O Shirk.He was a Mushrik and Kafir.
And We Pray to Allah to Guide us first and you all to Siratal Mustaqeem.


-Batil Exposed
[Some Truths are Bitter]