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SPECIAL DIRECTIONS FOR VIBRATORY SCREENS WITH MATS PROVIDED FOR GROSS OR LONGITUDINAL TENSIOWING 1. General Remarks Feed the material evenly across the entire width of the Screen at the least possible height of drop. Assembly Tension the screen mat so tight that it rests firmly on the supports and does not lift off due to the vibrations of the Screen. (Avoid overtensioning). Carefully remove any material adhering to the contact surfaces before mounting a new screen mat. Cover the protruding supports with rubber or the like. Tensioning bolts or bars have to rest firmly and fully in the tensioning folds. In the case of longitudinal tensioning, install the wedges on the long sides of the Screen only after the mat is properly tensioned. Maintenance Retension a newly installed screen mat after 3 hours of operation and check correct seat. Retension again after another 10 hours of operation. Afterwards, check at 2 weeks’ intervals. If applicable, loosen the lateral wedges and tighten them again after tensioning. (If the mats are not properly serviced or not regularly checked, so-called flutter breaks might occur). Check wear of screen mats frequently. Repair smaller damaged areas at once, for instance by inserting new wires or attaching screen mat remnants. Never weld spring steel wires ! If only small areas are worn, turn screen mat or exchange individual sections. If the life of a mat is inadequate or the screening efficiency insufficient, consult IC.