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Come now Accused, through undersigned counsel and unto the

Honorable Court most respectfully say: -That
1. Accused submitted their Joint Counter Affidavit with the
assistance of the undersigned counsel, through registered
mail covered with registry receipt no. _______ for the abovementioned case before this Honorable Court on 20 August
2. However, the copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title and Tax
Declarations which supposedly to be annexed thereon was
inadvertently forgotten to be attached;
3. Attached hereto are the supposed annexes of said Joint
Counter Affidavit of the Accused marked as Annexes A, B,
B-1, B-2, and B-3 respectively;
4. It is respectfully manifested that the said supposed annexes
be admitted to form part of the said Joint Counter Affidavit;
5. Also, in paragraph ___in said Joint Counter Affidavit of the
Accused it was typographically written that the number of
the Transfer Certificate of Title is TCT no._______. However
the same is erroneous and what should have been written is
TCT No. ________ as appearing in the Annex A of the
supposed annexes;
6. Thus, it is further manifested that the TCT no. _______ in
paragraph ___ of said Joint Counter Affidavit be changed into
TCT no. ________.
Wherefore, in view of the foregoing, the undersigned humbly
pray that may this manifestation be given due course.
Other just and equitable relief available in the premises is
likewise prayed for.
Respectfully submitted this 24th day of August 2015 at
Pagadian City (for Labangan), Philippines