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197 YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME from South Pacific Words by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN Il Lento, molto calmo Music by RICHARD RODGERS Moderate e tranquillo CABLE: 1 touch your hand And myarms grow strong Like a pair of birds That burst with song. —_—__— s--> 5 pg REG ——_—— Copyright © 1949 by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein I. Copyit Renewed. \Wiamson Musi Co, owner publition and ale Fights or allcoutes ofthe Wester Hemisphere aad apan All hts Administered by Chappel & Co. ne international Copyright Secured ALL RIOHTS RESERVED Printed inthe USA Unauthorized copying aranBing sdaptng recording or public performance i an inrngement of copyright Thtingere reliable unde he law 198 —— And hold the Ad Young-er — tt PR molto tesgio My eyes look down At your love world. —_——_———. = than = star ~ light ri June _are the gen ~ tle La 199 Gay-er than laugh - ter Sweet- er than mu - sic ee _—_—— An-gel and lov _et,__heav = en andearth are ‘And when your a And