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Katerina Hope Hendershot

215.896.1945 khh2115@tc.columbia.edu 936 West End Avenue #B3 New York, NY 10025

Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY
Master of Arts in Elementary Inclusive Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities

May 2015

College of Arts & Science, New York University New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts with Honors Dual in Music and History; Minor in Education

May 2012

CAS Scholarship: 4 years, Certificate in Editing & Publishing,

Founders Day Award, Deans List, cum laude

CSE Intern, 6th-7th Grade 6:1:1, PS 4 Q at Skillman Queens, NY
Fall 2014
Worked with 6 students labeled as having autism
Differentiated instruction to individual student needs
Learned various modes of communication without using oral language
Planned lessons around student strengths and interests
Collaborated with other professionals including teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff
Helped facilitate students social/emotional growth
Designed and enacted a music mentorship program
Gained familiarity with Equal, Attainment, Unique curriculums
Student Teacher, 2nd Grade ICT, PS 333 New York, NY
Taught lessons using multiple co-teaching structures in class of 28 students
Differentiated instruction to individual student needs
Aligned lessons to Common Core State Standards
Planned and facilitated an entire unit of study in Social Studies and Mathematics
Worked closely with individuals and small groups
Gained familiarity with Investigations and TCRWP curriculums

Spring 2014

Student Teacher, 3rd Grade, PS 199 New York, NY

Planned and taught lessons in all subject areas to class of 26 students
Worked closely with student IEPs
Used informal and formal assessment strategies
Managed classroom using positive reinforcement
Incorporated auditory, visual, and kinesthetic models
Used SMART board daily
Gained familiarity with Everyday Mathematics and TCRWP curriculums

Fall 2013

America Reads & Counts Tutor, 4th & 5th Grade, PS 111 New York, NY
Taught and supported lessons in all subject areas to classes of 30+ students
Designed lessons for ELL students
Aligned lessons to local and state standards
Gained familiarity with Everyday Mathematics and TERC math curriculums


ESL Tutor, A Place For Kids at PS 2 New York, NY

Tutored over 40 elementary grade students in reading, speaking, and writing the English language
Intern, PS 3 New York, NY
Tutored 25 2nd and 3rd grade students individually and in small groups in all subjects
Facilitated 1 on 1 reading conferences and running records



Fencing, Writing and recording music, Playing guitar, Minecraft, Running, Swimming, Photography, Adobe
Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio, All Microsoft Office, HTML, Proficient in Italian and German