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Over the Course of the eight semesters that Ive been in the CGP Game Development degree, Ive

e strived
to improve myself as a person and as a student. Through the varies courses I have taken and completed in these
attempts to improve myself, I have learned much from this degree.

One of the first courses I had taken was ENG 100, where I learned about the many difference categories
that an essay can fall under and how I can use that to improve my audiences understanding of my topic. One of the
earliest essays I wrote was an informative essay about an event in my life that help define me as a person; the essay
was titled Birth of Darkness. After, writing a few other essays that semester I realized that I prefer informative essay
out of all the type. I feel comfortable writing them and I feel that that one was the best of the essays I wrote that

Later on a few semesters later, I was in ENG 110. It was on that class that I wrote several argumentative
essays, which I struggled to do my best to make my points clear and easy to understand. It was in this that Violence
in media isn't the cause and The negative effects of technology on learning was written. These where probably the
most well written arguments I had written during the class.

During my time in Computer Programming class, I learned about organizing my ideas and keeping track of
what portions of my projects have been completed. Creating a backlog was a very important task for when working
on a computer programming projects and it help me understand how important it is to keep track of the work Ive
already completed. I at first started working on an idea for an RPG (role playing game) called Faladors Crisis,
however after working on the Design document for it, I realized it would be too much of a under taking for me by
myself. It was then that I came up with the idea for a 2d side scroller action game which I titled M.B.S., which I had
a lot of fun making sprites and scripting for. It was also a relative easy time for me to create a design document for
M.B.s and to keep up my backlog for it.

It was quite fun at times, when I was working on some of these classes like in public speaking or computer
programming and I learned much that helped improved me.. Even it was that easy sometimes, debugging code
can be such a pain sometimes. However, my abilities as a person and as a student did improve much and I hope to
continue to improve myself in the future.