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Charles Finney Experiencing The Presence Of God

Spiritual Growth
Does your heart long to live in Gods presence? Do you struggle to maintain a daily relationship with Him?
Learn to continually be found in the very presence of God as Charles Finney reveals how you can receive power
from on high, rest in true obedience, overcome sin, live in the freedom of faith and know Gods will for your life.
Strength to overcome the things of this world can be yours as you daily experience the presence of God.
Contents include:

Power from on High

The Secret of Faith
How to Experience Revival
Living for God
Born in Connecticut in 1792, Charles Finney was nearly thirty years of age before
he turned from his scepticism regarding Christianity and wholeheartedly embraced
the Bible as the true Word of God. He gave up his law profession in order to spread
the Gospel and soon became the most noteworthy revivalist of the nineteenth
century Second Great Awakening.

In 1835, upon the request of Arthur Tappan, Finney established the theology
department at Oberlin Collegiate Institute (today known as Oberlin College). He
served there as a professor of theology as well as pastor of Oberlins First Congregational Church until a
few years before his death. In August 1875, Finney died in Oberlin following a heart ailment.
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Experiencing The Presence Of God

Charles Finney