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First Certificate Language Practice —_—_—— Michael Vince English Grammar and Vocabulary 4th Edition ST oo with CD-ROM es ES —ssSOEsOeUdwsititwsiiC(N _ First Certificate Language Practice Michael Vince English Grammar and Vocabulary 4th Edition Sepia oe we smysm oath som 9397 3783 why lpenrod toga 3 ‘ert rnc on tan ah ‘duc eluent oy ‘try rnd ti pin ‘Shey teeter pec ‘eyo Dept rin oe conte Sere nee ard iat se 7k MLD "acute yan ‘Mammut Abo ec ono Pl ad ainsi ors Contents tale pt comin pape alg wl parece Preset pc Pre: rl mple aed comin pst sine gig re coc ae fc fe en se prove cota pre ee se snl pst tina: Indra ‘With wit ee chy tins cand at eqs pein wei pps et iy sts it conto wih anes. (roel ssoge the tere st ‘Talay sts ec conn with ‘aa ery st stason (hd contona) wh ter fotos ‘abe abou poe dps soa he are {ihc wie a oad we th Fon {tie i ato spe gn ape ‘Taner nine we eon inate ini, by agen ering hae de ‘ae dng sn prep ahr pene ‘ijt and jet cde combine eee dig ‘tno dings mig he ae pom ‘ith wh at ho he Pepostion veneration ed pl pus ae. repaton| ‘tt me pert ah mrt oe ord eration per ‘CONTENTS pe haa a pn dri a or lh hn math for nn cao Cnr hgh sgh ne sag le he, wc eres apt eo Pre ine aoa Be oe Forres hed od, st pres Ft tin pooh cen fone, Inthe dy a ht ef a fernando pee Modal rs pnt and te » Ata erm ad acer at ch my igh el, Sto er 0 tn mat em mu dn hae od, aha a Maal et et = ‘yd alo Cerny a ney at ha ham has, mv ewe a ‘tte: sth eit ae a ae, ‘Sud ed Inde pec ma eal ‘king eo nga sigs gig ‘engine cman nding cone sng ‘ing ecns pecing gts ig, ‘risa, yore doh aiog, ‘ating a eng leg antag, “sents do meting ‘Things oon pal canto pec met ‘thing od gegen pn pong Cn ng oe ‘eis, ign ig pine toes mig remain. ecreringreg ‘Sst: making ond epodg ees, sing ‘hale ‘CONTENTS, ‘Fp numa une ecstatic tr hog ening ral ou ony es nde re dete ate Oa re (oan) ‘Ara on eck ees eater us Frming cae ec ear oaths ‘pat compare of ert mang opr ‘Stn no ur mt erg ty (dena sales es wih paris vets thors ‘teins pte ane sau ve th Dospan nse Verto tg orev “ ‘Vatu yng ous ve iloned by go ou aha ne es ond ng oe ‘os flowy thei, vee lw yeni, rele ef ilo ip enti toto ee Adecte reoetion| we Ineron ser negate eb neon baie setae qn ap ear he ace ee aca of a omg “Tatoo aug deg ging ag ‘tegen sbi ng co smmarng ener anaes ne mens, ein er ‘arovhsmiing n ons nw ators promo ‘er wher eee hee nye howe ‘efese pase paneer puro be ny Speting and pronncnon wm amex pling pies pling pronunciion Ywobuiry ean veo weary Weatairy Vea Van Vecsey veeahany wat ken roe Sportondire food restr nang Shops and shonin ‘opt anor Techn namic eh and he by Feds andopitine ction entering SERRE Introduction “hse ese al ome pram pa ell of Came BOL Fee Coat or Comme tre Famova ve 2 abo poe race hey ee ao ‘renee cna ne whee rms tng Cnn ed he it Corea erntin ‘embetter pce ook or ‘appetite repens mn ico oda stern ne alo periph The anata emo ‘hd san eed rence he add or wed gh Tana ‘hepa tina copaion and cnc cheng ‘citi sree poco tn Tack esc en es 0 ph eb repos 1 — = Past time Describing events ia th “he pula ds ied acne in he a ‘oe et nt i and bg ier bakgroand Scion he sco die act progetto ‘nai tt te cere en “Tener lif pple win he tat Se ee ping he, tnd ors oe ig pad, Sa esi he a steven ec tp ret rth a et ‘thc rt rl Shame pu i fat Be free rat arn, Suan mma phe a he fot of er i weaSs=<——_<$ i. - = ‘5ST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE = ra etinnoe wed th ps tng oes Fe cots ft os hese an then he ps ret spied tons tht | age San oa ie a dd si te i erm pe : we, Ua atoning ah on eet hh erp Sane eon jn ar abet ade 9 Tt Ges weld eee fr tan whe They Tee Soi tng “js on San a fo ds Habits inthe past = Patstmple Cet chek dcibe pa bettas Ac een may on Teepe dk) tind) + bt rt ec ce ut abs ors Aine prem c Tai epson aves [deo ne (oma shoe on) nope gus lw be Tac be ec gyn ong to seg ‘oun ht pr tt rc Wie doit sph post ee Tre ectetsiemgecd sao ns fii oe ig supe reac arene ns thr some ack woul arom ah peo fall se moc ew odes pened acon ne ps en jog Aen soe ee "tho ern war ao ting nol Potteness and uncertainty ethan cata wi hp wom ea pale or ocean ein Tr ing of erm tt wee oe hoger nal oh ot women et ‘GRAMMAR’ PAST TIME Cia her ron ne pb) anon Ppa ibd oe bi ar PM Kofacprin tech orne ow esi be (= p Thon ie eaghe) =the) =e thao heli emery) bi et) on Ms gonine ewer ent than eo da, Whe Gen othe bh) vet he pr) cast heed ch 2) be tettnia atthe enn dates Gini whee inh acco wae ‘Spt hn we ata aay) ate) impr oa 4 Awersiming Hooume ——ewtuneh ing 2 Aig Brodie Comping Dp { Aeubmogis Since hate Dewan 5 Apel ipaded Dy 1 ertang Sram ring 5 Sina Ceoulsimae Desa aig Noetne Chaitowtn Deon ee ‘icine Chbmning Dynes ae Crating Dre ‘Sing athe Somethin ‘img Stmcienoe Cao Dung ‘acl! Seine eRecsin Brave ‘Niet Bulking Coking Dhaene Crating Dold ik Crlening Boonie {ST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE ‘GRAMMAR 1 PAST TIME 2 Undfine he mos sia farmin a sentence. The atone sone 1 Whe heath meme ah onthe dor waste forme 1 tre eenr fg nga e. 2 Say tos nig mb 4 nc nr ager ert ein pope ee 3 Mery eter tt aly wht eng SSIES scan tstmmenic easing < meaemreatecoe + Myer {Ming etc thie af 5 tine hd obi we! pe (1d youd bogs a | Roya aoe enw hae 3 Mheyelwatehe be ci pels po ——— oo ayer een nr axa end a 2 Tengah settee elope ¢ Sinha pa 2b RRS beg ed +10 Laure missed the paty because no-one as lig / hl tober abot it SERCO EE ata aaa ‘Spremuewntecaoee 45 Facade bate pt vat om. 2 ranches nrc nt sa pte fam seep Ne urea earl ied he aude indore Tan pgp eso ei ge Te adi hed eee a eine 2 Ropelgaacaca macnn bese Sera restr te Gono rayne of 6 net em 2s MioQarcay eA vgn eto) Aon. ay So de arctan tr oie aca onan i ee tea ah el nara Sie cp dere at Soca teeta Onno tatty wrnsanicoarSae — (ewan penn 6 Sorry I (iste) monn . an nih og age aed). we Sete = Frintalll fae ipa homey emapomiceaie fay Netti Cin ee er rp Bp ta BED es le nein ean ape ce ene q rege ae eet ee: ee ee eee ae ta cmt — ee os (nt ost Ny ring rs dt ret FW (rate afel (8- 4) nen elf ree ly Air ee 2 one int es {ST CERTFICATELANGUAGE PRACTICE {6 Route each seta begoring as show se aprile ase, 1 nvm ee ep ten een the rng ‘Meringue mena a Sidschoe et nah ced athe ha bere Se 4 Mesa crow hated he wing mio war, 4 jhe hos batt be ade on he Monnaie tte dal i {6 Alan wang Ser ad mei pee wa 1s Sic aah sng it she wed a na er ee Keypoints® Tee amples compe wen ine pst ch the ince Insta hc al dete isan np 2 Topcon oe “badges ron ‘ates popes sen titan et, ‘Tepetcomnas ated dee pu ete sas 1 Pepe cin dese ring ein "These eat cesta “4 Thee eben etch ok ef ter cette fre hep pret eso ‘eprint icp hong ee nthe = 5 Udtsc feta te anda no poent rm Fee Seacrest pst syn eng OMSL caren contmt th he pratt Campi “im ad sna ate cfr irc Jim wed i os hat ow pei ‘lta tid dene te “amare dnc Cretan cael Mates rtd os Present perfect = Peet prc single “Tepe ee sl dese et a elt apn bg ein ‘Ty eaagynd ihe ps at ere ak a the ps ‘ebrken yr oven Nodete tie ges rb ett empire et ea ‘ejay ecm rb oa tae a ped hae fn ion mney Indefinite events 1 Present pres spe ‘Node tne fh ees They aa se ofan ou Mp to ger fd ew we en es lo Thrift te heaton prs Campane wp ge "re rid inp ob et Tata pec rant Std peti natin ne or ont eat iene Tsim eyo ean ‘Extended or repeated events Meo pre ge dorbte wk tp be poe ‘ethene foe yore ‘The sets on ere acon ns pel te pte th ay ft ny ihe ody compad oe 1 Peet pest contin ‘Tepe pet nnn ah diese ih athe pt Tre ben ing i wf os ‘GRAMMAR 2 PRESENT PERFECT ns CaRTICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE “ete teeing tense adr a i eee + ceo betennce Bed en rin she? 1 oy pet pet ti "heh agro Fee aoe con te ee present perfec simple or continuous? D Deipwenhemac 4) Wharhne youn ag? 1 Here cnpye he ouch? 5 Wath yoedoet mld acon : ere Se (2 nf ae ch wee ese piglet Ace writer par hoe som mnt hn cn tcp x at Steen ling fh at ee Hews ne 4) Hovnghne yen en? ean fing ey Scooter: Tha wy Fm ry 1b) Hes been marred six tines. 1b) How long are you bere fart rset tr atan a roget Tite re tin ne eo rede yt tia esa wen ea roe ae mnt og do i wea ome i 1 eee tg fran 1) Wh Wendy 9 5 ne ran ow 3 hc Wes ecat 2 Unde the mot state ob for inch tens 1 Di yous / Mae gsc tg ayo 2 Varig wha rt ae a 0 YE 3th mine oi ring Cy aed hr ed hse ing silpgnstont 4 ncn gre Oyo gre en ye wn you havea 5 Serco postop agate nee ote tye ep kth unde nt nc ime IRE ST CERTIMCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE ‘GRAMMAR 2 PRESENT PERFECT | putcch verb nacht stale eb fom. rae nye bo Me caemngear Gar ithen——nn—eesid | toe Pr ama ‘home [Tite iat nnn BE 2 Notable) rane aoa Re (6 Hon bre dn od Rab bn wail Pe eee i a pi we ann cd il nner i a fa + Ju tugiin eat ssa wing em ess (TR agate orb rk Ah sree me er Hil pice OT ono re tr Wht cath 6) mn 1 Heeler ceo. Fr ef al ne angele in nor pe sige ne we we ‘hednagers ne wich) Fits oon een ‘Toni br ind somangi ot 45 his toth 8) mmm “erly So a) . agp wh ede oe Hey sey 4 Taigpapee taper een eT Tomine iene ol 19 They ee pect we la net “ete he mor table tie exresion Te thmest sce Gor erent: How he 4 Wetzel et sal mc 3 Teen Dede wre {Maroney dn tai ey Mey eentan otoe abead? [TSUN ante lt oe Sie va hit, ery yg enacts Dd oar ei STENT e ebro when we wet eon 1 Tehri campy h canna (4 ra estes 07. ao tin al sci of et Semen nde E ane get as nr sed Las ‘5 complete the sco sete otht tha sna earing the i tn et on 50092019306 came ew gen ono change word ge. YH ME ee) penn x heap bal al ney SETS ena ve wont inducing he worden "ls 1 se saree te valine mh ening fc poet dye he med i ei enantiomer thet sco) i ewe puto tha be 4 Titainbem aetna ro ithe ue ates eerie oa Ft Hiei ca Mary bp od no eons ‘one. ~ ~ 4 Thelin Nanya ere in 1986 my oynennnerens ae Rs CERTIPCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 7 poten bin rackets nto i the present pret sel othe pee GRAMMAR? PRESENT PERFECT Key points Fyn tbe mem emp le dc as in hr he 12 What (yn bp) you sinter fore bethy rem ees rile AB EL 2 a Oi ri ‘cm penton 2 nent anne tac E fetal ani: eta whee deepen og ep tl | onmeetea eem ela owe ‘ue teat yeni) ‘hy ha ape id no del ee at c) 9 Teen pol cde ee i en igen Me at ‘tescsn ntl ore athe Camp 10 Gated ain (toyota on ey ad | chow the best ane fore pe eres bek. (Complement empha) Tetum akg fot. (een al empl ay at ‘es tea a Say a esa) hata as eat sli a oa oe) ‘Tr pete ction ae ep hgh ti of te sates dentine ten eae woah ond oad ht yer we of ok He) me at ec es em 4 Foret inion ptf ie Tinto hes 1s on ng afore “Sour ot heh aad ea omen. ise tin se tc gprs oem tal ee ‘Harada kage a desu or mayen 3 ME Sere Ta geen he yu 1) Be HOS Seaton ‘atu Sores 3 Future time Preeton va Yn wank pein, i fen ec ky pink at saree ee ioe fete ee Ft in oer Po ie inaper sconce © Reimar ted ofan eso otis Fa st pcs ees en emit se Te hs cong ig ta a ra roe thave aby When et tig mena eps oN ert are gong wh. ee roe prc cnn aon cane at =e a aed dec stn apogee ie eat wk epee gi aon A roby Beige _ rei hs ac fm tein rs et pes nt we pe ee ramen “ihr Intention Cee acters etree Shey deed we gi ern mare co stan ca made iinet Momsen i fo eth. “GRAMMAR; FUTURE TIME Fixed arangements and timetables ‘Ripe tpn i et "or ot a ig te ig ‘Detention pita be 1 Preset sine “Te pret spe Hid wh tin ope ‘teen atime ropa or cee “yin 30m mori When, unt 2s soon as ‘Sere ein ane po ibn tr he il oo a ‘np pane dee i emp eco, "Ht wo hav td, ——x————————-— ‘RST CERTINEATELANGUAGE PRACTICE | “GRANIMAR3 FUTURE TIE 1 dang the most stable orn eh tence Sees eee sp peng ony 6 can 1 ae rt 200 0.8 ny 1 stig en. 3 Koon wean 1 eeMow son ane lg tte, feet cece 0 Seiko gong ein ria, 5 tes ney bene ene eo, +patch verbin rachts rt 2 tbl fo, Mor tan one ane scat he g/l ae me con ; urement ein — ence Naar ana teenie Ke == Cr hosteninene tenn etme PEED Een se eo eens, arab afar earn nara ere ee Someone ee + patch vc nents ino stab atrform More thanoné ane mM ‘pai pes aw mens) “hone per enc cms ay ate nnn a es ome veda dare rer a wee neve Tod anes (G0 den oti pt et opr Pose SOR, en ‘ime ou pine epost. ar hrtine wr ah bas en (tp) anne see ‘hve ne wk cic iin ea net Mie ot get ey 18, ke) Tofu thy be mae, einen 0 of i i ‘en get th ston om Dowty The ane and Dect arcome howe Cone oun teen di Wea ‘toch omleison the ii ete Nit op Goinmtnsr tative oaiatin gerne i) as) Dae a) ec Wel) ecco alls) Serre rr ttt tet FARSTCERTINCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 6 teak cy tech ne Someones recat on ome hav ord drone er: Meat crect ie eos oN Tienes wth we ec, teres ry cate ane pete wine Sey ley om Sr en ent yee Sjotte petyueyo e eaten egen totes? Saabs we sone inary thon a opt he scene op ‘Teint ot ea ‘Sonic tor lane ep : sick opt ete 9 on Nope alifecanhiepeaine 18 on eat tataedyPe gg a ee Ttinmmettryetet 2m toch! nmemie el ene atreteen baied Ret 16 oom Eutirtewietbectvcrborsday 13 . Perfil en oi oe Gem a 1 1 ee etm eds See ed anemennd: Sangeet ‘rye dang oie i m | throated et recon ted era fat ie ‘ever ne omer ot "ie otc bo Calves or hr fit st about (Stier and ca ese it Present time Present simple ct hich areas "hero singe elo rte permanent ic ample in cence adorns "if Sar i 8 mts on 20 ds ah art ‘The er owt ate ‘oe ret inp al ed ats ha pene tse ‘ook nae ene far ees "he ih sc hd in gay en may th be ‘ham afin orto Keen abe rs lt e Cpr Ss art Dh and gre chal wi in 70th ech Rang Present continuous “Tepes outa Sse wich ep ate Fre Te dag emo ‘Then ay pening ght om wound nee adn fb ary oer ak te aa | Mae drag emporio “er ncn das hte ee tee "Ate ema ocr ning of ily nies ote Ba Of to ‘ute ening ey. Oi 1 Arepeate temporary ston ‘Hectic dagen ttl At ein ‘Whee Yom he omen ine meing eon ne agin Ines wee en ageing ocompsig This pty Itewten essay Touran ang mon fx me . errr ree eee eee 1 ‘inst CERTICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE ‘GRAMMAR 4 PRESENT TINE 1 Uae ne most state eb om neh sentence, prblems with simple and continuous ‘sme vet av nt srl ed ites fr they ee ss aye tine Theale we ‘nn po ts ie a tonef tie von be edn cota fr i ee te pt nemo Cea) Fo hari Ce) Tinting oh fede roe. ae) Pampas ec: ome) hres with ange feng “yen (ote) see nse monet. (eo «stn may nator ecm ue either ssl or contin om. Te dle mire ermunn aro or ace! ab comin rm ‘Tine Lion (prance) ‘gin on ut army home i he) Doge at You) Pept eg (Wa sagpenng se mene) =e change mening 1 Whitton deonde eo dg 2 leanne fog 3 Winn chat ote epg 4 Gant thie 01 6 ye og? 3 wh epochs ee 3 Atropine hearth, 8 nem dove ay manger nee Ca hoon 18 Anji utadughecwah nt 2 rt sach ved nbc er the preset sng ofthe present 1 Theat onde dea, Wht (oe de) aro 2 Wha jot Une ned” 3 te ae i ne 4 Whe i) nnn the Mee apr et 5 ae) pin yet). ete 6 WhofSeedsc) tenth be 2 A sm rt eh mY 1 Tete) sine yor edema inte Dal News. 9 "Th pt gi nt on). teed 10 Which nnn an ou), het errata 1 Whee a using tea i fan 2 dint attend a toe 3 Whar da ben eat 4 mci aly bd unde hs a 5 Mantra gba 6 Seog ming TinotTnom and i ai tect ‘Thy having Way Ae fl os Chanel eg nn Troveg hc orak bs rg. errr eer eee ae then compete he sping blo te sch vet in thing rm Twat te sn sooder 2 Fapaeraene— © vutenen vero morc ite eer te present ampere preset ur ey oan pe re rt yen ie ow 1). ela eee on gn tof iu ang fe See tn nl fof the egal (Gd hy cn rw pm ig eno plo and ND ‘ilies wag Te) ore ant pty pg m0) Spleen bin mee Key points 1 Tepper santas The pret cnins ict eo hihaesli popstl htims foeing 2 aa wt Ste ae an esr tone feed th nem ryt cng meta Gandoian Iw eof turin 2 Saver hae beh ee mening ath essing tte ‘Wn deceingapetogoph ey debts Ingegneria. raat teams tnd ro ft in See Gras oe CONSOLIDATION 1 Units 1-4 cor inca gen oot cnet worden. Yost ‘Serr ndtv wort inti he word gen 1 They nay ee nsw None eying tn 2 When pa i bog heed en i eS 5 thane Chines ne 9 27 Tocca ime of ees gin 8, 1 ee iia sex nig re aca areal = » anyone ears to teeny sony aed weg oe pet send serene sot sin mearngh st sor eed gn boot change word ge OU [xe ee tnt ernie word "eka ti aay janine retin tort Thetis tine Denny eye a ley yp Sarvs Tre hsb ve or a. 4 locks hone bac ol There nn the ay o lak one ba od ne 1 niypon wenger i nes ee fe yn ne erp foyer 10 the nth dae Time ee eee cere tae rales core rye iy cen my pare) Ae (decd) tte 2) nn pnd ng est naga teed hue in Brings WH) coy the) a = ie mmc one eng Sane ab and (ns he) anate Solna) a aa oust eis dr ha owe (osnnsensnenn torpor ur ee ane Yee, ‘scan myer on) pti ‘be downturns Unto whl) soc Paine fm ies 1 wpe hear Neb (2) atic we) ete toon you Sade ping en we) (end) all ring eninge p te Done Br a ne 05 Nba) et ten Tieng we a te ter) (ser) ou cling toy NEB) pay ‘otnreatng te aot alls nog Te aint pe ew 9 (ned) es eng mye a et ner ne FIRST CERTFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE “a paccch vib nbc to a stale ero wnt my denies he er tl 2 Deel tne th go (eat charts bk ‘nie supine ace ei Mo nice yom at on “Sigprwiedensit (pinyin Pa che nt Oho nnn OPT Seabee enn OT Sn at nee Erste Beene (pc ei thot Gyo NO fit a . TT (yom ever do) this kind of thing? Surety cant be hans 5 complete the et ng the vrs blo Use ech ver ono eon ere hocien plage heathen 4 beta a eri { hmefentagste je 1 tet Doyoutanmbarme? We() A. taper amet he aed etn ghee Igor yr al ates ex Dave Heng Yost Fes) sateen, te tno Hoe 1) ‘comp and. -a bel ter nog on my mie at ae (podeena ne week) ts Mena nT) a hope we cult met op 10). ete Ht Eat ch ea sr thebur termina I) edednat eens themed (5) Alo ardat twa pj wt? To to [n-th yout pay the pans? Wl, we (8) eget eran, nd wath anemone Yk We th {9 - youwamete de weg [9 wheter yo vo but Mantel ot bt az ain och Maye want up neon Cana 18). her an oye Have you gra er (ie) 7YouG ewan yous ‘Bel yet eat ni tard te i cow 0 letra Tn) Impala pe te Spain tema 6 Usetho vron brats tocomplete tha santencs. 1 here offi. hig ‘tut note Si pete we tah aan eh a). (ona) ns ering i Sse a Sat es yale ik oe a. 6 Thrks ex py) ily godine J Benn ron pi 3 (Get tg re a ‘hve temo ia Met ay Se) nn re oo aaj ° i: rang CERTINCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE + becde whch anor B,C) Bes cach sr nea ate tr 2 et ethene enema ne an once to a te nyaomnten ae tn ‘0 voor noone 1 crm ta ®. — ae Ata me ager nent i an acm sm = 88 er at Shamans Bowral Comentbg 2 Avabeng Biddy Ab trates tld 3 Atal ince ioc Canny {Amat Pveserpel Chreopre re Donaing chewed SA ag Busine Cline 7 Acne Bhowtea nie Che SACU Bnei Curing eee: pamanie acess Ba Cetin ‘Cunonne iy comes Indirect speech ‘with tense changes Smet chap "me kine grate tt Tila soe ‘ep pr enire Finding ltt hn tin, eNom a rom). 1 tn we chang meaner oa he it we hg ‘mudora ea ‘ei db bight at Somers ens ope plone chang a de ech tect Spasdaret age = ‘Fis yore ak ry Moy ce on ee et dy 1g yo i yay odie nt they, oct ia open pe on, Without tense changes 1s Prmct tee pais Metering ne en tet age Theor eae apr te ge ‘yl tt et ie yo etme bog ent eel ee i cg, "ie seo bay cane ‘Questions epocting questions Noone erie ig The ve Iie mtu na sae he ogee ‘Beyer el ee ember, —a=EGeEeEeEeau~=——"— Er inc CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE ‘suomi wth gon seb hewn tm Te eames Tess isi make a mig eked See me Mees = Rape a ee Co ere Doon a Tenuate nor Na he werd re fo’ whee te ano ‘ween ne ie LE gion en a kh nec ‘de ten et ‘commands and requests “coma ae pre wit i iit "ma nest nte ih aan the see il regu pone Se apne «other eorting be see trae eating et randori ald oi ach pciet put gman evo ‘eter sich, (om) SpBcetmnceie ene) Senate ccatmy meer ta Paraphrase : a eponblcx ncn eet wad yuk oc tt esol a th ie bjt nine) ‘GRAMMAR 5 INDIRECT SPEECH oceans osha Saar tbat in ees ettenaeen reopen camera » peerage 2 SUS elect Spates aor an 5 Jow asked Tina when she would pet back a 6 tddeaed te trite es ‘neat alpen itt +c guatibenirstneptaceensine ie es inept » pomecatictetsee ten Sra epe alr ha cto 1 Graben lane oad se bin he towing. 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Hse == ™_—_—_™_—S—S-——“‘“‘—O_ anor cenvne 7 LANGUAGE PRACTICE + chore tor able espero commt FI «wae IRAMMAR 14 MODAL VERBS: PAST 1A: What do rong Karen. easel ig ‘BEEN 8 a ee ma hv 1 Noh Sinai Oma cao fre au 2 A; White dba 1 tepowe ae rma he peered ‘spoil ae phe rites a 1 x toner me {ieee gsi ae Mina sch eo yy dag ioal nena ‘b) eid have to work thin afernoon. 1 ned omnes MAD ar gate Sea mae fea eed inte coe dice INARI ane eae en einaeentes Mendham 1 Serr Sem ut 2 yells a ye |b) Scr, Una to took im wy dey ‘explanation, tv he ine a ew Ta te 6: Weta eno bin 4 Soule pees Sve crt nome 45 ellie htm een eo My dt yt ieee j Sctiorestys encase “the Where were you yestendayt You de tam suppose to. vunderstood the message Fsppose i psi / She f Mine pretension 7 Meters eee ‘Shrgmarhee London. ict espn lh mony aed! ou wee al Fn seo ac Whar youtink ott dot don yd i te ih nd wg ink inet ye EL ews eh ores tht ae ee oat oe athe a tee ERS ee Ta ee may ns ase that Ds ok oboe mite Sec ten ne > pli eeege 110A: What do you think has happened 10 They? sone to park ouskde the poce station. £ Sich ail 2 samen eyo ans BSS owe be ee ees 4 mati ty le 2 camp ta serena ta a asin eng en dba et ange in re he oH mu ee ne words ving herd Tre mer etter have Seiten ate trict ce mange bathe. WAS age el laisse sour ecb ane F lo Smawsianai lis on i tocar rhe E + Saini wa a o ———_™____—“‘i‘_i™O_ jagsrcemr(eATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE s cwombemotate center Ace 3 Waren oie 2 Wecathine rom one iow ay 44) Youu vcd ance Singita une an se ewe ibn nie it oat 2) NER ete bimin ter 5 Sompitaliogee dil 1} Sompistoot aro 6-9) Westone ee Zoo escape shocks residents ents ne aod ae comps Bs i at ey (1). ne tout te exact anges ake, These, pen ee metres anda il pets. Ther abst Ron ea = As 91) ar op nt an, He oe raha) enn ce N19 8 WE nn ‘Trestle, cl! 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Hope ta hear om you she. ‘consoupanion a unis 13-16 ‘Choose te most saat epresion ech siti ast acannon ‘D wld ato 2 Yous mommetegs ac tno nd 2 ey iy na tant Ge Se (to yt eer nina inaenSe Seba tne ‘on Sg can ord neon bt ‘sory Er coeig ate ranged wearer dk iene coor Mikami carbo Dien at Pie 6 Your fen yu hae sen fra wets, phates eden Siac Schninse ere Sitter atepeen nmi vt 1) Mey st the wins ple? peat tes re ee epee Bes pcre Be recat arcs SES nae oie" en =f" i} } § FIRST CERTCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 17 — |5 ede which anes 8, Cor Best seach spe peste = he poe Fa ie ate ab et 0) fon Pm Se a taiayenn oh Countable and uncountable nouns ee ee ree eesti ccm e a ant en cman Spore va) nba bos beget ‘cout ppm, Wan sgl pa Fe Ota ene) neem rane teancrmorn Tateimmaie nn mempciaeigee ina” rat a ire omer Se re gi Hanae aac, eres ya ete lh o vosaail as 1 ae Se a eee ee peso eee maaw are aan? faleetbonectrcuaaany (Beate Lie ero noo sa ssayo cr ae peat mabe nous ade yt ase uy te ea os Sey me pmnerm mpi get an canny sce J attra rims ri ou Div ‘few uncouth on enn bt theyll he nema ule fr wncoutsble i Rf fe “SieoemeySteay Arsen semen Solin Deere iar iran merengue ae eS + Tp menbinoe i te Ges 25 a eee BC Siaaera Bere aac a eer Pa pear pein oman igs ips hay ae ep ore Sree oe ‘ccuuicn puts omy oe ngage ‘cond eb Bann epee ath Sora nei, lei eg my pana ak ey, ‘mf ele, © Uncusabe nan tht dete caeery "cole Weld sso ff youre? ‘eeracaeay: Tea yal fom ee snd apps aE“ _is—eaOdrdwewewwzw_itét ns cerca LANGUAGE PRACTICE + Cane i nein ncn en oman sn meni) Sok ae Sher (ove) SBhtie hear une: me, (abst Seer (tte ered som paper tte Se oe ect ad Mew ae + oer amt ih ‘Sta oy Cee) harlot meson) eee) ste ede hn) sete keen Ppa frm da sel wheal Shrronen are ‘Resin are Sh ng re rs eg. At nn ae ig 9 Beene ees it ° Some rab owed by cer ain or “hate goverment 8/8 WE. . Na re re wei on sce et omen ira myo ayer pra eb: ail, pate. Poe sooty nunca ony nih rom fo om moe “GRAMMAR 17 COUNTABLE ANO UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS. 1 Unetine the os sable worn ach anon, 1 Diet ccs eee thew 2 Allaah shin sein et eee ha ae 4 kre mina nko te ies asi None he pg bled hs pe ae ‘Stns maps taper pape th a. 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Yes etor day is fine. 9 Tooke everywhere fy en snd Wa HE mmm set sa a i ee eer Sat aor ose eee rarer eee eet FIRST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE +e cachsentanc stat conti the word hen {homme Donat range the word nan 1 sete ony money Thine 2 angel 4 ite cape diy. 1 Bree wa ceeing ly 46 Youd dere promotion 1 Tica atk nce ftom. ‘aren 1 enor taeda lik 1 feta exch etc bsningmshow, shat therein sap he 7 eect ws pene psn. pentane ayn ain re 2 Tin ey te 3 Twining tio 4 Ths od i ap Nem svn oo Soe 6 iat jean 1 Aoi shaps ae ce 1 Both abe wer ‘GRAMMAR 19 ALL, NO, NOME, EACH, EVERY EITHER, NEHER 5 compete the saan sentence so tht tha snr meaning thes. ‘ert ing the wor gen Do ne change the ward ie To ms we [etwan wo ad fe words inching the wager 1 eg goto theca They wine “mda {ppt nem os 22 This bas nothing to do with yout eeaeeeam ee 2 ap ea 4 Pomme me Fy — pp tegen ce, Fe on eee ‘6 both gostions wer posit ndrstand. coals rims CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE {took crf aac in Some fhe et ae oe th cout nobe Te ence thre te the word inte (GRAMMAR 19 ALL, NO, NONE, EACH, EVERY, EITHER, NEITHER 7 compe een sentence th est tbl wor Hem he Ba ee ee 1 ie feast n eign Sy he Say ah aon ial ten oe ported og ing ate Fe SS ‘SUPERMARKETS ee mpl ep aoppinghae 20 fe ‘Late [eda up bing all he indo igs Siero See ore ee Senate pe “bat wan no any gd] ugh cones here as ree haem ‘case Meanie Ia ben lng ny basket wh “Ske kindof hing Tehooght mane. 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Hey PO angle orcompre tai Selec fam ee we Tea Sa nave eam cne 1 at ae ET Ee armani ny rs ke ashark asd (NOT artwork) ‘ean 0017-20 CONSOLIDATION 5 Ui 's 17-20 1 tne suablwordin ech pace, ay prions Ta al oe Senco ahr are oben wien ge mo ie 1) Denon pot prs hay bly wl Be 2 eon Tinetverhd bade oft pomier ber (3) == Ti Jer popu) “yar. avec he Mintaearebna ‘cing (0) Samii tre nen ta teint (Ca athe okt coe pe eo dae sto sm) hed immo poking nwo ye ee Tovar ‘werd get a deemed os Sheen do), ‘ining Una (3) ‘the mn ee ope er ‘ie woe ered) ort haere bome icone worn ch pe, 3 teeheomeoat wag thaw wa tod 5 edaidatobeyn now (6 Thon ery atch Web oe ty = "™"™" © IRs CERTICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE tte word Do note the word plc, 1 compet ech eta with one stable word Wenner ita! 4 Manat aor one 3 ne pn ed athe crmen P $ Thee sarm nce. “Face arp ne oes Casey ew Gelb $a ean Teese rer fetta 3 Metros wah hacigin nds wt 1b Soba ea nye enh «comple the second rene tha ths sir mening fee ca newer ge Dana change the word ven YOU TANS REIS Metta tv wdc nd he word tem. Re iene 2 Gogo tetr tm a 9 tha csc Tine Slee oa 4 ngs it Ca i. ida 5, Sy ino ee Mathai we ft 1 That min Freee Msc cy iri 9 Te caro nd oe me ie 1 Takes near of iy tn nee a ‘consouioamion sunrrs 17-20 1 beams met Go See ee 12 Hott i 13 Calg he plc ay pd noe es the 1 {phoned Norman at ofl, 1s Tht pry cs ba the pte 6 hp ia wdc a ‘hn i, podpryanii at ach sotnce 0 tht cans the wo sve cpa the ‘mening stays the some Te word camo be changed nny ay. See FIRST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 6 complete th tr witha word or pas rom te bx se exch word on Tae cae een en The} nme Des fe ies eee aes avrtee be } The house painters urs co pt ye. ashy dt re) sol tronics ereary ad eben a4) mt bebe yb at 0 imam Sots (on emcng erence Moyen heen rma Mee wring tapom eet pat te se Ur Stoke ams en ies He act rtenroatc onto Co) tr ae tat cre aks Wert ete |p er oe 2 gaia non et yma ont te en SEERIe ee et any re ikon Beet tnet ratoae e iad won GD) kr hac el mt ‘rod and torr 2S Phrasal verbs 1 Understanding phrasal words + Yao flowed bypre he of hah ph erp ‘newest pepe Sneath durch so ‘eigen th ts nw enn enya pt pats Cope “Cty op hea feo ote tnd ag) ‘Sheba beg po io hao. rast pred ya hr hae cing Phil etna comcaaoame gh + ote ule cate ie nti clear from the content. oi (Maret rps fp eh Te ae ein Gna 3 an 2 ‘ist bef ars age wee oat ed ewe eee a enh ig ‘Gram phe wh pate =P eth tt mt ij tte hmm 2: «pl ves wh oe preheat abt he pri Ente spre am hve + paste ane part there lst, Verbs with two particles ‘Acton of hea verde th ans. 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(i 0 cater eal frosts, (ones yourons cle a) “GRAMMAR 21 PHRASAL VERS 1 celina trad (eh tine) coment pati. ay ns Een hs fy. ab) icon hp me (enn) led epi (ean ren lithe eit iy syn, ne ot ig) ttre a (a) hater itn (eb) li mrt om (ce ety LA2ZP Mi a omaharer can hepa i) lize nny err geton, Cheese) icine gine ep Gc) ati ie ay Gk.) ditt ey maar ca (ate cand) taping one (Sees en pa) cain eee pene ry met y os the tea tn yan of oe ges Saree as ct Ton tno aden! (alt) Hn esr era arte) oo —__"_™~" @ © mS ee GRAMMAR 21 PHRASAL VERBS 1 on eee 3 compas he stand sntanc co that thas mein tthe ist 1 etn te most table wor or a tne using the word hen Dont hangs the ward re ows we rey king janvier, 1 Tes ah cme ie ole Sonar ere 2 a dys ei wt rf OT. 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There a car coming? beware) +E ga li ee wn sean op Fil Coat > pid, oe : ete an a race eae mea ace ome oe (cee Petia inlay la se ageing ieee ee oe a ccmamentgny ce : a el anne tt ‘Goes 9 The detective is bound to. ere aoe equa of nef pi cone nr) rsa od ans Nac Fae 10 tas ieteed in baying ding tke bata ee nese ‘timeinedon Btn Cnet” pwn atone stale wrdin each pce 1 nthearalleder bene ee ont 2 ep lathet an orem tan 3 wom alact ong wenden comet 4188 nonnnt the new fond peocessoe ate 2 Maiccnnomty cate age heer qarttong en ak ep § Nevada aint 4 Gye armen pc 9 Te been walking al day ft one i‘ 16 epost ay iy ete npc ar Bee ceneenct mn fear Haier “4 Tea find an emer th probes. pect eee eee pian a c_ & .. . ‘inst CERTFICATELANGUAGE PRACTICE evr exh sentencing vei fom theo that therein rrr 1 ksh Ikan ate 1 Tsay bay ane (4 Ar aie dap pin Daag wet 0 «6 Theorem! fed othe demands he ars 4 Wane i a ea ye out sansa oon cameo Cag to Rinpatve naa oppo bee 3 paces rt See bred Sa hea sa he ping a at ER Pavsrrsis ter ck iceman 5 An eps dw mm 2 eee ita ncn ean i iF ‘Gaamman 22 PHRASAL VERDs 2 © Complete second sete sotht Rh nr meating oth fst “ene the pram othe ro nd Tih the inte sein. 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"argo rat Day hb em Neverthe. pepe ely he ie! The i becom mr of ey fl hl io: a te ee is eather nearer renee EEE Oe ‘GRAMMAR26.iNKING WORDS AND TEXT ORGANIZERS mst CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE deme ate wed psn cn ae ric eel nervous abou lying, ad woery about the posto * seg Tce ng ogc | eid which answer IB, Co) best seach pac Owning a car eng dowe te oe 2 aR tut om lng opens ery ce ot acm eo ns othe lane ern, sw fF wnat lenr : sr edeitann ecar oita ‘Patisence ese orate tetra owe Avare ramp eran tne eran as ce i wb deste nee i oe part mt a rm nthe wand came SR an nara Satter mae os ete cn ‘Sotyraic canine cramer ‘rh pare tig ance eet Sarees Seerctere waitin mia aan Soe enor Seowvecrn nan" eetpope ots ‘werent tr the Oa» pricy gree senna ie safer ‘slrrancmamransayent + Grn gene a sini tyenn ntact! Ferries years Sse (hoc esac pk wb dae om ‘narmont ion and cee ae at met ow ad ches ar ayganzed rhe cneice a car 2 atone stale wordin each pce {ardent of pede re ree men ee hank you arora Svat Hem he work ay ecko eth wade Sa ee ae her ith er ae Penn cn onan 3 Fie eied {Mirae eget bo ‘sta ® rao ou sma ‘AG heer Eh itm 5 Fares waie wane yon omni See Sic | Smebcimdvoie a ch a gS $ eieres iy ng we etih Srna aug eo tear Abie 1s Bebop aig poet stein us eaten cheney oe Hse d Chew . he Dosey Shewthiee Dine Daceumpe a Mata cpr in es he ening ous eeu cone ba shen eae Pe 27 commun ronans somaare Pronouns ‘Nothing, no-one, nowhere ete + Yer tt eh sel i Seca eto ting Arad mesiond: Theis ued wi a ae emer’ o “maa Tiere ica iiseoreceees ince re eer Ir rye anaes + Minna gern Tee ea I i ne aimee “raved i patra acini i ‘itmod myn skein nie poten heres beset oo ee Where ony (hth al oy.) ‘Gonlvaeyen | MeEMe eH a Reflexive pronouns once wl ronan stn. la on ee Wy doen aet asee pr ete Mey ar ot fr some acon tat do to stn Tepes amar eso 90 Se carherdf there ha ma Dye oma at saeanra a Dc bn eh ee et my dhs in pena ea ei i fm ye onvar cco Possessives parts ofthe body en ne isnt push ey we ten epson + ran reer Tc «noma cnet we ower “eg oe fps ir 4 1 Ae ed tage canoe wh ewig TA te el yay sk “ts er cof heh pln a nee rb iy one oes ‘Someone, everyone, anyone, somewhere et bly canbe waite f oes haga ening Bo perf te wo aT ince ve er Cayo ues ey amen hl “yeu omni 07 Caddaameant ime se “Anbu posi semen whe wera Mignone pea reer ree sr aiesr ANC MACTEL a ee cepesmane ih pnomenin nt ee muan27 onouns sm a epeorioet vm ns jn hn Sn a 1 Deena eae Pima ns, 1 eens ioetaasee {ket eae niente {hone cnet ; nn 2 ramet cc tetermne 1 Meet icons ‘ an ‘Se ee i — -> ewe ech sees gringo Do not hangs te ese ute pitch ewe Pr tan ohm ce 2 [emote ao sate 1s Wan cnt tie? Ney aidyon dit hae : Te 4 Mite spool 5 Compl uch etn nh ae wn ph 3 Eh wr poe ‘Metis do ithe Salemi 2 Mindi te Maire Dee Beecher j=, lm eer oer et en 1 thai mer oa ee thera te enna renee ae 2 cote eateries Cag a Si Tete an snlaaen ne ici nie cm at nt : 2 Ranta jth a Simian aaa _____ wine i ht itenteniationt 3 Exerc it er ai ses Cicer Dy Se Ten rch fit —— ___- 9 My ony nt dy Troan ve Ae ta Cpe pa Lose aig a Fins CERTIFICATELANGUAGE PRACTICE 6 completes stance hatha as mening ef ser eed get bn at hugetie nore ao THE ‘cannes merge worsen 1d sk fon stetace Fin one mest —_ 2 Dati anthcaron acon Pa = on te, 3 Tew inka ils ia Tacos 4 Saute eh at. Jonette ad oe yaa i i ye ome 1 11a Sle Sse CGRANUAAR 27 PRONOUNS Key points = 1 Inst ics det fr eather Intends at ‘ect pse dv nthe are for lac hand What 2 spout snd wd ed fri gps. This Eat eed tins Tne ‘orang wmne 2 po on rte fin pt stmt Th anc nine ee, 4 Sone vet 0 a aces ee (ml Kh ter eyepatch eget Marae era eet 25-28 aS ee ‘GRaMwan2 SPELLING AND PRONUNCIATION Speting an pronunciation tcc pg it od nd ese {cain Na ew siping lat er rg rach pmanann aa og mrt atone (eae 28 Spelling and pronunciation common spain problems © Word ening in fa "Teo ues fa Ws ‘ed hae eo = oo = + Dont ont is) Se : Majer aei oS LT, cng in are eon cmonn ee he je Sof Slee oe aor eo i it we ore one cnn she elt at tor tw Ee Me cee eS eee ise eee Sommer eae ae ‘ieee BUT ber brig cou cpin it ater + Words ening oo ect ing hg pl neil et ing Songs ys poet pps si, pore ein ef wor ending ne odo at gs ey bom ‘ee ont cant when wan ‘mr blah pes et 191 mnie er 131 Kase cto ee | Word nding in ugh Ulett eat co "Words conaning thers nat roamed ‘er pt ha oe “woaablewerds age ey pt == a Soo mean | Mode containing at ay eal sci han he tpn ‘Homie thins cob ta and tomb bomb ate ors engin one volando thang. ‘toy dep “se redo mit ply whe wen ig eye sy sig ey soy * Mpeg ie becca tng the un ‘eae wot ripe sande A) = _™~™~ © rst CERTIPIEATELANGUNGE PRACTICE 11 Comect ary words speed ie A swing —_ = re 1 onl a ioe 1 ark 6 tomb pi ioe 10 our ‘GRAMMAR 28 SPELLING ANO PRONUNCIATION 3 ite each word ending inthe si gre, snow) aplaing. toy) a 3 aineg 4 etoay 5 empty 6 ere) 3 soe) ‘o0y6) Seay eyes) 4 done nordin ach top of word which dot nat hare the sme vowel ‘ound Goud nding 1 came sang nl ool 2 ptt wah gto 3 sewed occ toe fo 4 obttnagh on sa 5 laces out phae ho 6 itn te oe 7 ovedae pte nk non 8 dsr heed 9 twos bough one 10 sho wonders aa oe any wor sped coat, 1 ey soe. aetany 2 Moen ‘ae CONSOLIDATION 7 Units 25-28 1 Covet any words sped won Tse rs ne me 2 That eyo tind of wheter for a puowes iat “6: Thon fo te rt dy ou on Wenende-1 had» wed 1p Mead papa th bi, the weigher fr ae Wiser coed a iw be 19 iain enrages Nae Sth 10a ar anni wet wa ou he » Yeititenurye hha ete) 2 RAE dd owen plore Dugas pod inate po? Daler a 1 Gaetan orgie om aati ae + eum totem iors 46 Pena ons terre or capo 2 sical describe wa alan > com dren the moan Siomcee "Buena Ganyoe Actamgle Blncicitea COntectherbnd Thm 2 Deyo" oll ces ae er 5 eu leith he martes ‘Som aU Cone Dthen 2 Noe co in rn ya trig 4 Oblate, ——vesiebslwndtocnas Onset 9 Masta outst ones pte er Avice Booting” Coerytere Daring 1 Netedyortoaaplectisering ney Aisi Bhaetey NC Dat tey Se eee RST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 1 = _ Travel and holidays 4 ruta stan worn ach pn, | Theis day inthe job emt tes eto Pot ac pene nnn se ayo lt i anlar ibm 1 Complete each sentence with word om the a, wicteanngieaae ney in ‘kt cabin awe ar ey Sentai xs = oe =] ‘wf factor. ut mani tn extra (5) — Then we — am r eg Te eee c eee Cather eee Sere ieee Sapa ‘Setnoshoyunannc ha iach ec scatna —— {Eee er See i oa reeneer te aaa I = serene = 2 ee ae ‘med es nyt ea Theva glenn en (urine nely celts rng eat res ingle ayo covery anche mete besa conc nse ate Fe star heh core ne aie has ord ih eeatetbe ten wether th sce eae ale nyo hd fan ‘Secreta ot (peas a ae gerne a cbt be he seer nte ee ral aon ela leer pce se abe Soya heen ent cp ‘Shere te hist rN ten metho odin wary ose tr Mey the ie ese i i Serie pstmt fe ie bing Te eer Ow ant ai tele {Ree rena bo sry so at hybeer AON Net og Mri Bom Fo Sar patonce egh reorree fernpensensmanr, etn te not tbl wor or wars Dame i Taespbowner og gotten pepe aye ‘epic on Get pae ttl Wehoett y e esac fiery nn ct fee ee dtd ota ret belo Fnpt png ya ge Yarew ck nop sorbet ees ‘yen rl mri! ns ‘hep tk of oop woh ee bout ine age i age Asin te pane ay te or sabe. nthe i enon tp ne sep | a gc anne temnenin car nnm En aE FIRST CERTIRCATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 2 ra wordor words om exercie 102 to cmplete ach sentence THe wor ‘moybeins dior om, VOCABULARY 1 TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS © epacesne wore nae Sc enn wn rato he ox. eo oe Te oe mem Shim Seren Siw Sem 3 Regie ira : ee arneoe eeepc + Minto nate a Bote nerertte tater ¢ titemeragee nes 2 Sotememeciee ee eno {Senet jueeeenn teers 1 Some g ice a see 2 ee esa Se cage ancy i evar non nth s been area terete Sn aniotuanae sot 2 are cag tae ‘esdeoihn te pursuit seer ‘Nepneaiptotheponn craic | matchex worn the oct asta din. sone peda 7 Chose the marsatale word or paseo complete ach sete. 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