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Family Care Plan

NAME: Silvestra Petaliana

ADDRESS: Day-as, Cebu City, Philippines
GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Promote health by teaching the family the nature of diabetes, its cause,
complication, prevention and treatment.

Health Family Health Care Objectives Intervention Method of Resources

Problem Problem contact
 Inability to  To give them the  Broaden the Home Visit Material
Diabetes as a recognize the appropriate knowledge of the Resources:
health threat presence knowledge family on the Colored paper
condition or regarding their complications of Pen
problem due to family health diabetes.
the inadequate disease. a. Discuss the Human
knowledge  To give them the definition, signs Resources:
 Attitude or idea of the and symptoms of Time and
philosophy in complications of a person having effort of both
life which high blood sugar diabetes. the family and
hinder the if uncontrolled.  Explore ways on the health care
problem  Discuss to them how to prevent worker
 Denials about the ways to diabetes by
the existence as prevent and the focusing on the Financial
a result to fear possible diet presented by Resources:
of the treatment using the family. Money for the
consequences herbal plants.  Teach them the health care
of the problem possible workers’
consequences of transportation
the actions taken
Home Visit Plan
Family Members Age Educational attainment Occupation
1. Cesar Petaliana 48 College Level Maintenance messenger (Hi-Precision)
2. Silvestra Petaliana 49 College Level Housewife
3. Edsel 20 3rd Year High school Student
4. Loell 16 Grade-6 Student
5. John Ray 12 Grade-5 Student
6. Amos 9 Grade-3 Student

Address: Day-as, Cebu City, Philippines

Type of Caseload: Post- Partum (PP)
General Objective: To teach the family the nature of diabetes, its cause, its complication, prevention and treatment.
Specific Objectives:

Activities Rationale Resources Evaluation

 Knocking the door  Knocking the door is Time  The patient opens the
a sign of respect of door
the home owners. Effort
 Greeting the person  Greeting makes the  The family
who opened the door approach more formal Money representative asks us
and friendly than to go inside
directly entering the
 Introducing ourselves  It is one way of  The family will
asking to enter again already be
in their house as what familiarized with the
was planned and faces he/she will be
arranged. facing with.

 Acquaint with them  Making them aware  He/She will already

the purpose of the about the things that know the purpose.
visit. will be done and shall
be done.
 He/She will be
 Start the lecture all  To formalize the acquainted with
about the diabetes. teaching strategy diabetes.

 Teach them the signs  To make them aware  He/She will be more
and symptoms of a of the sigs and aware of the signs and
person having symptoms that may be symptoms.
diabetes. present in the family.

 Let them be aware of  The family will be  He/She will be

the prevention and aware of this sickness informed about ways
control of diabetes, and possible risk and to prevent Diabetes.
complications will be

 Teach them about the  To make use of their  Family finds

treatment especially natural resources as a confirmation of the
with the use of herbal cheap and effective use of herbal plant
plants. way of lowering (ampalaya).
blood sugar levels

 Teach them about the  To make them aware  Family finds way to
complications if of the conditions that make sure they eat
actions are taken may take place if high balanced meals.
otherwise. blood levels are
 Correct their food diet  Diabetes always starts  As soon as the
regarding their sugar on the sugar level of teaching will be done
intake, and if the diet the food you eat. family will gather and
is beyond the normal, encourage each family
encourage them to member to make use
make use of the of excessive sugar in
sugars inside the body their body.
by exercising

 Introduce exercises to  To make them aware  Family is expected to

lessen the blood of the possible ways exercise regularly.
sugars like walking to lower blood sugar
for example. levels.

 Give the pamphlet for  Gives them a  Family will read it to

them to hand and reminder all about the remind themselves
remember the diabetes. about the facts about
teachings that we dengue.
have made,

 Thanking them for the  Time is precious to  Family will be pleased

time. them, thanking is a for the teachings we
way of saying we made.
value their time.

 Giving them the token  Rewards them for  Family will thank us
of appreciation. listening and for the token.
participating in our
small talk.

 Saying goodbye to the  To let them know we  Family will lead us to

family. are going home. the entrance door.
 Going out of the  It is done since we are  Family will go back to
house. already finished in the the house gaining
mini-discussion. knowledge about the
small lecture.