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For written test suggestion for EEE of BUET

DC circuit solution (Thevn. Maxm.Power,Super posn.,Nodal,Complex circuit etc.)
MCQ read from B.L.Theraja (Chapter 1, 2,3) (1x 4)
AC circuit solution (AC fundamentals,V=vSinwt, Polar rect related prob.) (1x 4)
Resonance circuit MCQ read from B.L.Theraja Electronics: (4x4=16)
Clippers, Clampers Circuit (Draw i/p, o/p curve) (1x 4)
Characteristics curves (all configurations)
DC biasing (Fixed-bias, Emitter-stabilized bias, Voltage-divider bias, DC bias w
ith voltage feedback circuit, try to solve critical configuration and with PNP)
(1x 4)
Read summary from end of the chapter 2, 3, 4, 5
Op-amp (Inverting, Non-inverting and Summing amplifier) (1x 4)
Integrator, Differentiator circuit (draw o/p curves with i/p sine, square waves)
Active Filter (draw circuit diagram, Response curve)
Draw single & three phases Circuit diagram, input, output curves (Rectifier, Inv
erter)(1x 4)
Digital Electronics (Less Impt. for BUET Exam )
Show that a positive-logic NOR gate is the same physical gate as a negative-logi
c NAND and vice versa
Show that a positive-logic AND gate is the same physical gate as a negative-logi
c OR and vice versa
Basic gate implement with NOR and NAND gate
Problem on Transformer test, loss and efficiency calculation, (1x 4)
Condition for Parallel operation of single-phase & three-phase Transformer
Clear concept on V-V connection and Vector Group
Instrument transformer
Difference between generator and motor (1x4)
Significance of the Back EMF
Torque and power relation
Why Starter use?
Equivalent circuit of an Induction motor
Slip and related problem
Full-load torque, Maximum torque and starting torque related problem
Power stages in an Induction motor and related problem
Why starter use in Induction motor?
What is synchronizing?
Condition for synchronizing of a single and three-phase Alternator
Comparison between Synchronous Motor and Induction Motor
Communication: (3x4=12)
Modulation & Demodulation (definition, input/output waveform, modulation index,
equation, and problem)
Digital Modulation (input/output waveform, equation)
Nyquist Sampling Theorem
Bit Error Rate (BER) related problem
Define Erlang, One Erlang and related problems
OSI reference model and functions
Serial & Parallel data transmission
General, Power and Communication related Abbreviations
Power System: (2x4=8)
Load curves, Load duration curve/Chronological load curve
Definition and concept on connected load, Maximum demand, Demand factor, Average
load, Load factor, Diversity factor, Plant capacity factor and Plant use factor
also related problem
What do you mean by power system? Draw a typical power system one-line diagram

Power factor and related problem

Why high voltage transmits?
Ferranti Effect
Skin Effect
Corona Effect
Relay circuit and its operation
Difference between Switch & CB
What are the Faults in a power system?
Various types of sub-stations, Transmission line rating and generating Voltage i
n Bangladesh
Concept on Grounding, Load Shedding and Load Management
Advantages of Interconnections
Concept on SCADA and draw it s Diagram
Concept on Renewable energy
The One-line diagram, Reactance diagram and Impedance Diagram
Importance of Load flow study, related problem
What information obtained from Load-flow study?
What are Sequence Impedance and Sequence Network?
Draw Reactance and Zero-sequence diagram from one-line diagram