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BU UBUTCIT yuyu Cui Honk! a musical comedy in two acts based on The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen Music by GEORGE STILES Book and Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE Vocal Score Application for a licence to perform this musical must be made, BEFORE REHEARSALS COMMENCE, to: Josef Weinberger Limited 12-14 Mortimer Street, London WIN 7RD Tel: 0171-580 2827 Fax: 0171-436 9616 | Contents | Act: One : A Poultry Tale - Drake, Ida, Turkey, Henrietta, Maureeri, Cat, Grace . « °2.° The Joy of Motherhood - Ids, Maureen | 3. Different (Pre-Reprise) - Ida . . 4. Hold Your Head Up High - Ida, Ugly, Fish : ‘5, Laok At Hm Te Drake aly, Henrie, Bory Cat, ad I Ducklings, Maureen . 6, Different - Ugly . . 62. French Ting! - Inserumental . | 6b. Do Tell Mama - Instrumental .. 7. Play With Your Food Cat, Un - : Ja, Lost- Ugly... 0... to 8." The Elegy = Company . 9. Every Tear A Mother Cries - Ide... 9a. Goose March - Inseremental . { 10. The Wild Goose Chase - Gri Dot, Snowy, ‘Barnacles, Pinkfoot, Ugly Cat » 86 I 1. Act One Finale: Hold Your Head Up + 101 { Act Two lla. Entr’acte - Instrumental . + I 12, It Takes All Sores - Queenia, Lowbutt + 110 13. Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) - Ugly een Lowhuat us 7 13a, Tom Cat Sting - Instrumental . .. + 120 I 14. Together - Cat, Queenie, Lowhutt ... 12 15, The Collage - Drake, lds, Company . . BL 16. Now Dve Seen You - Ugly . 2 140 I 16a, Pre-Warts - Jastrumental .. . . 145 17. Wars And All - Bullfrog, Ughs Foxes Compony : 146 17a. Warts-Off - Inserumental : 163 I 17b, Post-Warts - Instrumental . 164 18. The Blizzard - Company... : + 168 19. Transformation - Ugly, ids, Fenny... . 172 Il 19a. Melting Moggy - C:r ~ 182 20. - Act Two Finale: Look At Hiny (Reprise) - Company . » 184 21, Curtain Calls (Bows) - Instrumental ». penta + 192 1 21a, Curtain Calls: Warts And All (Reprise) - Company 194 Honk! logo by Peter McKintosh ARAP aOR BERR OP HHRRARAAe L HONK! Lyrics by Music by ANTHONY DREWE GEORGE STILES Act One 1. APOULTRY TALE (Drake, Ida, Turkey, Henrietta, Cat, Grace, Maureen) Pastoral 4=90 ‘ ea, I this tuck-wa~ tet of Eng - tana Were ll hing here in ele = ver © 1997 by The Music Frosk PHOTOCOPYING THIS COPYRIGHT MATERIAL iS ILLEGAL HONKt LA Poultry Tale = er Sothere won't cause for an-y~ one 10 Bich f-#-9-F- “and both greenandplearant Every tenbanduck andpheas-am they ad hem. would be walk ~ ing. amin co all, ” freely a For eu We pood and ses-dy TH we're picked ond oven eardy I =m a 2 rall, slowly Steady Funk /=«. 90 pouty ie of Fl dow on te aeaneenanang?e 4. A Poultry Tale 4 : 2 : § 5 3 5 i i 7 i LELONDON ONO Onno onD. HONK! } HONK! 1.A Poultry Tale poco accel, poco pit mosso J=6.96 wy, pouty le of folk dows on the fam There's 2 guineea fowl whohise ~ ex. Then there's d= She’smy mills = os So for ~ give me if I'm ly ~ ing on the mann, » ‘2 forkest ed quick - log To point out We sie T'm ack - ing, We a pawl ey wie [DA TENET: Primer # ee Of folk Gown on the for Come on down and don't he strat - f (i Come op down ané don't he an = a e eave i g s gy g HELE I DEE dogg me mmm ue HONK! 1A Poultry Tate pes coe ‘waterfowl havewaddcled " Lintle chicks aremat- ly ~eodi) — led Foe the (Cat would lke do thempsiev our am He's cur only soureaf wor - ry Feather (HENRIETTA [eTURKEY. 5. erence a So Wee | peal ay te of folk down om the frm. BEAR ne f Of folk down on the fem Ze “ PP MMHHHAHHRARARHRAARAARAARE z g a 1. A Poulty Taie GH —_—Cool (but stil funky) 64 TUTTI II HONK? 1. A Poultry Fale soup Gradual accel. w They de efons and 1 stant ge 0 QR be. = Ass fel-on bo i fo ~ Sine You will cee memahe bee — line For tase HONK! 1.4 Poultry Tale 8 Borgercioc+ der, Be = gerSoc- e-der VUUUUL san all, om Gobebiet (ALE EN. war Wat Wat walosmaungotien por ‘ - gra say Ea] | Boc= bo~ ga-der! Boc- bo ga-cer! |) ALO f Bogendocadento-setonedn (DAG 7 f prt ha Want (Wabtubrgobbleste) nour Really steady funk J =¢90 ‘waterfowl regal ~ um Thee's » frooriien fond ofchar - ep And mandarin with or i= neta eacersfowl regat — ue Theres moorten fond ofchat — ter Ani a mamada in with or = de ene il HONK! 1A Poultry Tate faci ome larace. v2) 93, mp ‘vous ta | every goo orgs = der The! of [eouree Pim rat er grand er ik a -P You'll find every goose or gan ~ der Cue 26, —== f 7 yoy we of 65% down cee [en ” —= + poultry we of folk down, on the fam Rt 29 P And we | att bave parsons nos But hae P And ell Rove pn f00°8 MOR = eee = nanan enaeaneaaagaamananaeeanaean 1 DECOMODHTIDLIOGI TIA HONK! 1.A Poultry Tele rall, molto rall. atempo bf S > Bors = n't mean youl —— For all sub, yout For ai Jos ——S = sere ie tesjct = e@ Blateant lfowt play is cutpee - ted irs a | poult-y tle P sermoe it recjct ~ ad Blatant fowl play ie super = ted He a poultnry ale 105 == . if Come ea down and don't be sang ea J ff fk down on he for Come sa sown and de ers fens Im cur duck yard of —frorrang | ere Te on duck yard of fee nang |= eon — oe ~ a KM BBS “ ‘erescendo poco @ poco a We crescendo poco a poco ed we erescendo _poco_@ poco } Lommannnnane a) TOC OP ees HONK! motto rll Very Siow Brighter Of fk downon the A+ Of fol downon the farm ¥ Not: Sound ani lat the epee ant give county Maven, ‘nd to give the sound ral atk, 1. Poultry Tale Jsc100 DIALOGUE HONK! 2. THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD. (da, Maureen) DRAKE: Anyway, must fy Bright but steady J=114 all, DRAKE (comunver Da: “ ‘I romised be Rooser ha 4 teiphim count hs eickens. “Well where else do you suppose ging tobe? Shall [se you back bese?™ staccato REDE ob 5. atempo poco rail, nck: Wen you're etek Sor aiteting ia the middle of your nest Then Wkest You get bowed staccato 9. atempo ral Dmke On the lke I can sce him through the shes All the cme fet-ing Ym "om ig -noved AANMAAAAAARTRAORAR EA | PuIdvauauvuyTT CUUCTTUUUUD HONK! 13, 17, H, 26 freety don't pre tend tat thie is all is doning— ‘Starting steady d= 0.80 when you accel. poco Jong ved ‘eae accel. poco a a at pier pat er OF = poco sit ere ind = ing my poco} bee hae a alt, 24 ‘00d gold — en brown 9 Tm 4 sick- er forthe bling and the coo-ing ut re 2. The Joy of Motherhood oa oes mat ~ ter How con = ant by 1 Hoxn 30, (accel) | 5, itr mosso ——— op = en witeing for fog ‘Those i= edock= tings. walk = ng round in 4 — mem me, OOM MO AMARA AAeAe MMi HONK? 2. The Joy of Motherhood ‘Those ite he perks that make it all. teem won = while would To get my ducks decked out and iv - ing in ij [Dialogue over} ‘MAUREEN: Moming. 143° IDA: "Morning, Maureen.” etc F sempre staccato F ses UGS t Ite HONK! 2. Te Joy of Momncinaa (Q:MAURERN “all thse lovely Hie ducklings” Po EE ‘meno mosso poco a poco p b> (MARMARA AARMARHAAA HONK! 2. The Joy of Motherhood 29, molto rall. AES (Q: BOTH ide te Ca Wy do we putourecves trough ic a. "ER PTT FF Fe Starting steady J =c.80 mp a when you hear that dib=Ble dab ~ Me You'e prod 1a say "Hey, thas my sab = ble" Then 85 accel poco a poco nf vos tire | champagne “Crts yout ‘watch dir maiden Sey-age ovL— from the nN N VULDUDD UDI E ES TTT et Se then te 95... (accel) : ‘ HONK! 2. The loy of Mothethood gi, (accel, poco a poco) 3 ‘hem bob = ing of Accomp = aa = "ied by moth = ert sb - big Re lieved, pitr mosso. Those] t= de dock-tings walk-ing found an the Joy : ‘Those it = te duck Sings walking roond ia & mamma eee eM HAHAAKRRAAHAR GI HONKY 2. The Foy of Motherhood 403 roth er Sy 0 do My best at bringing wp | mine try we do my best at bring= ing ap TL doy bese 109 tee pris Oar make it al seem. wart —while DCCC eee Aeat a A HONKY 12 ug 2. The Joy of Motherhood To get ty ducks decked cur and liv” ing The exgs1ep. CEPLE StF F The girs ten. ea ee. Te ceitap coin Te stieret fun Oth ne . 1 4 Ceca tre =r caSrF Ee The egg hack one by one SS Sea SS 2AamnenaaRhanRaR 2. The Jay of Motherhood e ae & & Se > LLEMOOROOON OP OPO QOL ODN HONK! molto rall. Very Broad(way) tle pecs eatimake it i a 1ie= de pecs: thatmake it all. seem worthwhile Ho poco rit, Showtime J= 100 2 The Joy of Motherhood AAMRMAARARAAARAAMAAMAARARARAD HONK! 2. The Joy of Motherhocd ZB vIALogue - 25 TUTTI ‘icant acne tienen HONK! 3, DIFFERENT (Pre - Reprise) (ida) DRAKE” wai forme!" (DRAKE & DUCKLINGS EXEUNT) ADA SIGH) Thoughtful dee B What 2 olla = By good fer keeping 7 2 3 ral, (On the whole. they Ive alwys Been mote om = i = fort fi ~ 2 6 poco rall. a tempo 607= crn et net = a = e S € 4 6 € € € € € 6 6 ¢ « é q 6 6 6 q 4 a ‘ “7 Dp eg = shells wan mysterious (poco pits mosso) 26.90 ‘This one's diferent fiom the cet r HONK! 3. Different (Pre ~ Reprise) poco rall, —3I— 13 poco rall. ere st. Tt HONK! i i y A ARR MARAHR ARO RAAAR G.A:MiAA HONK! 4, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH da, Ugly, Fish) (Q:1DA: “st 095d nd you shold take tot ke. oks him) yon sould ke wc Playful Je. % = ike the most bap= py fel= a While TER? lke che cap.pere You keep pad al-ing.-—- with your Map-pers Whe. Seem — Ing sien = ing z 4 me t rT t CCCI HONK! 4, Hold Your Head Up High 1 Ter Fe eb Ptr oe eo BIB REP? r cr BUF Piu mosso yw deem of ARH MADRNRMAMAMARAMAARRANS 2, ‘awd wad = y, Watch dar ed = dy to your ght molto staccato . tt? 2 4 vay: pgrset EE {00% Fishing? Dan-zger sign Tavs Gsheing tne Which smn = gies f ESET? AFITTS BOCRIITDIIN hha HONK! 4, Hold Your Head Up High 3, mip aside) He's a mot-ur- al in aches of is = mp it ish Ja 15 0 ron poco rit, Bossa-is 0 you Youtave fev- ery rat on to | Holt t HONK! 4 Hold Your Head Up High $3, 3m 3 ‘As if [See Som a toab- fos Yoor | back Bus my tou-om's in bubbles You keep w=tke eclap-pers Fast | keep with your fap-pers Wii ike he cap-pers ut heer with your Aap-pere White 3 PPP RRAAARAARLERA HONK! 4, Hold Your Head Up High ‘Tempo I (pi mosso} ‘s Jae.80 MS wy = HONK! 16, Mon dolce etegaie 4, Hold Your Head Up High is Fairground (FISH DIALOGUE OVER THIS) % é a aA An nea ea AR 2A BA BA BK AKA AK KL KK \ TOCOD DD DEI EO DH HONK! 98, joy Submarine Whats gif oor ly wis i fe t:2Pe Ie to dit 4, Hold Your Head Up High atte Bu as That | duck - lings. would wy | evi = aning with less i f 7 Toot uk + Ung wouldiy swim = ing wi Jee pF a 2, 2 35 HONK! 4. Mold Your Head Up High poco accel. pitt mosso d=. 86 mp Ws a AT could mas = er Not'm act, Teawid Your legs est sche 30 6m all dav feel fresh as a dai ~ 5 No they don't are you cra — 2? MAMAMANAARAARAREOR AERO AHP | HONK! 4, Hold Your Head Up High may - be now my | ta - by we shew sont P ‘Would one lap of ihe lake Be OK? eee et EES [EEF EEF ss + * = “This is Anacioes~ ing! | He sins bt eran CviotuIniottrh HONK! 4, Hold Your Head Up High rall, molto Broadly J=c.78 (Give me arent Jost one engin ten.ond || Mola your Line the fos hop = py fel tn White | down Le wie most ip py f2= te White down PEPE ter Must jteop = als ingle ike me clip-pers Jost ster Most heep T= Sog— Tike the clap-pene Jase, os OMAHA AAMAADARAMRRAMenne TUR aaah HONK! 4,Hold Your Head Up High ad tg pede l= ing with your Map = pete Le poveseennenentnnnnny uM containdd excitement pg) EEF EEF EEF sp LEFEEF paddy "EEF EEF VEEP EFF ee HONK: 4, Hold Your Head Up High z DIALOGUE, ‘fever HROAMRAANRAARAAAAARAAAAAAHRE PCOSR OST thHithh HONK! 5. LOOK AT HIM (Ida, Drake, Ugly, Henrietta, Turkey, Cat, Grace, Maureen, Ducklings) (Q:IDA: Drake! Dan’ sare at hint” Moderato + J=0.90 nf BUCKLINGS] Leo at fit mplDA] freely Now den.eit-ren, let's ot make 2 3,4 iam (me ‘A Yousurehe's eal Iy fone of ws? me. Fomrily tke-ness is = ot oof ‘ poco rit. Freely Sal you wor’ poke fm a OF you must get ab~ ong, 41 HONK! 5.Look At Him pit mosso J=c. 105 2 DRAKE,“ yue'satwiey" IDA.“He' no ute, He ous the water™ EF EFEF IDA. “See, he dida'teven neh! Come along al f you now, DRAKE: “Camber sauce fotiow me: But stay close ro re at all ies you may get 43, trodden oa CFEFEFEF A firmly funky march da0.96 I”, And be ~ woe of te Ca! (They waddle off i procstion) SARE (or lad tof bay x» Sm Look a fim Legs ae ban dy sod the Roete are knocked SE = 2 HMAMARAAHMAAARAARARAR AREAS S UUCCU ECU U Tee aaa HONK! 5. Look At Him 23, (DUCKING Dadwas ob-veossnly egesell shocked Bet the neighbour scream aod howl CF £F : . ova» 2 a aun Whentbey see our brood Hes thefouteesteat er fowl Whyare you so rie EFEFER CTE EROS 0), ng DERN Looks bi Looks saat teen tadehy sqesied Usk it hm AIL Me fearon shouitte o " “l wi . Anthemic J =c. 106 3, mp (ake the scoot coi) Theme prob ~ lem = ting seeme 3 HONK! 5. Look At Rim, y | aE Gd uy Tes his beak. it needs abroce | Jost 10 teep st | sraight 4 DUCKLING 4 “n't obvious? 4g _ mp (EET) eso “3 “DUCKLING 1: "Hise you seen your efeton?” 5 aed ‘Why do 1 makeyou all hugh $s mf BOCELINGS| ‘Why don't we play th Be -cause you's’ scare hem ci La MR Aannf. HONK! 5. Look At Hiro re . soma (Ce ents: ‘Wah, wah ahah ah wah a, ah, a, wa, wah EFEFir|: ), MAURER. De, Waa De eg hatch om sigh. (ie wes Uely) 2 Tip as she doce), Poco meno mosso J=<.96 Soy ORE ‘Come oa, 12-2 tel oe what went wrong? Dis you leave hie in the olla vace olla vace ™p | udemie you for yourpluck —Srict = Is eat= re aos colle voce 45 e HONK! SiLook Atm 3 Atempo J 106 , MAUREEN" tou ese. He muy te no pla-up duck Nia ‘heard the children from the farmtiouse ae thowing French ea inn ihe wate, Tesounds es cic. ont want to ming cat” | SAESTY 4 Steadier J=0.96 “6 Lb _ oo ier ookat him Yourd~mit be iz a | bi ex-meme? f DRCKLINGS) Now out par~ ente will ear Look a bin usta varie atcon | on a theme 1 don't want to see my son ub bing He's a wale ag ly sling ’ legate d € eé & e € e Ee € e€ e€ Ee e € € e e HONK! 5. Look At Him Way ie tat eveery-one 25, : tf rp wena Leck at BUCRENGS OES ff Peck! Peck! Peck! Peck!) ate to be pich-y But the ck, Peek Pook! Jookt 8 t-te bit dick = yt Boke Did you ever se a SS = ———— Pig with wings? ‘Look 8 him Both Don'igen- el iet do the sang + est things? at sme 5 = = = = = = = HONK? 87, Trereae times you Dave tee evel 19 be Rind Gobble oogh ath Whatelse would ex plain hie Jocks EP ir gt? rr TURKEY. “ineepevenone. sonore theft” FUREY] Look at his oeshe have is giles Being quite s0 rough? 5. Look At Him ‘Lookat in He's an p= Jy” ane there Gobbi laugh a in ide ove? = ss = Howen este wil gourmet costs PHRAMAARAMARARKRAHAARARAARE HONK! 5, Look AC Him (DUGKLINGS S TURKEY = HENRIETTA poco accel, DRCKLINGS TURKEY = HENRIETTA) athim,book at us, See he | ait erence Fe tockathio.tok ates, See the dit rence nf EERE Leokst hm, fock a: ue, Where's Some-imer we find oof TURKEN $ Lookat him, look a, Where's Some-tines we find J * F * per CAT: Now THAT'S what Fea sacks" UUCCIIITH HONK! S.Look At Him Coo! & Jazzy - colla voce J=¢.80 JQ _mp{cai} Lockat him . Stil 2 ducking bt there's much mae! ‘Look at him Figest estfood hat 1 _—— Beicuer al be won't be mised, From the things they aay Ww rall, Tempo Te accel, J=110 Maybe eye meat set 1g BUIBMIY seycey: now 2 momen you ib press Het Grace eos dng Duck one city 7 Po wit) + jE mp DHMH AMRAMAMRAHARAMMRAAMAARE COTO at HONK! 129 Ing 1 130 5. Look At Him ‘She was once pied with» Mandarin. and you wll noice that she fas ned od of oth round her eg.” DRAKEE:“Should ic aol be EF ritsird. Genter ‘orange fora Mandarin? Yo know, Mandarin Orange.” TURKEY: "that's the greatest distinction a Dock can enjoy. It means that she (stocked up w by both men and unas” IDA: “Now, don't tam your tes, ost bow you heads politely and sy “Quek! ral. Slower J=..86 atempo fe0.98 Pe 2 si HONK! 5. Look At Him es) Now pe ra lacing oor pot = 0 ~ raph 7 war Jon ims ag = ine how he's Moti- & Net-we must have} bad 9 Inogh Th sway he's que 9p EF re 137 nf (ORARE TORREY HEN MAURER] Look a hin A reteat-Son one shout] see~ er eS mi fa done shoot | sever eet 7 = pestsing | Look at him No. na... na ook 2 im Nenana pate, I» PHPRHMRHRHRRAARAARAARAAAR SL HONK! 5. Look Ai Hien 149 op Pocorit. He ie gew-ay in wit-[ovo er ne dor oh He [really ews by a wom = former he dos ob gets Joe — ye Na mamal He ie saw hy in wht ov er be does, oh He real - ug ty ois eau fad Passionate Do you srevwhsivow've done? You're to rf Thit dick yan. would be se ime cS A E = = = rE = i= B= HONK! 5. Look At Him molto rall. 169 (any angry gobtlenlhuckstuacks os everyone tects I's hese) a Broadly J=086 yp ATT EH [Look st him And be hanh-fol that be'r| not your ia LS (CRS) But we've get PAAAARAMRA LRA S ise [ C lemnnann sa CCC CTO U TTT HONK! 159 Rowdy work designed shock [wonaEN BURKE (Inaocensy) 5, Look At Him He thould om s —@~ lo Nook ‘An=yewbereyao look will be less Ti sok wt you, You'll agree “aae}= here you KOR lle ese a At Ha a HONK! 5. Look At Him, DAHMAN AMOMARHHHMAAAHAARE PITT CTCCTIDIIT TIT HONK! 6, DIFFERENT (Ugly) UGLY! “What's wrong with hat? Qu. HONK Qu..Qe.. Qua. HONK Colla voce J=80 mf (Uae mp Tey knew. fst how dearly T would love 12 quuHONK! But its ue — I'm a bird who eeemsto A poco rall. Gently J=6.90 poco ri a tempo: Jack the bao hfe ere sné who can Ulame thom went-Ipg me To find amsotheer nd? tu tot tod & & HONK! 6. Different Hy, poco rit, iff-erent ie wteauah~ 9 So why should Seng diferent ke me tr is pits mosso poco ral, atempo a Fm jas aff exert They’ He pest Com esame pod No wonder they make fon of me Life's bard ~ er when you're odd Bur differen ieen't sear y 2» poco ace, poco rit of, Ditfeecemt is no threat And Gough F'n all ele bot ~ er $ i AAMRHHAARAARHAHAHARAAMAAAE HONK? 6. Diffesent uM itr mosso loose (9 ok this way dda want to be wt-igue ton ike these grbby featere And wf TTT TTT runt ia er ~ iy liter One block sep = 30. all, a tempo ral. of more resolved ‘when you Inow i's you Some -bow your c= go ubes » Rooek Fm jon dif ovat a warmer gr | if su have 2 seme of pride My Tooks iy well be fanny Bur | hun he sila in-side CUCsvIoIaItn a HONK! 6. Different Different leew spe ~ fit So why is it soar to get ae = & e € « € € » « € 40 poco accel, rit, Broadly 1 only want to get al = on Pes } ; Pm. HM 44 rit. Slowly P Differene isn't heel Different cooldbe swe — ——~ 4“ molto ral, tenderly PARR AARARAD GM —___ Ste 1 “ SHORT DIALOGUE ie HONK! 6A. FRENCH TING! (instrumental) Q:UGLYS" We appro be ray no Fach” a #28 cartons Arornge™ f ‘SHORT DIALOGUE 6B. DO TELL MAMA (Instrumental) @ VOLY: “Wel ifyou're suse" CAT: “Tin quit sre” Fast 4 J=0. 144 Fine clase ——__— noun akounp, mp (Quo some outs GRACE: "an apology sin ode fom you Two." {DIALOGUE OVER: TURKEY: “Why'sitealled a crest0n.c7 —————— ROUND & ROUND) ————~-— ROUND & ROUND 5 a "tae ’ 1 fs PPS eS oo Ipc ne’ net Hers oe Dus mine he (he goeT GT {DIALOGUE CONTINUES] Que came avs GRACE: “And conte ROUND & ROUND a TH Spooky J=<.110 5 ln fom te accel, poco a poco mos : A ae | — (accel, poco a poco) Madly J=180 Jo TIN’, Sy : R ca SHORT DIALOGUE, Cy MOH HAHRAAARAARAAAARAMRRAARE HONK! 7, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD (Cat, Ugly) (G:CAT. Not my mer tough, she was differnt Do you know what dy uted to say to me™ a You can smtch the antique farm~ i-ne. to sharpen up your clus You on re) colla voce throughout verse “ ~ amp lage mc e cush-ions if. youre ore shut in-doors You can dig up all the Dow ers from the havin _| MF oe fies Iy plan = of Reds Ang wih amie leu of elth-ing i's ©. -K. to pill eomertrends But 1 = a TA eee Bat —_ HONK! 17. Play With Your Food 10, olla voce | BRR MMA MAM MMO ARMM AMAAAAD Ba. B rm dellclousty dangerous J.= 130 site, ‘You san play with. your . , food. besfore you. 5 You can chiv-vy your chow before you chew tang F POLE ply with your food you can't HONK! 17. Play With Your Food ey with your ick. before the rune You can play wit your food why ———— a eo : - Ee Ss poco pit mosso 4.= 146 cera=y I= te gare called Con moto #.= 156 2 CATS" So tell me, Dacky, what woNld you like to ply? Ht can be anyshing SS ee bP iF mp 65 HONK! 36, 40, ot tll your mother” Presto t= 140 pul-dle 19 the pod-dles Dab-ble i the mid Chate the pot- Iy-woge im the shal - lowe. mayote iihme's ane Go gp and chy a ragcon Aly Watch wet= er boat=men rece Te say at cae ave dan geroure i fs alas dag 7. Play With Your Food rall. OLY: “Anytlog? ... Welle. Fa ike te RARE sliding in Ge slime To the manh where yoo fd marsh mal fou. di fi 2 mann maar mea ARAARRAR | SCSI IDIIIIthtth HONK! 56 7, Play With Your Food freely > et play a game ma’ sep and $1, et-ernb-ly with some-thng ia the Kiesy— You san jet wit sour af play wih your food. bat don't “ble Atempo J.=120 (deliciously dangerous) play eth your food besfore jin. before you die a HONK! ‘You can play with your food. before you gulp. ite, ese with your meal before. you munch ‘You can play with your food x pits mosso Jen 146 eras ry Hit te game called an sch! ral 2, Presto J=140 We cod 0 rushelng im te rush = of Dash-ing down a dich ae 7. Play With Your Food SMPMMAMANMARAARHRARARARARAAKE thee pulp ic Find a ind of ghce Wiese Hs | 102 og ey Then ~ And rom = ise 7. Play With Your Food ‘make 2 Biede comp chat ie secretive and damp Far me an my if he th = er ducks lings want to come and join our games They rit, fist To stop eal ing me names $000 8 1 ave got my mop kin quasi Piano Concerto BS to HONK! 409 Prestissimo (in 4) 4-220 Protsces . . aay Slower - spooky Jeno mp sempre stace. 7.Play With Your Food RAR AMA A fe f PPR ARAHAAAAAT HONK! 7. Play With Your Food pe ny with your food before you eat You eta chiv-y your chuw befine yo be in HH ‘ HONK} 7. Play With Your Food 38 Ply with your food you anit ew Fe iok = y dick = y ack y ack y tm, ja tf SS sauce yack yucky, dec yk me pay wath yoo ‘You can playin your food be for you annownnat. poco rit, Swing it: sudden rit, J all, molto rall, cas ay 7. Play With Your Food tr lit= de game DIALOGUE a HONK! 7A. LOST sly) Q.UIGLY: Oh no, cyte coming in, gremee Allegro J=140 SOPSTGC tm uti cated Wet ae goon wn” UGLY:“Oh PLAY FOUR TIMES, emmy (Esc sonar beg] [Toe st forthe CAT's nr dnappeea) VOLY!*Now, wat it right atthe Cow Steg and ram et 8 5 ae > ae > s (& === = P 1” PRPRPRARAAARAARLARARERAT Ae | rut UUCUGUueourod HONK! 22. 16, TA. Lost the Renbouse, of. . oh #0, We pasted pig's) ough, e's right, 1 remember the smell, and there wat a waterbut he wouldn't fet me swim in, and... no, Tim sure it was deft past she Cow Shed aa 44 pad cle in the pod = dies“ Dab- bie ia the rod [A006 BARES FoRGcICUN UGLY RUNS Hack} a a | ee Chase Be pol= ty =woge he allows Be £2 epee UGL-"Ch deat ‘SHORT DIALOGUE 75 HONK! 8. THE ELEGY (Company) GDA Now, off oro” Adagio J=16 ase s P C An ee = te mood dex fers the farm , pee » 2 2 An ge = sie mood des =cends the farm fe serms 0 strangely gui = et PHORM MHAAAAATAROM AAO Renae Fo at More rooghage rumour is the Cat has ad More soughoage ine gi set a Y be 4 = ig i SOP ge yl roy CUCETC dri HONK! 8. The Elegy (ops nave melody) ‘thas [femmes have £ That feats have 19 . ‘MAUREEN: “I don't mean tobe fade, sited a hops Taye tit ter [my ere ed is, bu the desertion? "(DIALOGUE CONTINUES] HONK! qa: "No. he's out there somewhere, proabiy omir wa back ght now” mp Foor 16-0 ts oor [sym spatiries ™p —— Powe Hoe bw ot spaces w een 37, rail, a tempo A 1 oP | 1 We cS T v T find cath = er [aie t-cath 6 [ayer - IP (Men have melody) to ay Fonswol = ing hinge | b Ee e € e& e€ e€ e€ e € € « € € € HONK! 8.The Elegy Dock Hing espe Be | nesta n= gels [wings ly Dick-ling seeps | Be = nest an an = gels wings To fight he Up ~ Jy Buck -ting sleeps P To -aigt the Ug - iy Dock —ling Heys Slowly, DEAD SEGUE NO.9 i ° oe HONK! 9, EVERY TEAR A MOTHER CRIES (ida) : DEAD SEGUE FROM +2 Andante J = 100 . poco rail. a PWPRAARAARARARKR AL AM RAAF A. mi, um cond Tex pee you te ap = pear = r Gal my name But Hk your voice dat Thea j 2 (ee 2 ? eo ome ot me = meee at Bey oe ser 9. Every Tear a Mother Cries Every dy vill sem wp be more emp- fy than the fas 81 od iu k ~Zeeeuesusy 5 UCUCVUeueuuus Hl g » 9 Every Tear a Mother Cri tie UUuuouuuu eit HONK! 56, molto all. ‘eles aden thats wasted all, jt 9, Bvery Tear 8 Mother Cries Very free Every tear amatbeer td dy SEGUE NO. 94 HONK! 9A. GOOSE MARCH (instrumental) Slow March Tempo /=80 J [DOT AND GREYLAG ENTER] s (DIALOGUEOVER] GREVLAG: Now where have they goto?” (DIALOGUE CONTINUES) =F iad oe Fey f E PRAM AM AAA a © RR A AA HONK! v7, 20, 9A. Goose march {DIALOGUE CONTINUES) . F DIALOGUE CONTINUES AS MUSIC FADES CUT BY ROUGHLY - OREYLAG. "2. Very well DIALOGUE 85 HONK! 10, THE WILD GOOSE CHASE (Greylag, Dot, Snowy, Bamacles, Pinkfoot, Ugly, Cat) (@ GREVLAG:”. and I ksow you wil give of your very bet. Gon Ink, men” Allegro marziale (swung quavers) ¢ =148 FA AME of 5, mp i T sempre staccato eR RAAF. squid = ron will sbowe na fone I im = MNGaGh the mind toggles Ths gag + le in gogestes Is Soe ae Ce @ Foe Ro caps ape aeR AeA ee 10. The Wit Goose Chase np CEA ee 10 find your heme Run = way ear Pre-pure for the 5 legato iu mp staccato 2 ia T fear his cab in phe are th = er 2 np SEER ot oe = - - & s = Chocks o-way Our ale dls sly an ta UUCUUe eer i HONK! 10, The Wild Goose Chase ites ip Powe Ie fon te ‘And our sis ple iss Jon pos it~ jon she Foe sempre staccato won't be back uml we've found fess wee own i= 16 Kiig-dom came We wan't be back uot we've found yoor es _ _ it t n 1 OP eMHHAHRAARRRARRARAAant HONK! 10, The Witd Goose Chase DOT: "But we dont know where hisfsm i, dear, How ae we going plan ‘I the rower “Dost ravine” DOT: “That's wae was (56, OREVLAG: “Done wony 1 aig Dot Ths of BQGAB) sempre sieceate nN i é We a ask less take Bo) we ask who could do ak nell ae wet UUCCe oui HONK! 10. The Witd Goose Chase $6, BARNACLES:“Exeuse me, sr. Bulut sdvancing fom he rer" GREYLAG: “Wha? | think we've spoken hefore on the subject of yout spect, Barncls. Get ‘em chekes, Brushes do ot advance, One of the hings they are mos: famcus for being rote wo the sp.” 75, ROUND AND ROUND UNTIL Q ee CAT: Hello Duchy. nought "Sos you" GREVLAG: “Sind back orf peck” CAT: “Ooh, be il ny aushng legs I'm goingto be ey - - Gt —— 3 = a p,, (spi anal PPHAMRAMRAHRAAHRARAR HARA FAP UCCSU oat HONK! 10, The Wild Goose Chase LVOLY:-What are yor doinghere?” CAT: “What ae finds fr I've come a take you home, your mothers crying en someting fear 100 | 105, UGLY: "My mother). you've saa my mothe?” CAT, “Ofeoure. She seat me wo fetch you. Special envey" CGREYLAG: “Linen here, Ct min command aro here snd my sdron fas ker peronal checge “1 of the Ducklig’s safe set to his moter.” CAT: “Well would" uy ying athe momen. Haven't toco ror: 7 Trt: sou ease guns” OREYLAG: "Ve wilt commence manoewstes 38 50603 he shecing Fay ise” SNOWY: "'s thee pa bo swe Aly we want oa, hb” PR Pert pear erry i GREYLAG: Silence i he ana” SNOWY “Lil joe, sc” CAT, “Maste coud be of aessee. Pll yo ove tote show’, ‘hen wil et you low whe they ae pacing up or the dn." 2 Lod HONK! 10, The Wild Goose Chase GREYLAGE “Very wel, and no funny hosness. know severe] CAT: sik aking eandy froma baby ~ ‘rays to sin your pe.” uy i io min) atempo psp SRE a poco rall, ‘You may tink i Yoda that a aqued Such as -clemtsl four cae pereform wie | rte 92 sndwe'l prove ths Sem naMAMAMHRRRARAARAAHe TUGSIoIttH . | HONK? 10. The Wild Goose Chase 125 Ev I 3 — Av [oid jngihe ack-sck We' | search for this quack-quack And 120 OREYLAG: “Company presen paper {Company preset comb” GREYLAG: "We ae about te fae our mos peliou: mission w dave, Teed hardly 2 08 te sk aselved oof he Ute poe tat we 135 mp SQUAD MINE WOR ay Rave wy Dot ute GR utr dr dtr doe [Come + paper ted tamper sound 93 u u Wo bk ba bad Ld HONK! 10, The Wild Goose Chase ‘Pause for Solo Com and Paper) GREYLAG (cam. “As we yom glory. wea yeu fo hoow how very prod 14m ofthis squadron, wy te Date ste | SORE dutvardabel unr cuter aur bohe Cue f SONNY mp EADY Ba tab babe ba ts, (yas Ree s0fF upper beak. men, sd remember oor mot Semper vor nn pte fis rs. [Date duke debe aor | eotr dur dite date [dar BOT “Coad aermon foie snd enslemen, Me mame is Ty. am cnmrseninr ah aan wat on eb 15} pp SQUAB] (Son vose- no comb & oper 0...) (é 94 MRM AAAANAKARAK MARA AAA Ae | UUUEUUNUUETT UU ue HONK? 10, The Wild Goose Chase ike to melome you to thi afemoon's Might from Boggy Mlarslando some fr fan frm, We wil be cessing a an shitude iss sq ToNeRMeetand ying in aerate maton, ech way veo an merge nadie. 3 =e tom BSAC Sabon tom bom bom Sie 3 ‘ea that you observe ese procedwes hat we have teem trough s0 many, many simes before. an & ‘oR ta bem bom bom bom bom a bom bom bom Bom bom 3a Wehope you ive a pleasan journey. and hank yu for chosing Geote Ait. "The Fay Sie oY {sess prorat, 2 | { A HONK! 10. The Witd Goose Chase nF g PPR AAARAAAAARKARAAR ARAL AAe pit mosso 175 (CAT. “The out che. won't. be bck neil we've Found. P stace, (except top line) ‘They're puting svay thei guos” GREYLAG: “Are yousure” CAT:*On an of my lives” GREYLAG “Gos, Aight men. Fina check BBQ Qe aoe ‘On, ander'¢a parachuweforyeu” —CAT."R, forme” GREYLAG. “You don't think 7 going fo lenve you hee wiih he Duhon do you? Ot no, poss, you're ean wilh” DI gg a { Pause only Sp io > 96 CUU euro HONK! 10. The Wild Goose Chase CAT One G BS Tier” + I wings ae speed was Se dow delay 7 oe HONK! 10, The Wild Goose Chase Dambusters J= 113 199. , FURL ‘They're off to ty and find te|tarm Anduhen they've found the | farm, tay" find my mum And we wl nd = ing imepend sing Wj we ean ly - sate is With & hap ~ py With a taps py end Ing impend - ing 1 we can to = cate his nest, ae aneaaneneaRRARAMRARABAAAane HONK! 208 219 (poco accel.) J=130 PH bewalt-ng| come pitt mosso = 136 Ff 10. The Wild Goose Chase foodie pip old We} won't be back 29 Con moto J = 146 HONK! 10. The Wild Goose Chase ‘won't be back un-til we've| found. SF aan os SO (ERO ot Fovnd VERY SHORT DIALOGUE Semana HAHARAARAARAARARE HONK! 11. ACT ONE FINALE (Hold Your Head Up High - Reprise) (Ida, Ugly) (VOL: “He uid he people ad put aay ter Bs. {Gh Masn, whe sou now” ‘Andante flebile 1=96 Pp igh pL Ws not alwaysso ea = sy Hold colla voce A 'y ) poco pi mosso = 108 which eens say = ing You're 0g = Ip Far 10 0 THI ttt th oom ay e HONK! 12. Act One Finale oe poco meno mosso ROUND AND ROUND unt Q 1s rit, (DIALOGUE. IDA: “Tey wandestnd, dear DRAKE and (DA) meth ows aE. Driving 4 = 112 2 {vi seateh every pont wil seachey ere Df {wilsearch every pond 1 will searcher ere oAR ARMADA MARHMAMAARanann Tt ECCT HONK! 11, Aat One Finale ‘aod te broadest of tuys Tn the widest of |2akes emus ‘And she broadest of bays Inthe widest of Takes rus ‘White you ate mes ing. 2, rall. ith out you Wik oe yoo C 103 t tod ti Lo ts Li HONK! 11. Act One Finale Broadly J=108 ne Eve dey : ff ARMA AAKE ' fA Hl tt i fp atempo | eyeey mo = ment yonte ti | PPM nAnAAAnane : : HONK! 55, 27, rail. li 11. Act One Finale Animato! = 120 oy, veo. == mp eH np ——— Jest know = ing youre Loa Lod Lk tod 3k SUUUEU | Fs Ib 11. Act One Finale oe Will lp me HONK! $9 URBUUEUEUES | web € 5 q rit. vé@ HONK! 11, Act One Finale. Brisker Threatening J=98 [Bese inthe doorway the looming shaw of the OLD WOMAN} 5 @ poco rit. f =? 2 END OF ACT ONE tht HONK! Presto J=c.150 Act Two 11A. ENTR’ACTE, (Instrumental) QRAFrAANMANANnNnnannanaAnanne TUUCU UU at HONK! 1A. Enacte VOICE OF THE OLD WOMAN: “You two goon indoors I'm going i sweep up the leaves fom the font path” of UGLY: "Oh 90, people person!” (QUEENIE and LOWBUTT enter) ‘OLD WOMAN: “Ill be in Inter to give you a dish of eream. (QTOEND: "I fancy brown oe, wih speckles” [DIALOGUE OVER} a & DIALOGUE HONK! 12. IT TAKES ALL SORTS (Queenie, Lowbutt) [G:LOWBUTT: “Queen and are domesticated, you see” iso J= 170 . (aeENie Allegro preciso saan mp TLowben fre lower if possibe) ies all sons ta make world mp sempre staccato fakes it son to make a woskt no PRARAARANAAAAHAARAAAAKRATAS HONK! 12, It Takes All Sons rood and ibe er al Pill sostenuo fakes ll son “to shake a word e's mrs: ‘py, QUBENIESSo,you shouldbe ra that we re eenbthring to eer into converton wt iff like yous. You see Low. ‘so named because of an obvious deficiency in he leg deparment,.Lowt ie manna mos particular about whom she chooses to speak 0 26, | | mw =o == = =_3 == = = == HONK! 12. IeTakes All Sorts LOWBUTT: “And might tel you that Queene is downright snobish when it comes o soil intercourse with poultry. 1 count myself most 30 34 2 34, forsunate that our common interest in needlepoint has rendered us such close friends.” ox 2 Fo = = sempre staccato ou - ven riche Our per ~ feet niche is here onthe set = tee ow - 2 rrr mmmsmmmmmsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme PHAARAANAAAARHAAMAAAHARAES Cee eT uuu UCU uuu yaa HONK! 12. It Takes All Sons 27, LowauTy) vide the world keeps chang ~ ing legato 51 rall. poco a poco oes - n't suit dom = es - tie “folk Ws best left for you ducks = ore iL ay ~ atempo 5s wor takes al font to make & takes all sons us (== HONK! 12. It Takes All Sons $9 3 2 2 , 63, Ft vaste in good and | ib-er-al Our [views are well ex | pressed | onmmnannaaennannanannanne me edad Hed On mas e-em a fee ee ad es? «3 of pitt sostenuto 5 | F staccato <> Tes ju chat jase that 24 i na SHORT DIALOGUE HONK! 13, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH (Reprise) (Ugly, Queenie, Lowbutt) Re foiniaing eae Look sus all a-sind « dle As it ad | ead y watcha | of = dso oo yon night (EE omp haveing a pad = dle Teh say be e's had soo much sun ns CUCCUUUUUIT HONK! 13, Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) 10, nf Dan ger ign Thats | ish — ing tne ERE my | RBUT A ng This is mak - ing me que - oy don't find it m0 en = oy Cet LES Tee ee etee peeeey seang-tes it Jang ~ tex youup figh rap (QUEEN) This is hard—ly what 1 would eal fon 1s un-satur- al » I he Should vis it the vet nf UG Se This is woneder ful 6 SPMAMAANRNARHFAAABRMAARAMRAAAC GOogagoua 1 } UUCCUUUUITT HONK! 13, Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) ae ite best tobe | wet me Mind the molto rit. slightly broader 27, way F and Vivo i der-ens of rinenles and 2 bee | way |= Tan) 7S ce = <= Thovgh f+ fering my ppl Keep pd ding HONK! 13, Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) | RAR ARAN AAA DAT A AAA . the clap ~pers Just keep pad dl- ing with your fap -pers While seem = ing i poco rall. to be | dram ing. Gently - sweetly Cae 47, (QUEENIE & LOWBUTT avin” wit UGLY) again \ us BUVVIVU CTU CTU uuu HONK! Big and splashy 13, Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) SEED {The simming Hessen ends homie. HONK! 13, Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise)/ 13A. Tom Cat Sting [QUEENIE @ LownUTT _athr thei remaining igi. om a Allegro J=c. 160 ® st sone to make a | world ay SHORT DIALOGUE 134. TOM CAT STING (Instrumental) QUEM: Dit once Tm Cal” Sultry J-= 0.70 _— of VERY sHoRT DIALOGUE 120 PRA NMAMAHAAATHAAAAANKANMKE CUCSTU Uo et HONK! (@ LOWSUTT: “Oh no! There wil be ears before bed-ime!™ 14, TOGETHER (Cat, Queenie, Lowbutt) Free and raunchy mp d=, 80 (guide) we cold gt ‘edih of mil 2 (5B Sir 14 be de-tight-ed Thoughts tne you're serufl Butwhen one's had things ea-sy Ont lee aH of Lowa Tr wove at rush HONK! 14. Together Tempo di Puss on Heat J=c.120 n of the tee. we will to 2 RO np To - + ter PAPAAAAHAANMAAAAAAA ANAS TUU UU UU UU UU UU uuu HONK! ‘You'll te towing up fr balls 14, Together 14. Together witt cud ale fora | ean we will cud te fork eae Animato J=c.170 You could a vivo ~ in Sempre molto staccato 4 | mp un Mire yes forgot = ten der? The cin hee contined ‘That they can ft you ig be i, Youmeed fo be dewormed And wih your stat ay You al -most filed a pack SS SS SS = EEE = 4 HONK! 14, Together 54 mp 7 ‘So. may be you should go Wes on-ly fair 10 soy Thatshe is ath - er prone eee RN ‘To-canry par - acsites Her fur is not berown And. onthe hy ~giene front To be both frank and blunt mf Ws term te you don't know — AL ~ though 1 don't wish to Vette . to CI J] HONK! 14. Together re wit conquer all be will conquer all be ~ Be a 2 RRRARAHRAANAHAHKRRAAARAAMNAARE CUCU UTCUUT UT UU UU uuu uua) HONK! 14, Together Desperately /=c.170 82 mp LONBITT You bave w@ help me ot me We fook-ing pret = iy grim What will be come of me WF she should go with bint be ‘Shel ave me on the sell 127 HONK! 14, Together 95, ft = Oh dear, a= las, a lack The duckling has e5~ caped He won't have got that far IF you str mak ~ Sag wacks You're bound to hear tbe Jo of ‘And exch bin for your self ‘Tango di partire 103 Very grandly J= 120 Jee 140 with in your 128 , BUBB UUUUEUUTTUuuuuua HONK! 14, Together [he carhous QUEENIE, 3 suspendedashe decides... He drops her. J 2s Leo dlrse Jae To ge. ter ‘sempre colla voce a i re will ov-arseome this Dean = ache es 129 HONK! 14, Together pp of To| ge = ther ifnothing real-ly mf ther we've the strength 19 see it through To ge - thes ifnothing really By . mp a . we wilsay.ay, ay. To} ge - we will suy.ay. ay, To- ™p . 2 Fo- ede we wilaayey. aj. To~ ge = GE we wl ay Toe g < Eee be of i oF ja¢ Molto rall. By ‘Tempo di Puss pe wwe wil sty as me aed | sou 2 ther we will sy 38 me and you ow | Se ce | e € e e. € e& € eq Ee e e& e« | & Se c Ee é € 130 SEGUE UUUUUUIII CUCU UU UU UUUCU HONK! 15, THE COLLAGE (Drake, Ida, Company) APPLAUSE SEGUE FROM 114 rae, Moderato - swung quavers J= 110 legato - an old racklblues [Bas = Rhythm ony] mp My: mistake Was let-tng her go search ing— for my optional repeat — Yeah that one! = 7 ve spent weeks Filing. beaks Hear ing “Dad ~ dy, Dad - oj, Dad - 3)" Tm de = = HONK! 15, The Collage presied Roundthe nest Day and night — [BIALOGUE SCENE PLAYS HERE: DRAKE: "And what son of tne do you cl WS?) {gTO CONTINUE: DRAKI don't ake al the water ig enough” Pe Straight quavers When Ide asd she'd go Thad wo et “er ‘A. shame,be- cause this apron. suite her S a7 Tale Laconically J=c.94 Where's the 10 be done ‘Then when you think you've seen RA PRAARAAAAHANHKMKRRARARARARAANE ttibthunntnithheah HONK! 15. The Collage You find in ac ~ ual fact you'e back a square one Trer’s m0 in motheer~ hood Or there is, HS something | just ean tetr, Grete 2 Slowly ei Yet d= a somehow copes with all of thin And then. on top of hat she pus up with DRAKE: “Now what? HONK! 15, The Cottage With tired determination (stil J=¢.110) i Til war everypond I will earch every speama————— Ev ~ 38, ARAN LO HAS _ ‘Andie bod = et of bays inthe witext of Inher must be ' wai LPRPAARANAARARAR EB 8 Ps remiss = lag fom eye 46 ral. molto rall Wits wt you 134 CUUUTUUTUUIUUUUUUuUuuUud HONK! 15. The Collage Slowly J=c.78 pp WOH) 9, ‘Look at her It's ashame thatshe won't} face the fect ‘Look at her Can't she see the way the pp (as) Look a het_— Ie ashame that she won't face the fac Lok at her Cant she see the way the s 32 ‘TURKEY: “Well have you heard anything from Ida yet” DRAKE: “Yeah the pigeon dave se sacked? sxe sacked? note hit morning jst says Tm ere, Prat’ Botom’ I duno if thar's plac a if she's jus being cffensive.” SAFETY HONKY 15, The Collage $8 sp (RG Lok #1 RE Nech- ig. stakes ber trom ter [strong te lier rp (en Lock at her Not-iog shakes her strong te TDA" And he's show so high with $0, "nthe! characteristic hath” Look at MET W's So ford w come wo femme with pref Lookat her (GREYLAG: Sounds Ie tha squndly. He shar trough awhile go. Hay he shot ‘rough. st was us who were shot hough Pally rough short aor Tefsger” DOV" isk ou mean Waterloo, dear” 63 SARETY BAA AARARAAAANARRARAAAARAANAR HONK! 15, The Collage or SOLS WOMAN] So convinced she's ger ng Se con-vineed that she is get = img near Shemay be 8 Meer tae we ove psa 7 accel. pocoa poco EOWBUPT. “Tian Dock ho care te bese, trgedeuto bea Tara Cat ots of hows nat tnfeatheren | | HONK! 15. The Collage pis mosso J=«.90 of EOE 74, (accel. poco a poco) © Comman seme would PAA AAANANAARAAARAAAAARS HONK! 15. The Collage TDA: “And he was last seen traveling inthe direction of Moorland Farm.” CAT: “That's Nonh of herent?" IDA:"V¥es" __ ‘SAFETY ‘SAFETY (CAT: "How very ineresting.” IDA: “You!!™ Cat-a-clysmic J = c. 140 6 = Finp oi) PENNY rit. Help mel DIALOGUE 139 BUR eu uuu uuu uuu HONK! 16, NOW I'VE SEEN YOU sly) (@:PENNY: “Goode and hank you again 1 woa't forget you” [PENNY hogs UGLY and exe} PENNY (offing) Honk! [UGLY deubletakes and Tooks eonfured] UGLY [OVER THE MUSIC "Wears womlefl creature, What x wonderful beau rate Gently - not too slow Jee. 110 J OD 2 od aT |i mp | Le M MA ANNAnaNRAAAAAnnanne I) al Avestruck ve seen but-ter-fles on biue-ells Dishing in the dew snd, ° Vveseen them 130 & MCCGDODCUUICCC UU uuuue HONK! 18, umn Fall=ing leaves of ca = ding Spackling in the igh =F fom mom-ing sil = ery shade and hue poco rit. you Mae i 16. Now I've seen You quite free 1 thought knew what a tempo Ve seen waterfalls eas ™ Be. sel fies that dance their “CL rain -bowsreach-ing 141 HONK! 16, Now I've seen You y= wand Fass beteweea tee clouds thes fade fom view 4 ep BORD Bccel pitt mosso emu = nfl was Bot tow T've ten you ‘And though I've seen the will -on'e ep ing 38 A clear nd sary = = = eS atempo- 2 rit, molto rit. but a little broader a = Ah i= eo Sigh Maeoaing we cem- gor th So Tre sen wuthons ithe . “aP. ras RRAAAANAAAARARANAAAA ARS UUUR UVC UU UU ueUuuuuuuuaT HONK! 16. Now I've seen You 46, i i ape oe 3 F FF Foe = poco rit. a tempo: od SS 32, stringendo mp STINE sub mp ¢ HONK? 4. al (rit, poco a poco) cl of Now Te seem you alk 16 Now P've seen You Fit. poco.a poco FO =z 3 = F VERY SHORT DIALOGUE, PHARAOH AMAAAARAAARAARAARAaRe HONK! 16A. PRE-WARTS I (Instrumental) Q.UGLY: “Buti the does. why would she want to have anything 1 6 with me?™ Presto J=<. 190 7 PEt [DIALOGUE SCENE PLAYS HERE lo T0 CONTINUE: [BULLFROG: “Do you mind if hop off and come tack on again” * SHORT DIALOGUE 145 HONK! 17. WARTS AND ALL (Bullfrog, Ugly, Froglets, Company) (Q: FROG: “But you mark my words one day “ugly” willbe a” Jaunty J.=¢.190 of 5 np TORY Wf you jut sit ght on your “how's sb-out your what si” For fish fon is POMARANHAAARKRHHRAAMARAMAAA C d Toe U UU UCU uu : rall. 17. Wans And All nf Ane poco pi mosso. J.=.. 180 Though Tm. 17. Wants And Al FEAANANAAARA AKA ARAA AME WUUUUUUIIOE HONK! 17. Wants And All ome time 10 find ‘em— When you do you'll have a fr oot ‘here some here Some = one's gon-nalove yer $5, UGLY: "Do you relly tlieve that.” SAFETY ‘BULLFROG: Qe move on ‘Tm teling you Feather..." SAFETY = poco pitt mosso J.= 200 sun sie of he HONK! 17. Wants And All So why not et your "tet= ter ptt shine font BULLFROG: 7, “Thats the idea..." 6, mp (GOLF) Hes — al 3 od a a er Soe Bee be They med ee ie 150 PRA ANANAAAR BUUV EUV UU UCC CCU HONK! 17. Wants And All yen some pot at - It’s bubbling - but the lid’s still on J.=.¢. 176 an im ling yo. Fester” maf ou there some ~ one't gonna love sempre molto staccato BULLFROG: “Now you're 90, ‘raking my language!” Some = one's gonna love ow thee in aud dy pode HONK! 17. Warts And All — Som = oneness 2 ext ‘Though the chance is 102 d=186 may tke—some time to find ‘em When you do. you'll have a tall re = - ee ER 152 HONK! 17, Werts And All one's gon na love gon pa Jove ug BULLFROG: "Tell tm hide” mp ere We don't know where Some-ae wil cate 153 = = = =3 = = = =? HONK! 17. Wares And Alt dec i94 17 f sub, mp ‘They're gon aa love yer Wats an ll. 13 —S—SEEEE f 136 ig. = Some wi find me sex = iv my way They) find you 154 al RRR AAANnnAA HONK! 17. Warts And Al Vv When you do you'lhivea— ball may tke rome tne 10 find ‘em- When you do you'llhaves— ball Thowgh it We know you're gon d 4 4 subs WUE STUY HONK! 17. Warts And All ral. F RRA IAANARATARAAARAAAARK 156 HONK! 17. Warts And AIT Broadly - the lid’s off -+=6. 176 eof eT ow <7 CRD oT ¢ ine amma Sp po 157 UUUIIVUUUUUUUueuuuuuuUT 17.Warts And All HONK! 158 VUVUUUUULUUUUUUUUuuuuUU HONK! 17. Warts And All 180 TROT Ey sometine find “ema When nite! sometime efind em. When oo. Soon you'll te roost = jag you dose nme ball -— you do you'll bwe a tal StL tana, bal, 159 HONK! 17. Waris And All font there somewhere xome| = one" fon-aalove yer ‘ut there somewhere some | = one's gon fom there somewhere sine = one's gon there ff ome one's gon ea | love yer Ou thee me here fome-ene’s gonna |iove yer WOMAN ROGLETS a ff SOMAN: mis oto RONK! 37, Wars And All Teoria. pp od co gil Wy 161 UUUU TUT vUuUUV eu Beuvuuuiuseay A SEGUE NO.17A 17. Wans And All HONK! 205 162 UUUU SEU HONK! (AS APPLAUSE PEAKS FROM #17 Presto 4-=¢. 190 s & 17A. WARTS-OFF (Instrumental) Going home ‘SHORT DIALOGUE 163 HONK? 17B, POST-WARTS (Instrumental) (@FROGE "Wall hope you find “em righ. Stuy warm, sy cheer. See yer, Rit OH Presto J=c. 190 DIALOGUE, PRAARAANHAARARARAARRARA AAS HONK! 18. THE BLIZZARD (Company) CAT “Remember. is wey atest oven pause] Son ge tose your mer gin FARMER. ""Wel ele the cream ‘ny comiskesbe's sap } Q Moderato -=¢. 90 The fun is coll and ware er= y ‘The ponds ate deep 36 be ROUND & ROUND 1 o Q.CAT “i's mis snow. he nes for wave eeling Snot hen wed have chore ERE etching Ipoh ae ‘ROUND & ROUND” 165 WUUUUUUUU DUC UTUUuueeee HONK! 18. The Blizzard 19 mp EIRLESETD ‘The shies ace grey and | men~se~ing (ALTO opp [TENOR =i mp Mina ah UGLY: (showed cane see bevond he eno my beak.” 28. Faster (in 2) J=0.70 f Roney CAB. Keep ging must be cose now RQANAAAAARARANAAAARAR AAAS 18. The Blizzard 167 eampboey out there IDA: “Hello, Are you ou there? Ga iB! CROAAN eA Anno nanan. HONK! Digging In J = 120 18, The Blizzard | PAA AAANnANMAAANAAAAAAHs HONK! 18, The Blizzard poco rit. T wind eit fe - tor | tends keep The| temppert- ure sub -] ze wind chill foe = tor tends 10. keep The temp-era ue sub - er es poco meno mosso Be ing cold (ECATRUGLY] The ewidl = ing snow 6 169 YBORBBUUYUYVUUUEUEBUUuUueuedd £ Bos 18, The Blizzard 170 HONK! 18, The Blizzard Tempo primo Jc.90 7% ces = SO bt 76, Pp = : ined z I te [enema fo ns Te [te ut te | we 2 7 “Tie wind as How The wow in crite Too brew WA) for aiid os 2 e P soey took od for Chutes eres ror for cos and 119) DEAD SEGUE m UOUUT UU UU uae HONK! 19. TRANSFORMATION (Usly, Ida, Penny) (©: DEAD SEGUE FROM 118 Frozen 420,96 (DA covered Pp (ar Fine ADA wakes up) DA:“Hoaey? on,40 ssmaptaby? (She ran) No, nov Bike die Nov aftr at ne 2 eI ye J = A ARAAA RANA A F a | passionain = be ba = ‘ine, You por line thing" (SWANS enter) IDA: “What was ial for? Wha wa be poi of your ite if? It cant end ike thi rall. (t6 fit cue) poco pitt massa J =¢.106 = 2 ‘mp (warmly) 3 as 3 3 3 ean’ .* SWAN I; "Nor wil my dear.” IDA pauses as she ackrowledges ‘he pretence of the SWANS) IDA: “But be's dea, My tay i end 4 . —_ 2 PRrRRrARARNAnNnRAAN 19, Transformation eal ny ao, He watered avy forthe est spring. shuld have gore afer hrs but Thad hi rene an ser to ea, 2 iG iis. 1 cosa’ jst ave tem, And now, cow Tm fo lt" (A female SWAN comforts IDA) SWAN 2: "Cry. Cry. my dene, Forshe warmth of S == = =s smother’ tear can aw he stone fost. TDA: "Oni nly Toad baiee tha” SWAN3: "You must, For what da we have ie dot an rall, . HoLD UNL, Inve bope?” (IDA considers, walks UGLY. and hugs tm) IDARAS FALLEN (UGLY thaws prausty) 35 Very slow TOTHEGROUND oS = * ie fe stringendo ori VUUUUUT q 173 U4 HONK! ss tamtomsion CH (stringendo) (UGLY stants) [AS NEEDED) [AS NEEDED] a a? UGLY surveys is new sf Maestoso — ¢ =c.110 ‘UGLY: "Monk" moltorall. Gy Saar! ‘is 4fe3 Bo poco pitt mosso J=0.120 & ATAANAAANAAAAAAAARATA 178 Ran HONK! 19. Transformation 4. 2° of And now wee et tebe mp CUUUUUUUUUbuitiea HONK! 19. Transformation poco ral. _pherta (oi mosso) Jeo aagnnanae Aa ' PENNY: "Ws! Is im, tier Tepe 1K! you aout he one whe aves ay Le” (To UGLY) "Do you rerember me? (Pause) molto rall. Slower J=190 70, a (came ony You remember me” UGLY: "OF. .of couse I temember you € € € e € €. € € € ¢€ € € € é 16 HONK! 19. Transformation ow could I forget you? You'e the most beau thing I've ever seen PENNY: “Well, you should take a look at yur own reflection.” poco rit. So —— 8, sky ~ ward Pass between the clouds then fade from view thought knew 85, : = = = . é = = beau = sinful wax But [now tse sein yout And hugh tee ween oe uithows weepeing | — Willows weep = ing ; Really strong back beat SS Ss 1 AUUCU CUCU UCU ceo d HONK! 19, Transformation 93. rail. Has noth ~ing wo com | pare Has noth = fog 10 com = pare with you seston stan PRN APES EA Tans we aed 108 PRM AHONHAANAAARAAARe HONK? 19. Transformation SWAN t:"Welf now you can come wih us and tam our mays” UGLY: “And ay mother? Can she cornet?" IDA: “OF course I can't Simply rall eee roll. Jee iat 199 toa a im juste baggy ol ck, UGLY, "But you mugen to sven?” 1 an’ teach oe the ways ofthe swans." IDA:™And fom what emeriber ht ceaty 105 Fnised me of i's hardly surprising rally. fay me teaching a swan to swim” POF UVOLY: "But want IDA: "tear come with you, my place is ack on te lake wih your fee, bless hin, Thay ay bie ef Feather youtocome” should flock togeter and your place is withthe swans ow = and hick know omneone who i rater kee bs Mt meno mosso $=¢, 130 1yoe shout go with ben” UGLY: "Butt've ool jos fond you, I'm wot su | want len yo agains 20, is IDA: "OF couse you do. Now go on, befere geal tefl and unacestry- ul you make sure you ome Bac and sit es alin the Goekyard, (Toe female SWAN) Kock afer hin forme, won't vou?” SWAN 2; “Goodhye, my Ges, This meat be ver ard Ry 19 == she == =. = “ “e HONK! 136 180 19, Transformation foryou bot promise hel be safe with" IDA: sorehe will. (She Rugs UGLY) Welt g0 00 ten! Let's ae you fy” poco rall {IDA watches UGLY tod the SWANS lease and continues a shot encouragement) TDA: “Go on you em doit Con moto e paco pit: mosso mp 2 AAAAAANAAAN WDA: Tear ai "Thar the way! allargando i ’ | r all iid] (UGLY fie we wate rovenIDAS765 molto rall. Slower ¢ =¢.90 > p olla vce ay wl ito lanannnannnangan =s =s =s6 == == =. =] a = = HONK: 19. Transformation 10 with me T inow, Tastouia have gorse 13 poco rall. ine wo miotboer He, wanem't mine, 0, ‘Ans oft 2¢ dieam geis wasted arway He, ‘Thoughtful = = u SSS SSS beer dom An theer— mother en WITH IDA:~One. Ta. Tiree.” UGLY: “Honk DIALOGUE 181 HONK! 19A. MELTING MOGGY (Cat) IDA: docs’ ear inking abou” UGLY: Wat a mine Spooky J~c.120 (The CAT thaws) a UGLY: “Tve jst goa ide JP obiisined bisiness.” a = a (Ge shakes for bests) = = = WIN RAEAMARANAAARAHAARAARARRANAL REBT AS FOLLaWs [CAT iD Du. Samy? ny? (Ae) Snes yea gh How Hae yo vee] Insanely (unaccompanied) J = ¢. 250 You can play with your duck un= a you goose it You can chick-en your swan un il you ether We could frie as ee your mo- o-ther ts 8 182 HONK! 19A. Melting Mozey cacy tls bo emezy Unls a emeay The westhe es tumed out nice again CATS" quit give op! Ususeder! I've been [ear exits) working oo and Asahi” Hing eoMML ANTE — OD | Lang 2 18 be crazy Utetle game clled.. oF APPLAUSE. DEAD SEGUE NO. 20 =. =_ =. =— == =» = =e = = = == HONK! 20. ACT TWO FINALE: LOOK AT HIM (Reprise) (Company) (Q:DEAD SEGUE ON APPLAUSE FROM 1194, rit. Fanfare J=c. 100 (Yet of mss ULY. IDA & FEY re ae 4, Bright but not too fast J=6.98 yi Did you ev= er see a 7 DRAKE + DUCKLINGS| Finer bird? Honk Hath 3 him “Cos his honking i the best we've heard 186 mon annnannaen HONK! 20, Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) ‘We areferiing.rath- er small | In this wholeshe -bang May-te you'l for - give us all nf RB ‘We are feeiingrath- er small In this whole she ~bang Tor ~ give us all LF CF tf UGLY: "OF our forgive you, Faster 4=c.110 3. —$—$ —_—_——__————_ ff ‘And we hope ‘With enough — sft soap ‘With en-oush— soft soap rm just happy to see you al asin ‘Andi inaduce you to someone, This Pa.” PENNY: “Hello” GRACE:~Welsome home, my dear, T've Been hinking. I'm geting 6 ee molto rall. Slower / =c.96 185 = == +e == = +e i = HONK! 20, Act Two Finale: Look At Hira (Reprise) ‘cy ong inthe i a fete time ght forme eligsih the Red Band (Appa fram ALL) ‘Wea ih rity dea. or so ae nde ee take as how fein yap” Ape fos MAUREES) ee 20, [optional ep (optional repeat ‘Aad Tec ibe known hat, from he day forth he Red Band shal be own asthe Cyt Rog™ Set new tempo, — ae oP 23 r ff Broad J 0.92 [Upper - GRACEAEN «3 DUCKLINGS [Lower IDAMAUREEN + 2 DUCKLINGS a7 Look at bin, Looker bs, Look a him, Lookat os, nnAnnnAAAAAARARAARAnne 186 rh HONK! 20. Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) 30 accel. 5 ever tink eve er tink was blessed oereg TURKEY: "Oh ys, yes. ves, se. yes COMPANY: “What! TURKEY: “I made ittvough Chas 35 allargando a BUUUIUUUUE Ue ee ee HONK! 20. Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) Grand march /=c. 84 oe Look at him All the sien dour of 2 ff TRS Look at him AID the splen =dour of 2 nob= le Look st im We won't swap him for an = From a éock-ling 8 pars a ARRATAHRAMAHRTRARAAARRAANAE GUCUUUUU UCC CUCU ou oar ee HONK! & ¢t ¢q Now dat yoo't beck on As Your Your ul Now that you'e back 20 escapee tere 10 ake examples there 10 tbe cxeamples there to ake b ‘You're fuck on the te ake the ake Faster = 6.98 ub. p Jus besten sub. p ust be -Heve us sp a sb p om wu 20. Act Two Finale: Look At Hint Reprise) eke Promise you won't Prom-ise you won't Prom ite yo woe't Ia yourseit Don't be left onde sheit la yourselt Ta yourset Don'ts ltt nthe str Pe SSEs FF 6 FESS ES HL, au ul ee HONK? 20. Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) Peeteing tac all hope i deat ant [gone tf Feeling hat all hope is dead ‘and [gone ‘And you may af — Feelsing ta al hope is dead and gone ARRARAMARAKRR AAA vowrewn may co 190 ‘mann nnanne 1 20, Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) HONK! CRPA ARRAN HONK! ON APPLAUSE FROM #20 Steady funk J=c.90 21. CURTAIN CALLS (BOWS) (Instrumental) PR MM HMAHMHAHRHFHMRAAARAAANAAL GUUGCCUUU UCU CUCU eee HONK! : rall, very slow maestoso 21, Curtain Calls SEGUE NO. 214, 193 HONK? 21A. CURTAIN CALLS REPRISE (WARTS AND ALL) (Company) Broadly 4.=0.176 3 Some - one's gon- m3 FAKRAHAAAMAAARARHRHAARAAAAARAARAAA UHH HONK! whee owt there 21A. Curtains Call Reprise (Wans and All) in amud- 4y| pat ‘Though the chance i see jane | Ly | Ke = —— me - o SSS = te eo : « = 7 FS E 195 HONK! 21A. Curtains Call Reprise (Wants and All) One. day yout be | roost = ing ‘seen Th 196 PHAR MHAMAHMARHAHARAARRARANAL CUCU P UU UE: HONK! 2A. Curtains Call Reprise (Wants and All) BULLFROG + MEN) mate! ‘may take] sometime to find ‘em— [WOMEN KIDS) you do you'll ave, 2 ball = sou do you'll hve a We know you're gon- a have a, th, th HONK! 214. Cunsins Call Reprise (Warts and AU) . pull back to Showbiz ‘Bump & Grind’ tempo -= 96 B ICOMPANY BOW) Doppio J. 192 f 37, Sf On dre Df (Be Rana TRRGELETS TH Af OMAN: mid boom t t | KE 214, Cunains Cail Reprise Hon (Warts and Atl) reer ipsteh lil Wiel |i Going home < he re i | * : | i | = a “i oe i cos j a _