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1) Read the main decision and resolution in Belgica vs.

Ochoa, Jr. In your assessment discuss which of the two
resolutions of the Court is the more correct disposition
of the controversy subject matter of the case.
2) Read the decision and resolution of Republic VS.
Mangotara. Resolve whether there was a correct
appreciation of the pertinent principles and doctrines
applied to the case in connection with jurisdiction.
3) Recent supervening events in the form of press
pronouncement by Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy
Estrada to the effect that their cooperation were coopted by Malacaang for the conviction of impeached
Chied Justice Renato Corono. Resolve whether the
judgment of conviction is a valid judgment in the light
of the supervening event.
4) Did the letters of Atty. Estelito Mendoza affected the
finality of decision rendered in the FASAP case? Why or
why not?
5) In the league of Cities case were the changes in the
violation or disposition of the case an actual instance of
flip-flopping? why or why not?
6) Do you think there was an abuse of the legal processes
resorted to by Atty. Abrenice (re: Abrenica vs. Law Firm
of Abrenica, etc.)? why or why not?
7) Compare and analyze the cases of (a) Vinuya vs.
Executive Secretary; (b) Banda vs. Ermita; and (c)
Public Interest Center vs. Roxas as to which of them can
be appropriately considered as a class suit.
8) Decide whether the ruling made by the Supreme Court
in De Castro vs. Judicial and Bar Council is an
acceptable ruling. Why or why not?