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Ms. Lee and Ms.

7th/8th Grade English Language Arts
Rise Kohyang Middle School and
Course Description
Welcome to Ms. Lee and Ms. Quans English Language Arts class!
As a class, we will read both literature and informational texts. You will read three
novels, and each novel study will incorporate reading and writing skills. Additionally,
you will have a culminating writing assignment for each unit (narrative,
argumentative, and summary), and we will do some grammar and punctuation to
help you keep getting better in your compositions.
Course Goal
You will read and analyze many types of literature and informational texts, and look
for the connection between the text and the world around you. Through guided
class and small group discussions, you will be able to learn from each other.
Participation and assignment completion are a very important part of the
class. There will be three writing exams, two benchmarks, and two finals.
Classroom Expectations: We practice PREP in this classroom!
P Prepared
Students should be in class everyday with ALL necessary
materials. All IWOC must be 100% complete every day.
R Respect
Students should treat each other, their teachers, their classroom
and their school with the highest level of respect.
E Engaged
Students will practice SLANT, be focused on the lesson at all
times, and show their participation by raising their hand when a
question is posed.
P Professional Students will always be in proper RKMS uniform. Students will
interact with each other and school staff in a professional
Classroom Rules:
1. Come to class prepared bring IWOC, books, and materials
2. Show respect to everyone.
3. Ask permission to leave class.
4. Use hand signals
5. SLANT stay on task and be engaged.

1st Offense: verbal warning
2nd Offense: Seat move & demerit
3rd Offense: Staying after class for talk & demerit
4th Offense: Call home & demerit/detention
5th Offense: Student-led-conference with parent and teacher
-All materials have been provided and are stored in the classroom
For classroom donation (greatly
2 boxes of tissue/kleenex/2 cajas de
pauelos desechables /
paper towel roll/toalla de papel en
cleaning supplies (choose 1: windex,
409, clorox wipes/ hand sanitizer)
Dry Erase Markers

Entering the Classroom:

1. Need to wait outside and stand

quietly in one straight line.

2. Take your seat, and take out your materials for the day.
3. Begin the Do Now activity right away
IWOC (Independent Work Outside the Classroom) is important in reinforcing
concepts taught in class. Students must write ALL assignments in their agendas.
It is your responsibility to ask the teacher for any notes/test/or materials missed
from the previous day. Students who accumulate 20 absences in this class
will NOT receive a passing grade.
Retake procedure:
If you get a low scoring grade on an assignment, you should resubmit for a higher
grade. You must also resubmit work within a week of receiving it by redoing it on a
separate sheet of paper. If you wait longer than a week, the highest possible grade
will be an 85%. Retakes MUST be completed within the quarter it was assigned.
Once the quarter is over, assignments given within it will no longer be accepted.

Youll notice this is not a standards based grading system any longer. We have
moved to a more traditional grading scale.
RKMS Grade Scale
Low % High % Performance Band
96.25% 100.00%
88.75% 96.24%
85.00% 88.74%
81.25% 84.99%
Proficient High
73.75% 81.24%
Proficient High
70.00% 73.74%
Proficient Low
62.50% 69.99%
Proficient Low
41.00% 62.49%
20.00% 40.99%
Below Basic
0.00% 19.99%
Far Below Basic

80% - Content Standards/classwork (bulk of your

15% - Benchmarks (finals & PTs)
5% - IWOC
All students must adhere to the RKMS Handbooks regarding
additional policies related to but not limited to the following:
attendance, uniforms, and discipline.