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Career Essay
Engineering is an extremely broad field of study. It ranges from environmental
engineers designing more effective methods for recycling to nuclear engineers working
on reactors and energy generators to biomedical engineers developing equipment that
saves peoples lives. Despite all of the different types of engineers, they all have the same
goal: make the world a better place to live by using innovation and creativity. In the field
of engineering, I would choose mechanical engineering as my career.
In general, mechanical engineers design, develop, and manufacture mechanical
products. They need to possess a broad range of skills, including the ability to think
outside of the box, analyze problems, create solutions, work well with others, clearly and
effectively communicate ideas, be organized, work under pressure, and be motivated.
Math and science compose the foundation of engineering. Mechanical engineers apply
physics and the laws of nature to different situations in order to formulate new ideas and
solutions. Because these engineers deal with almost everything that moves, it is crucial
that they are able to interpret schematics and understand the mechanics of different
systems. They should also be well versed in areas such as thermodynamics, fluids, and
energy transfer.
One of the major components of engineering is the design process. Mechanical
engineers must have a firm grasp of this procedure before they begin projects. The
engineering design process is composed of essentially six steps. First, a problem must be
defined. After this, engineers must collect information and then brainstorm and analyze
their ideas. During the fourth step, a prototype must be designed, built, and tested. Next,
they should ask for feedback from others. Finally, engineers improve their design.

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Mechanical engineering interests me in multiple ways. First, this particular type
of engineering is the most diverse and has endless opportunities associated with it. In this
field, the jobs involve everything from research and design to management and
marketing. The job industries encompass a wide variety of my interests, including
biotechnology, energy conversion, environmental control, and manufacturing. Secondly,
mechanical engineers stay focused and follow the design process to ensure that they
accomplish their goals. This organization and determination allows them to work together
to create a finished product.
One reason that mechanical engineering interests me is because I am curious as to
how certain products and machines work. Again, this particular field and its possibilities
let me choose a job that appeals to me and that enables me to be innovative and creative.
Also, math and science are my favorite subjects. The first semester of my freshman year
in high school I took Physics. I began to really like the class, and I enjoyed applying
equations and laws to realistic situations. This class sparked my interest in mechanical
engineering. With mechanical engineering, I can use math and science (as well as critical
thinking) to understand how things work and to develop products and build machines.
All of the different types of engineering have similarities. They all involve the use
of math, science, innovation, and creative thinking. I had a difficult time deciding which
type interests me the most. Because I am not currently an engineer, I do not have a
thorough understanding of what working as one is like. Chemical engineering,
environmental engineering, and biomedical engineering also fascinate me. However, my
father is a mechanical engineer, so this field stands out the most in my mind. In addition
to my father, many of my family members are engineers or are becoming engineers. One

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of the reasons I am interested mechanical engineering is because I know the most about
In jobs that he has had in the past, my father has served on equipment repair shop
evaluation teams, replaced old equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment, managed
and run powerhouses, modified and designed parts for equipment in synthetic fibers
manufacturing, managed fuel inventories for utilities, recruited, trained, and mentored
new engineers, and coordinated the repair of underground utility lines. My grandfather
also helped construct a coal gasification plant.
To become a mechanical engineer, I need to prepare myself as much as possible
in high school by taking appropriate secondary courses. Math and science are a priority.
After completing my required classes, I should take all of the upper-level math courses
and physics courses. Career Technical Education classes in engineering will be
beneficial. It is also important that I develop my oral and written communication skills.
Because mechanical engineering is the most diverse and versatile, I could acquire
jobs in other fields of engineering by having a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical
Engineering. With this degree, it would be possible to design and manufacture prosthetics
or work at a chemical company. In these two cases, I would be a mechanical engineering
doing work related to biomedical engineering and chemical engineering, respectively.
I hope that I can make this world an overall better place to live by having a career
in mechanical engineering. I will be able to create and improve products, machines, and
systems that make certain actions or processes easier and more efficient. For example, I
could develop clean coal technology and decrease coal emissions in power plants. As a

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result, my product would promote a healthier environment. With my career, I may also be
able to save lives by producing new biotechnology.
Mechanical engineering, as well as engineering in general, seems to me like a
very enjoyable career choice. Knowing that you and your coworkers are a part of a
company or organization that wants to make this world a better place is very exciting. I
think that it would be very satisfying to see everyones ideas, strategies, and actions come
together for a common purpose.
When deciding between types of engineering, I would choose a mechanical
engineering. Engineers are the innovators and creative thinkers of the world. Technology
plays a substantial role in our everyday lives. Because of this, engineers are essential.
These are the people who have led and will continue to lead the advancement of society.
By having a career in mechanical engineering, I can be a part of this.

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