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others think that Krishna is merely on the other hand,

the hero of an epic story, playing a is alarmingly

starring role in the Mahabharata in mortal, and it is
the later part of his life. only chance and
So Harry had someone who good friends who help him
wanted him killed... so did Krishna. on his journey through a
Baby Krishna had a tough time rough adolescence and

In all the hype of the boy hero

who comes from wizard stock, are India, who have
we remembering our own grown on magical
mythological stories that are as mythology, such imagery is nothing
exciting and just as magical? new.
Read on to find out more...

Harry Potter
vs Krishna
Harry Potter and the
Philosopher ’s Stone began the Why, Krishna, the child hero who
mania. All of us ran to grab the during adolescence moves through dealing with all those plots,
sequels, desperately wondering what a magical storyline is our Harry from starting from the horrific Putana, More magical
would happen next in Harry’s book. history. Was Krishna real? Many of who appears in the guise of a heroes
Every new sequel would have fans us believe he was. Others think that human woman but who turns out to Then there is Ghatotkacha, the
speculating – would Harry live or there could have been a Krishna, but be a rakshashi. Of course, Krishna, demon or rakshas brother of the
would the evil Voldemort have his some of his exploits have been added it is believed, is a god, and hence Pandavas. He is once again a magical
way. Some children even found the on in the story telling tradition that his omniscience in dealing with all figure, but loving and good natured
dark imagery scary but for us in makes heroes out of mortals. Yet the evil that came his way. Harry, – he is a hero but a sacrificing one,
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‘H arry Potter and the deluminator and Hermione is
Deathly Hallows’ is the given a magic book. These gifts
seventh and final Harry Potter prove to be very useful to them,
novel by British author later in the story. They are faced with
J.K.Rowling. This book was a Death Eater attack at the end of the wedding
released on the 21st of July and take refuge at Sirius Black’s house. Here,
2007, thus ending the Harry manages to secure the loyalty of
extremely popular series that Kreacher, the house elf, and gains information
began in 1997 with the about the Slytherin locket. The three friends then break
publication of ‘Harry Potter and into the Ministry of Magic to obtain the locket. This event is
the Philosopher’s Stone’. This really exciting to read.
novel deals with the long awaited
confrontation between Harry Potter Then comes the fight between the friends, due to
and Lord Voldemort. which Ron leaves them. Fortunately for Harry
Released in ninety three and Hermione, he returns at the right moment
countries, ‘HP and the Deathly to save them from the Horcrux. The story
Hallows’ broke sales records as the progresses and hidden secrets are uncovered.
fastest selling book ever. It sold a whopping 1.5 The most interesting revelation is the reality
crore copies in the first twenty-four hours itself! of Severus Snape, whose mind Harry is able
This book has also been to read after Snape’s death. The story leads
translated into various towards the climax in which Harry destroys all
languages including the Horcruxes along with himself and plays dead
Hindi. This novel also
won several awards including the “2008 Colorado Blue Spruce Book Award”,
and the “Best Book for Young Adults” by the American Library Association.
It is also being made into a two part film, with part one due for release in
November 2010. till he reaches Hogwarts. He awakens to fight the final duel with Lord
Voldemort and kills him in a grand climax.
The story starts with Harry’s departure from the Dursleys. The Order of The epilogue is set nineteen years later in which Harry is married to
the Phoenix arrives secretly at Privet Drive to escort Harry. Unfortunately Ginny Weasly and has two children. Ron and Hermione too are married;
Snape discovers their plan and the Death Eaters attack them. Next, Harry and the story ends at King’s Cross station where the next generation boards
arrives at the wedding of Ron’s brother Bill. Harry, Ron and Hermione the train to Hogwarts, the very same Hogwarts express in which Harry started
receive the magical gifts left to them by Dumbledore. According to his first journey.
Dumbledore’s will, Harry receives the golden snitch, Ron gets the - Utpanna Hota, Std.VIII, DAV Public School, Bhubaneswar
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From : Axlin Perus I went on the holonet (that’s what we can control
<i_am_ confused@aqua call internet in our galaxy) and researched things and
danet.andromeda.res> a bit. Turns out you guys run a school people. So
To : Headboy <students that teaches how to handle this stuff. But you’re
_council@hogwartsearth. you are in another galaxy, called Milky probably one of us.
milkyway.edu> Way. But you’re the only ones who know A wizard.
what’s happening to me. Please, please I study in a school
Date : 28.01.2010
help! where there are many
Subject : I don’t know Axlin. like you. We have many powers.
what to do! PS : How weird is it that I can actually Things happen when we think
send mail to someone in another galaxy?! about them. I myself broke a
Hello, See how freaky this is? couple of lamps and blew up
I’m Axlin Perus, and I’m one of my aunt’s
eleven cycles old. I live on a guests, not to
planet called Aquada, in the mention a
galaxy Andromeda. duel, but more
I guess I’ve always prided myself pictures last week. From : Headboy <students_ of that later. The thing is, you
on being pretty level-headed. I mean, I guess that’s when things started council@hogwartsearth.milkyway. can make things happen. It’s
I don’t have many friends and the getting weird. edu> frightening at first, but you also
school bullies always pick on me; I was furious, you know. I thought need to know how to handle
To : Axlin Perus<i_am_confused
but I try not to let it bother me - even how neat it would be if I could just this.
when they smashed my hoola bat, give those bullies a swift kick. The On Earth, we have schools,
you know, where we play on an air- next day, when we assembled in our Date : 29.01.2010
courses and techniques for this.
strip 500 metres above ground. Two virtual classroom, I saw that the Subject : Help is
I’m not sure what kind of
months later, someone hacked into bullies had band aids on their heads. here
alternative the
my subscription of Inter Galactic That wasn’t all. I thought about Dear Axlin, Andromeda galaxy
Speed Racers, so I can’t get my their food getting messed up.. and it Received your mail; offers – but you’ve
e-magazine any more. Three weeks did. I thought about it raining when first, calm down. written to us, and I’m
ago, my Android instructor commed they went to play hoola.. and it did. Nothing’s wrong with determined to help.
me to say he hadn’t received my And the bullies apologized to me! I you. On behalf of
homework on Atlantean sub- sat in my room and wished I could You’re not a freak. Hogwarts, I’ll be
cultures. Turns out the bullies erased have chocolate.. and it appeared! In fact, if what’s sending across
my data pad. But you know the worst That’s when I freaked out. I mean, happening to you is materials and books
part? They deleted my parent’s holo- how does that even happen? any indication, you
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London, England TV Show: The Simpsons, WWF
Parents: Marcia Gresham and Harry Potter Book: HP and the Deathly Hallows
Alan Radcliffe. Harry Potter Characters: Hagrid and the Weasleys
Pets: Two border terriers - Binka HP Word: “Voldemort”
and Nugget Actresses: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson,
Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-
Favourites: Jones and Renee Zellweger
Movies: Apollo 13, Twelve Actors: Ed Harris, Jude Law, Philip
Angry Men, Moulin Rouge, Seymour Hoffman, Paul Bettany, Tom

Hanks, Ben Stiller, Robert

De Niro
Book: “Holes” by Louis
Harry Potter - and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Sachar, and the Harry Potter
DANIEL RADCLIFFE Football team: Fulham Football series
Club Candy: Mars Bar
Full Name: Daniel Jacob Drink: Diet Coke
Radcliffe Sport: Cricket
Fast Food: McDonald’s
Birthday: July 23, 1989 Music Groups: Stereophonics,
Colors: Green, Red and Gold
Height: 5' 5.5" U2, and REM
Country: America
City of Birth: Fulham, West Gadget: iPOD
Number: Nine
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