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The 2015 Mahidol BP Open held in Thailand was held last June 2728 and here are the

motions for those interested.

Grandfinals motion: THBT the British monarchy should actively and
openly influence local/national politics.
Semifinals: Assuming the technology exists, THW remove aggression
from human behavior.
Round 1: TH regrets the Dutch court's decision to grant the climate
liability suit filed by activists.
(Context: The climate liability suit decision requires the Dutch
government to cut carbon emissions by 25% within 5 years)
Round 2: TH, as the indigenous community, would engage in
ecological terrorism to protect its lands.
Round 3: TH, as the transgender community, rejects Dolezal's
transracial claim.
Round 4: TH supports prohibiting the sale and display of the
Confederate flag except for educational purposes.

Below you will find the complete set of motions ran at Bali UADC
2015 and the complete tabs of the tournament is attached to this
Round 1: Development
THBT development aid should be made conditional on poor countries
aggressively pursuing population control
In the pursuit of promoting development, THBT development aid
should come with zero interest
THW impose an extremely high ownership fee on vehicle ownership
(200%-300%) in developing countries
Round 2: Women
THBT governments of conservative societies should financially
incentivize men to be house-husbands
TH, as a woman, would vote for Hillary Clinton

In order to address the wage gap, THW impose a higher income tax
on men
Round 3: International Law
THBT states should hold periodic elections for their local
governments where people can vote to permanently secede
THW allow the owners of IP rights to sue governments where those
IP rights are widely infringed upon within their countries
THBT trials involving crimes against humanity should continue
despite the death of the accused
Round 4: Technology
THW nationalise all internet search engines (e.g. Google Search)
THW not recognise a right to be forgotten online
THBT first world countries should criminalise mere access to the
deep web
(Definition: The deep web is the part of the World Wide Web that is
not discoverable by means of standard search engines and typically
contains illegal or subversive content.)
Round 5: Economics
THW only allow people to obtain credit credits if they exceed the
average national income per person
TH supports the use of economic terrorism to fight against unfair
trade practices of large nations, such as currency manipulation and
trade-distorting subsidies
(Definition: Economic terrorism is an attempt by a non-state actor of a
coordinated destabilisation, in order to disrupt the economic and
financial stability of a state, including but not limited to, aggressive
market tactics, hoarding dollar reserves for currency manipulation and
physical attacks to ports.)
THBT EU nations should abandon austerity measures in favour of
Round 6: Refugees
THW give automatically grant refugees citizenship; if the conflict they

are escaping from continues for an equal amount of time it takes for a
person to acquire citizenship in the sheltering nation
THBT people who consented to be smuggled across borders but
arelater trafficked, should be considered as illegal immigrants, rather
than as victims
TH supports Australia paying developing countries (e.g. Cambodia,
Papua New Guinea) to take in its refugees
Round 7: Geo-politics
THBT the Philippines should waive its claim over Sabah in exchange
for Malaysia supporting the Spratly Islands case against China
THBT India should give military aid to Pakistan to assist in the war on
Assuming feasibility, THW relocate Palestine
Round 8: Social Liberties
THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not allow drawing
competitions of the Prophet Muhammad.
THW make labour union membership mandatory
TH prefers using referendums instead of the courts in deciding the
legality of civil rights
Open Pre-Octofinals: Environment
TH, as an environmental activist, would not engage in carbon
(Definition: Carbon offsetting is when a person attempts to reduce
their emissions of greenhouse gases in order to compensate for their
own carbon-heavy emission.)
THW ban any speech and publication denying man-made climate
TH regrets fossil fuel divestment campaign
(Definition: Divestment campaign is a movement to lobby for people
to refrain from investing OR for holders of stocks, bonds, or
investment funds to sell their shares in fossil fuel companies)
Open Octofinals: Languages & Symbols

THW ban all historically discriminatory words

TH regrets the prevalence of battlefield metaphor in describing the
condition of individuals with cancer; such as cancer survivor, fighting
cancer and lost the battle to cancer
THBT the disability rights movement should exploit rather than
oppose inspiration porn
(Definition: Inspiration porn is any picture, video, meme, or feelgood article that displays a person with a disability doing an ordinary
activity - such as playing, talking, or walking - and hailing such activity
as inspiring.)
Open Quarterfinals & EFL Pre-Quarterfinals: LGBT
THBT the state should pay reparations to homosexuals after it
recognises marriage equality
THW not publish the names of donors to ballot initiatives, such as
Proposition 8
TH regrets granting the ESPY Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner
(Context: Caitlyn Jenner is a transgender who was born biologically
male. She was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian
athlete and a reality show celebrity in Keeping Up With The
EFL Quarters: Elections
THW ban all forms of election-related polls, such as election forecasts
and public opinion polls
THBT states should not allow individuals with dual citizenship to vote
in either of their national elections, unless they give up one of their
citizenship status
THW mandate a quota of seats for young politicians (i.e. 18 to 30
year-olds) in the Parliament
Open Semifinals & EFL Semifinals: Philosophistication
Given the trolley problem, THW not do anything
(Definition: The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics.
The general form of problem is the following: There is a runaway

trolley speeding down the railway. Ahead, the trolley is heading

towards five people tied up and it will end up killing them. Next to you,
there is a lever that allows you to switch the track that the trolley is on
to a track that will kill one person only. Do you pull the lever or not do
THW allow the enforcement of "moral agreements" between private
citizens, including the mutual agreement on the punishment
Assuming the technology exists, THW forcibly return his memories
(Situation: A man who is married with two kids is living a happy life.
He got into a terrible accident while alone on vacation, suffered from
permanent amnesia and goes missing. Subsequently, he has
established a new life and is happily living with his new family. A
friend has discovered him and offered to re-introduce him to his old
life. He refuses to return to his old life.)
EFL Finals: Religion
THBT secular democracies with substantial religious communities
should not allow a separate legal system for those communities (e.g.
Syariah Law, Canon Law)
THW recognise religious indoctrination as a mitigating factor in
criminal sentencing
TH, as the atheist community, will not support Dawkins God
Delusion publication
(Context: Richard Dawkins best-selling The God Delusion book sets
out to prove that God does not exist and a personal belief in God
qualifies as a delusion and an insanity.)
Grand Finals: Social Construct
THBT Western governments should cease their efforts to universalise
liberal values
TH regrets the norm of prospective parents actively choosing to have
a biological child rather than adopt

TH prefers a world without any conception of gender over a world with

a conception of gender identities

Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 2015 Motions

Test Debate
THBT feminists should support the sexual objectification of men
Round 1 (Education)
THBT state funding for public schools should be contingent on the
performance of their students in standardized tests
THBT universities should allow their students to choose the method
of assessment (e.g., written test, group project, research paper, etc.)
for the subjects/courses that they take
TH celebrates the notion of a corporate sell out
Round 2 (Media & Information)
THBT media practitioners should publicly disclose their political party
THBT western liberal democracies should compel social networking
sites and search engines to actively filter content supporting terrorism
TH, as an academic researcher who is a supporter of a specific
political party, would not publish research which contradicts or
weakens my party's policies
Round 3 (Sports)
THBT sporting leagues should prevent their clubs from breaching a
fixed salary cap
THW prohibit athletes from expressing their political beliefs at
sporting events
THW require sporting leagues to provide financial support to players
after retirement
Round 4 (Geopolitics)
TH celebrates Syriza's victory
As Turkey, THW recognize the Armenian Genocide

THW recognize an independent state of Kurdistan

Round 5 (Economics)
THBT the United States should subsidize its domestic oil fracking
THW break up banks which are deemed too big to fail
THBT the allies of the United States should revoke their support for
the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Round 6 (Social Policy)
THBT all information regarding any individual's wealth should be
publicly available
THBT governments should suppress all research that attempts to
create strong artificial intelligence (Info slide: Strong artificial
intelligence (strong AI) is the intelligence of an artificial being that
could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being
can. It is the ability to perform general intelligent action. Strong AI is
oftentimes distinguished from weak AI (definition: the use of software
to study or accomplish specific problem solving or reasoning tasks).
Weak AI, in contrast to strong AI, does not attempt to simulate the full
range of human cognitive abilities.)
THW abolish the doctrine of jury nullification (Info slide: Jury
nullification is a doctrine in criminal law that allows a jury to acquit
(i.e., to give a verdict of not guilty) a defendant despite its belief that
the accused is guilty of the crime charged. The jury in effect nullifies a
law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the
defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding.)
Round 7 (Governance and Politics)
TH prefers a prosperous autocracy over a fragile democracy
THW declare a failure of elections based on the low voter turnout of
racial minorities
THW require candidates for public office to possess a college degree
Sinag Semifinals (Religion)
THBT the LGBT movement should stop biblical interpretations that

portray gays in a positive light

THW compel the Church to compensate Catholics who contract HIV
THBT the Church should excommunicate politicians who are
convicted of corruption
Sinag Grand Finals (Philippines)
THW not support the Bangsamoro Basic Law
In developing countries, THW require recent college graduates to
work in government for a certain period of time
TH regrets the AFP's modernization program as a response to
Chinese aggression
Octofinals (Development)
THBT all idle land should be returned to the state
THW give veto power to indigenous peoples over resource-extraction
THW ban the advertising of consumer credit products in developing
Quarterfinals (Conflict)
THBT it is high time for the United States to abandon all support to
THW require recipients of military and security aid to include women
in their armed forces
THBT it is legitimate for states to lie about armed conflicts &
humanitarian crises
Semifinals (Gender)
In liberal democracies, THBT the LGBT movement should not respect
the choice to remain in the closet
TH, as the feminist movement, would support female politicians who
belong to conservative parties
THW ban pro-life protests in the proximity of abortion clinics
Grand Finals (Climate Change)
THBT microfinance institutions should heavily prioritize ventures that
have environmentally sustainable business operations

As a developing state, THBT individuals and firms should be

subjected to a cap on electricity consumption from non-renewable
energy sources
As major polluters, THBT there is a moral obligation to grant
automatic citizenship to individuals who will become stateless
because of climate change

Philippine Debate Open 2015 Motions

Round 1: Minorities
THW prohibit disadvantaged groups from being portrayed as
antagonists in fictional media
THBT sexually provocative female celebrities, who publicly identify
as feminists, harm the movement
THBT social media sites should not limit the sexual expressions of
its users
Round 2: Expression
THBT protesters should not fight for their causes anonymously
THBT movements should manufacture martyrs for the greater good
of their cause
THW allow corporations to enforce their religious identity, including
but not limited to, the denial of goods and services
Round 3: Development Economics
Info Slide: Quantitative easing (QE) is a type of monetary policy used
by central banks to stimulate the economy when standard monetary
policy has become ineffective. A central bank implements quantitative
easing by buying specified amounts of financial assets from
commercial banks and other private institutions, thus raising the
prices of those financial assets, while simultaneously increasing the
money supply. Part of the increased money supply flows to emerging
THBT quantitative easing has done more harm than good in

emerging markets
THW progressively tax the extraction of non-renewable natural
THW allow individuals to select which welfare services to consume,
subject to a maximum monetary value per individual
Round 4: Socio-Legal
Info Slide: The privilege against self-incrimination prevents the
government from forcing an accused person or a witness to testify
against himself. Any self-incriminating testimony, without their
consent, is inadmissible in court. An individual can refuse to answer
questions that he/she believes will incriminate him/her. The
prosecutor may not comment on his/her silence.
In areas with high crime rates, THW implement a zero-tolerance
policy for petty offenses
THW abolish the privilege against self-incrimination
THW allow society to pardon political crimes (sedition, treason,
rebellion, and other crimes against the state) via referenda
Round 5: Science and Society
Info Slide: Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951) was a woman whose cancer
cells were immortal (could regenerate indefinitely, as opposed to
normal cells with a shelf life of a few days). Unknown to the Lacks
family until researchers investigated further into their family genetics
decades later, a sample of her cells was cultivated by a research lab,
producing about 20 tons of HeLa cells to date. These cells have been
used to research into vaccines (i.e. the cure for polio), cancer, gene
mapping, toxic testing, and countless other scientific pursuits. There
are more than 10,000 patents that have some point used HeLa cells
in their development.
THW allow the Lacks family to patent the HeLa cell
With the consent of all relevant individuals, THW suspend scientific
ethics in favor of scientific advancement
Assuming feasibility, THBT states should temporarily neuter the

emotional inhibitions of their soldiers

Round 6: Conflict
THBT the United States should grant asylum to individuals who
actively associate with & significantly participate in US military efforts
in conflict zones, such as military interpreters and local troops
THBT Muslim states should lead in the war against ISIS
In hindsight, THW not have established the state of Israel
Open Octofinals: Religion
THW allow children who have reached the age of majority to sue
their parents for religious indoctrination
TH regrets religions reliance on miracles in promoting their faith
TH supports religious missionaries that proselytize in economically
depressed communities
Open Quarterfinals & High School Semifinals: Culture and Art
Info Slide: Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) was a British businessman,
mining magnate, and politician in South Africa. As an ardent believer
in British colonialism, Rhodes founded the south African territory of
Rhodesia, South Africas Rhodes University, and the Rhodes
Scholarship. Rhodes was an integral participant in South African
colonization. Last week, the University of Cape Town bowed to
student protests and removed a prominent memorial statue of
TH celebrates the demolition of the Cecil Rhodes statue
THBT prestigious art galleries that market to the rich do more harm
than good to the art industry
In multi-ethnic countries, THW set minimum ethnic diversity quotas
in residential areas
Open Semifinals & HS Grand Finals: International Relations
As Greece, THW prefer the political and economic assistance of
Russia over the EUs
THBT Western liberal democracies should subsidize the operations
of their multinational corporations in African states to challenge the

growing Chinese economic interests in the region

THBT the ASEAN should pursue deeper political integration,
including but not limited to the removal of the non-interventionist
policy and the enforcement of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration
Grand Finals: Women
TH regrets the Dove Real Beauty campaign
THBT the law regarding abortion should be decided in a womenonly referendum
In pursuit of true and meaningful liberation of women, THBT
feminists should abandon organized religion

ROUND 1: Gurlie
TH celebrates the fetishization of the LGBT in porn (men who watch
lesbian porn; women who watch gay porn; shemale)
THW fabricate evidence in order to create the impression that
historical icons had been gay
A study conducted by Cambridge University describes the role of
genetic regulators which influences whether an immature germ cell
differentiates into a male or female cell, and how that process can be
manipulated. In the future, it is possible for stem cells from a male to
be used to produce an egg, allowing an infant to have two biological
fathers. Assuming feasibility, This house believes that the state
should heavily subsidize the access to 2-father babies.
ROUND 2 : Givenchi kokoli datung
This house will impose minimum educational qualification as a
requirement to stock market participation
A charter city involves a developing country giving a long term lease
on a small area of land to a developed country. The developed

country will build and govern a new city for a pre-determined period of
time. TH would establish charter cities in developing countries
This house will repeal all laws requiring mandatory remittances from
Overseas workers
ROUND 3 : taralets penpen de chorvaloo
This house would include E-sports in the Olympics
This house will allow organized fight clubs
This house supports the integration of moral choices in games
This house will go back in time and save Jesus Christ from crucifixion
THBT the Ministry of Magic should require wizards to live in muggle
In case of a zombie-epidemic, THBT zombies have a right to a
humane life in special zombie-habitats
ROUND 5 : Huling push? K mo yan teh!
Kevin really hates Charles. For four years, Kevin meticulously
planned how to kill Charles, and he learned that Charles loves eating
Lechon belly. Last night, Kevin gave Charles a cyanide laced lechon
belly which Charles ate heartedly. To Kevins surprise, he saw
Charles the next day happy, blooming and healthy. It turns out that
Charles is immune to cyanide. This house will still charge Kevin with
This house will repeal all laws that criminalize any form of speech
(Libelous,Seditious, Discriminatory, Slanderous, Defamation)
THW not afford religious identity the same level of anti-discrimination
protection as inborn traits (ex. race and *sexuality)
QUARTERS: Ms. International
This house believes that the EU should ban its member states from
selling arms to former Soviet States
This house would make the ratification of the ICC charter as a precondition for UNSC membership
THBT the United Nations should tax the profits of all natural resource

sales worldwide.
SEMIS : Charles is the new Char! Charles!
Assuming the technology exists which allows an absolute mind
wipe, This house would allow convicted criminals to choose it as
penalty over incarceration
If Vatican discovers evidence that the Judeo-Christian God is female,
this house will destroy it
Aromantic is the lack of of romantic attraction towards anyone.TH
prefers an Aromantic world
Finals : Madam Josie Rizal
This house regrets the conception of a National Hero (debated)
THBT Philippines should abandon its claim on Sabah in exchange for
Malaysias support to the Philippines claim to the West Philippine
This house will give more votes to those who pay higher income tax

Motions for the XIII (13th) NLS India Debate.

Main Finals - TH prefers a world without Facebook.
Novice Finals - TH prefers a world with only one language.
Main Semifinals - THBT Singapore should "de-stalinize" Lee Kuan
Novice Semifinals - THBT states should de-institutionalize marriage.
Quarterfinals - THBT martyrdom does more harm than good.
Octofinals - Technology and Ethics
THW not permit manufacturers of consumer goods (such as mobile
phones, music players, televisions, etc.) to create products that
compete with or substitute older versions more than once in five
THW not send individuals to go on a one-way trip to Mars.
THW halt all further mechanization of labor.
(Note: The tournament has a history of setting only one motion during

the break rounds, which we followed except for Octofinals)

--Round 1 - Morality / Philosophy
TH regrets the idea of popular stories for children always having a
happy ending.
THW put a cap on the number of years a person can live.
THW use human shields.
Round 2 - University
TH regrets the disciplinary jurisdiction of Universities over cases of
sexual harassment.
THW exempt universities from censorboard regulations on
release/telecast of dramas and movies.
TH regrets anti-fraternization culture between students and teachers.
Round 3 - Sports
THBT the Indian cricket team should adopt the South African policy
(which mandates playing 4 players belonging to religious/social
THW make Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) a public
THBT the Olympics should recognize videogames as a sport.
Round 4 - Free Speech and Expression
THBT an exercise of free speech should not be required to show
'redeeming value'.
THBT states should uphold the 'Heckler's Veto' (the suppression of
speech by the government, because of the possibility of a violent
reaction by third parties).
*3rd motion to follow*
Round 5 - International Politics
THW allow Iran to develop its civilian nuclear program in exchange for
using its troops to battle ISIS.
THBT war memorials dedicated to depicting the losses incurred by
the losing side should be set up in the capital cities of the victors.

THBT the US should accept the offer to become a signatory to the

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Round 6 - Feminism
TH, as the feminist movement, would celebrate the choice of women
to not procreate.
TH, as liberal feminists, will vocally denounce the notion of embracing
sexual appeal as a means of empowerment.
THBT India's Daughter should have been aired in Doordarshan/All
India Radio.

Round 1: Hugot/Because love hurts...
THBT feminists should oppose the notion of courtship
THW mandate prenuptial agreements in liberal democracies
THBT alimony should only be paid to the extent of basic sustenance,
and not to sustain the lifestyle accustomed to during the marriage
Round 2 :Health
THBT the government should treat drug addiction as a health issue
as opposed to a criminal justice issue
THW ban the off-label use of prescription drugs in medicine
In areas of scarce organ availability and high incidences of transplantrequiring disease, THW harvest the organs of viable citizens upon
Round 3:Bawal Ignorante
THBT the West should cease recognizing Aung San Suu Kyi as an
icon of democracy for her stance on the Rohingyas
In times of humanitarian crises, THBT the P5's veto power should be
THBT the West should stop opposing Iran's nuclear program

Round 4: Just tiis --- one more round

THBT the state should be allowed to lengthen the sentence of
convicts if there is doubt about their rehabilitation prior to release
THBT families of soldiers should be allowed to sue the state for
harms caused by PTSD
THBT crimes committed by public officials should get harsher
Octos: Arts
THR the existence of awards bodies for the arts (ie. Oscars,
Grammys, Tony)
THBT state universities and colleges should accept less students for
degrees in the arts
THW stop funding the arts during economic crises
THW ban contracts between unions and employers that require
workers to pay fees for union representation
THW require OFW's to regularly remit a fixed percentage of their
income back to their home country
TH supports the globalization of labor movements
Semis What if
Assuming we can time travel, THW go back in time and arrest wouldbe criminals and charge them with the crime they would have
THW ban all research that attempt to prove/disprove the existence of
supernatural beings (including but not limited to God, angels,etc.)
Assuming a world where we could measure people's strengths, THBT
the state should assign its citizens to go to jobs which they will excel
Finals: Economics
THW cease all efforts of bailing out Greece
Even in times of economic turmoil, THBT funding for social welfare
programs should not be cut

THW privatize government assets to help alleviate public


[31st Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship]

Sample Debate:
THW declare an all-out war with the MILF
Round 1: Family
"Binigay ko na ang lahat sayo, pati katawan ko. Bakit di pa kita akin?"
In states where abortion is legal, THW legalize selective reduction
THW give the surrogate mothers the final decision on giving up their
child after birth
THW not disclose the identity of children in orphanages to
prospective parents
Round 2: Land
"Buti pa ang lupa, hinahanap, pinagkakaguluhan, nagmamahal"
THW impose an idle land tax
THW put a cap on real property ownership
THBT the state should resolve long standing conflicts over land by
dividing the land equally among all aggrieved parties
Round 3: Corporations
"Ang pag-ibi ay parang sari-sari store. Minsan magbibigay ka ng
malaking halaga, ngunit walang panukli."
THW abolish the non-compete clause
THW declare the salaries of all employees
THW peg the remuneration of the highest paid employee to a rate
proportional to that of the lowest earning employee's
Round 4: International Relations
"Sa dami-raming digmaan na napuntahan mo, di mo man lang
pinaglaban ang ating pag-ibig."
THW arm South Korea with nuclear weapons

THW allow citizens to travel to ISIS territory under the condition of

permanently revoking their citizenship
TH laments the defrosting of the US - Cuba relations
Pre-Quarter Final: Governance
"Lahat ata ng minamahal ko kandidato sa puso ko, laging
TH prefers a political system requiring public officials to have high
degrees of qualification
THBT cabinet members should be elected by the people instead of
being appointed by the president
THW privatize historically corrupt government bureaus
Quarter Final: Crime
"Ang pag-ibig ko ay hindi krimen, walang intent. Di ko man ginusto,
minahal pa rin kita."
THW make socio-economic status an alternative circumstance in the
commission of economically motivated crimes
THW decriminalize petty crimes
THW grant illegal immigrants immunity from deportation for reporting
their abusive employers
Semi Final: Religion
"Nung nakilala kita akala ko ikaw na ang tinadhana ng diyos sakin.
Sabi daw ni Lord, joke lang."
In societies that heavily frown upon the dissolution of marital unions,
THBT the Church should be liable for marital complications of
couples who intend to separate
THBT the LGBT movement should renounce the Church instead of
seeking for acceptance from within
THW censor satirical publications that may offend religious beliefs
Grand Final: Assuming Feasibility
Ang pag-ibig natin parang motions lang: lagi na lang "assuming
In a context where afterlife was proven to be non-existent, assuming

feasibility, THBT the state should provide an afterlife(*)

Assuming the discovery of a habitable earth-like planet with a
carrying capacity that couldn't accommodate a significant majority of
the earth's population, THBT it's better for humanity to collectively
face demise
Assuming feasibility, THW put homophobic citizens in a world where
the LGBT is the privileged majority

Round 1: MINTal Hospital
THW mandate participation in all primary and early secondary
healthcare efforts of the state (ex: vaccination, mass prophylaxis,
disease screening)
THW allocate a fixed minimum percentage of GDP to Healthcare
regardless of changes in economic status
THW not allow herbal supplement producers to market without
approved therapeutic claims
Round 2: Nakakainis na eh! (Anger ManageMINT)
THW not allow company policies that ban employees from pursuing
romantic relationships with employees of competitor firms
TH, as the music industry, would permanently halt all efforts against
THBT it is legitimate to not pay taxes as a form of protest
Round 3: Crime and PunishMINT
THW use the forgiveness of victims as a mitigating factor in
determining the penalty for criminals
THW allow individuals convicted of political crimes (eg. coup d etat,
treason, rebellion) to run for public office
THW not impose lifetime imprisonment as a penalty for crimes
Round 4: Ama NaMINT

THBT secular governments should not officially recognize religious

events (Holy Week, papal visits, Eid al Fitr)
THW compel religious schools to include the teaching of other major
religious and atheistic philosophies in their curriculum
THBT the West should make development aid to Islamic countries
conditional on efforts to secularize
Octos: Media and EntertainMINT
THBT Charlie Hebdo was the bully
THBT the media should not disclose the ethnicity of criminals
TH regrets the rise of inspirational images and narratives that feature
the disabled
Quarters: WoMINT
THW set a quota for the number of articles published in academic
journals with women as the author
THBT reproductive health care laws should be decided through
women-only referendum
THBT women should celebrate pornography that depicts them as the
dominant sexual partner
Semis: DevelopMINT Economics
THBT developing nations should permanently abandon all forms of
fuel subsidy
THW impose a moratorium on the sale and transfer of property in the
aftermath of natural disasters
TH is willing to tear down structures of historical and aesthetic value
in urban areas to make way for more commercially viable properties.
Finals: Nasaan na ang mga Karapatan NaMINT
THBT, even upon death, individuals should retain their right to privacy
THBT the state should abandon the concept of marriage
THBT EU states should adopt policies that attempt to aggressively
integrate minorities with greater society (ie. subsidizing interracial
marriages, quotas for minorities in education, preferentially hiring
members of minorities in the public sector)

Open Final - Freedom of Speech
THW not recognize funding political campaigns as part of corporate
free speech. [debated motion]
THBT countries that criminalize Holocaust-denial should also
criminalize religious satire.
THW punish individuals claiming moral support for IS by severely
invading their privacy (including but not limited to tracking their
movements, finances, and relationships).
HS Final - Education
THW ban tutor schools
THW make nationalism an active subject in school
THBT schools should encourage its students to watch porn
Semis - What makes us productive
THBT sex education should include teaching girls how to masturbate.
THBT Thailand should embrace its sex industry.
In countries where prostitution is legal, THW install brothels in
Quarters - Business & Economics
THBT businesses that profit from a nation's heritage should pay
royalties to that nation (including but not limited to a nation's cuisines,
dresses, and services)
THBT China should transition from a knockoff economy to a strong
intellectual property protection economy.
THBT the ASEAN Economic Community should not be delayed, but
R1 Justice/Law
THW criminalise failure to render reasonable assistance to those in

THW make the racial composition of the police force proportional to

that of the community that they police in
THBT a just penal system should have no consideration for societys
desire for retribution
R2 Religion
THW enforce a mandatory student exchange program for children in
religious schools to study in secular schools
THW not allow religion-based political parties to run for office
THBT people who refuse to accept jobs which require them to remove
religious dress should not receive unemployment benefits
TH, as a closeted homosexual in an oppressed society, would build a
family with the opposite sex instead
THW disallow parents from pursuing sex corrective surgeries for their
intersex children
THBT transsexuals should fight for recognition as part of the opposite
sex rather than as a third gender
R4 Tech is Sexy
TH supports vigilante acts of hacking
TH regrets the rise of Uber
THBT the state should encourage individuals to disconnect from
social media
R5 Geopol
In light of government failure to address Boko Haram, THW invade
TH prefers targeted assasination of leaders of sham democracies
over a social uprising
Despite North Korea's alleged hacking of Sony Pictures, THBT the
United States should not have renewed sanctions against North
R6 Feminism
THW create female only schools for STEM (Science, Technology,

Engineering, Mathematics) industries

In the early detection of a fetus with a terminal debilitating disease,
THW pay the mother to undergo abortion
THBT feminism should disassociate themselves from the "He for
She" campaign.

here are the motions of the 2nd Northern Luzon Intervarsities.

Round 1 - Back to the Future of Basics
THBT states that heavily disincentivize smoking (eg. prohibitive sin
taxes, graphic health warnings, limited smoking areas) should instead
ban it altogether.
THBT states that criminalize the supply side of prostitution should
criminalize the demand side as well.
THBT states that legalize same-sex marriage should also allow
incestuous marriage.
Round 2 - ma-ART-eh
TH regrets Taylor Swifts decision to pull out her entire music
catalogue from Spotify.
THBT liberal democracies should prohibit the visual depiction of
Muhammad in any media (print, television, internet) by non-Muslims.
THW not consider the comments and interviews of authors, like JK
Rowling, in the interpretation of their books such as Harry Potter
(Albus Dumbledore being gay, Harry meant for Hermione, HP as
being not about racism).
Round 3 - Say yes, say yes. DO you need to know?
THR the passage of Californias affirmative consent laws
THBT conscientious objection is a legitimate defense in denying gays
access to non-essential goods or services (hotel accommodation,
wedding cakes, etc.)
THBT the state should leave the legal gender category of individuals
blank and give them the choice to fill it up when they reach the age of

Round 4 - Crime does not pay. So who pays?
THW allow detainees to pay to upgrade their living conditions in
THBT the state should pay compensation to those who are wrongfully
THW criminalize the payment of ransom.
Round 5 - Birds of the same feather
THW ban boarding schools.
THBT the state should create an exclusive school specializing in
science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects for girls.
TH regrets the practice of pooling highly intelligent students in one
class (such as honors or cream sections) by schools.
Octofinals - Around the World
TH regrets OPEC's decision to continue pumping out supply of oil.
TH supports Turkey's plan to arm Syrian rebels.
THBT Hongkong should declare independence in the event that
Beijing interferes in its 2017 elections.
Quarterfinals - Party in the USA
THBT the composition of police forces should reflect the racial
demographic of the state.
TH regrets Obama's unilateral shift in immigration policy without the
backing of Congress.
TH, as Republicans, would not support John McCain's campaign
against 'enhanced interrogation techniques'.
Semifinals - Does size matter?
THBT states should actively break up one-stop shop establishments
(including but not limited to malls and supermarkets).
THBT the United States should have revived the Glass-Steagall Act
instead of passing the Dodd-Frank Act.
THW prohibit individuals or entities from from owning more than one
public utility.

Grandfinals - Just my imagination

Assuming the technology exists, THW allow individuals to swap
bodies. [the motion debated by the finalists]
TH supports a world where people can read each other's mind.
Assuming the technology exists for animals to communicate in the
human language, THW destroy such technology.