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Mr. Ohl

In this class we will cover the following: Robot Operations, Handling

Tool Operation and Programming, and some basics with

Course Description:

This course is intended to prepare students to become familiar with some of

the basic operations and applications of FANUC robots. The class covers the
same material that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs
to set up and program a FANUC Robotics HandlingTool Software
Package. It covers the tasks and procedures needed to reach the course
goals with both classroom instruction and hands-on training (both virtually
with ROBOGUIDE and hands-on with our own robot).
This course will provide some BASIC procedures for creating a
HandlingPRO virtual workcell. When completed, the workcell created will
contain a FANUC robot with end-of-arm tooling, one or more fixtures for
holding a part and a robot TPP Program which moves the part from one
fixture to the other

Course Objectives:
The objectives of the class are as follows: Operate the Teach Pendant,
Navigate the Controller Software, Power up and Jog the Robot, Power down
the Robot Perform all Jog Methods: WORLD, TOOL, USER, JOG FRAME,
JOINT, Recover from common program and robot faults, Execute production
operations, Execute a MACRO program, Create, modify and execute a teach
pendant program, Touchup program points, Teach motion instructions,
Monitor I/O signals, Backup and restore individual programs and files,
Operate the Teach Pendant, Navigate the Controller Software, Power up
and Jog the Robot, Perform all Jog Methods, Recover from common program
and robot faults, Execute production operations, Perform Frame setup,
Create, modify and execute a material handling program, Understand all
Programming Instructions, Understand all Positional Information
(CARTESIAN vs. JOINT), Understand all Motion Types (JOINT, LINEAR,
CIRCULAR), Create, set up and execute MACROs, Configure, Monitor,
Force, and Simulate Input and Output Signals, Perform Standard Backup
and restore programs and files, Create an Image Backup and restore the
Image file from the Image Backup, Create a new workcell, Edit the robot
properties, Add a part to the workcell, Add End-of-Arm Tooling to the robot,
Add a pick fixture to the workcell, Add a place fixture to the workcell,


Mr. Ohl

Create/run a robot program, Run production in step-by-step and continuous

modes, Create an AVI of the workcell.
In addition to lab exercises, a pre-test and post-test are used to measure
mastery of objectives.
After successfully completing the class, students may be awarded a
certificate of completion, endorsed by FANUC, certifying that students
are proficient and knowledgeable in the material covered.

Attendance Policy
I follow the board policy which may be checked in a student handbook.

In the pursuit of academic achievement it is important

for all students to be focused, engaged, and well behaved
at all times:
Moving forward:
Cell phones may only be used before/after school, during lunch
and with your teachers specific written permission.
You, the student, are responsible to the safe keeping of your
electronic device. Teachers, staff and administration will not
investigate missing personal electronic devices. All thefts will be
referred to Madison Heights Police.
Hoods, earbuds and headphones may not be worn at any time
during the school day.

Disruptive students needing to be removed from a classroom will be

escorted out by administration and delivered to the Student
Intervention Room. Administration will decide how long the student
will remain in this room, and will reserve the right for further
disciplinary measures. Please note the new times on the schedule.
Passing time has been reduced to 4 minutes:


Mr. Ohl

Additional Information
More information about the class is on my website
(, including daily lesson plans and
power points.
I am available for conferences before school in the morning and after
school, by appointment.
My preparation period is from 08:00am-9:13am. I am available then, also.
Parents/Guardians You can view your students progress (grades) on MI
STAR Parent Connect, an internet based website. It is very important, so
there are no surprises at the end of each marking and semester periods.
Please call me with any questions or concerns or you can email me at
Mr. Ohl, Science
548-1800 ext.1112
Please sign below indicating that you have read and understand the course
information. Please have a parent or guardian sign also. This handout
must be placed in your binder or folder.
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