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‘An In-depth Analysis of a Technique for Virtuosity euenae roe relate OF CONT Notation and Conventions page 2 Forearm Rotation page 4 In and Out Arm Movements page 14 The Walking Arm and Hand Movements. page 29 Shaping; Octaves page 38 Addenda page 47 Index of Examples page 70 Notation and Conventions Rotation fe Single rotation to the left ( Double rotation, played to the left Single rotation to the right = \ Double rotation, played to the right In and Out f In {F } Out BF F Forward FS B Backward Fst BS Fingering Out, play forward Back, play forward Forward shift Forward stress Backward shift Editor’ fingerings are shown in roman type: 12345. Taubman fingerings are shown in informal type: 2°23 4: % Grouping Grouping is shown with dashed slur marks: Leaps Leaps are shown within a dark square. The line inside connects the closest notes within the leap. —~__ Legato Leap Staccato Leap Interdependence Cues are shown with an arrow linking the cueing note to the cued note: e——-® | Notes joined by a line must be played together: Example Numbers Example numbers are the ones used by Edna Golandsky in the videos. Timing numbers to the right refer to the first time an example is used.