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Nuclear Pollution


Nuclear Energy
Nuclear energyusually means the
part of the energy of an atomic
nucleus, which can be released by
fusion or fission or radioactive decay.

Benefits of Nuclear Energy

X rays to examine bones for fracture
Treat cancer with radiation
Diagnose diseases with the help of
radioactive isotopes
17% of electrical energy comes from
nuclear power plants.

What is Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear pollution happens when
radioactive elements come into
contact with other elements in
environment and emits ALPHA and
GAMMA rays which is serious threat
to living organisms
The phenomenon of nuclear fission
creates nuclear pollution

Causes of Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear Power Plants.

Nuclear Experiments.
Transportation Of Nuclear Matters.
Use Of Nuclear Weapons.
Nuclear Accidents.
Disposal of nuclear waste in the

Control & measures

Preventive nuclear experiments.

Safe transportation.
Ban usage of nuclear weapons.
Proper storage.
Minimize use of nuclear elements
Extraction of radio active elements
from nuclear waste.

Effects of Nuclear Pollution

Effects On Living Organisms:
Skin Diseases.
Damages Of Reproductive Organs.
Causes Abnormality In Bone Marrow.
Destroys Retina Of Eyes.
Shortening Of Life Span.

Chernobyl Disaster
On 26 April 1986, reactor four suffered a
catastrophic power increase, leading to explosions
in its core.
This dispersed large quantities of radioactive fuel
and core materials into the atmosphere and ignited
the combustible graphite moderator.
The burning graphite moderator increased the
emission of radioactive particles, carried by the
smoke, as the reactor had not been encased by
any kind of hard containment vessel.
The accident occurred during an experiment
scheduled to test a potential safety emergency
core cooling feature, which took place during the
normal shutdown procedure.
The accident raised concerns about the safety
nuclear power.

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