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12:4.being distributed.

The Greek word is diairesis (#1243 ),

it is plural, and it is generally used in reference to distribution, meaning
that there are different distributions of the gifts, i.e., that different people
are being given different gifts (See Lenski, C. K. Barrett, and Rotherham).
That the gifts differ is too obvious to mention, and misses the point. The
gifts differ, but the point is that the gifts are distributed to different people,
so the whole Body of Christ working together is necessary if we are to have
all the gifts of Christ working fully.
spirit. The word pneuma, spirit, must be studied carefully because the
word spirit can refer to the gift of holy spirit, or to Jesus, or to God,
depending on the context (both Jesus and God are called the Spirit).
There are a few reasons that spirit could refer to the gift of holy spirit:
the fact that spirit in 1 Cor 12:3refers to the gift of holy spirit; the fact
that 1 Cor 12:4, 5, 6 would then have the gift of holy spirit, the Lord
(Jesus), and God; and the fact that although there are many gifts, there
is only one gift of holy spirit. However, there are also some reasons that
Spirit can refer to Jesus or God. 1 Cor 12:4, 11 are almost parallel, with
the Spirit distributing to people. If Spirit in verse 4 refers to God, the
word Lord in1 Cor 12:5 refers to Jesus Christ, and God in 1 Cor
12:6 refers to God, then we have a chiasmic structure that is common in
other parts of Scripture: A--B--A, in this case, GodLordGod. The
weight of evidence, however, seems to favor that spirit in verse four
refers to the gift of holy spirit.

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6) 12:6.energizings...energizes. If anyone is going to do signs, miracles,
or wonders, he must understand that he must, by trusting God, bring the
power of God to bear on any given situation, but it is always God who
provides the power, the energy, for the event to happen. See commentary
on 2 Corinthians 5:20, ambassadors.